Preorder Haru Casting Geuru, Adori & Nanni ~July 15-Aug 15~

Jul 15, 2017

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      " Adori, Nanni & Geuru Pre-order!

      - Period : July 15 ~ Aug15

      - Price : + EMS shipping cost + PP fee (or Pay as a Friend)

      - Skin colour : 23 available.

      Basic normal (Opaque): Cream white, Peach normal, Volks normal, Nanni normal, Geuru normal

      Tan (Opaque): Nanny Creamy, Milky tan, Light tan, Soft tan, Geuru tan, NanniChoco, Cacao

      Moist normal (Semi-transparent): Apricot, Beige

      Elf fantasy (Semi-transparent): Grey, Jade, Lilac, Baby pink, Leaf green, Cream brown

      Moist tan(Semi-transparent): Chocolatte, Brown, Black pearl

      - How to order : Fill out an order form below and send it to this e-mail. [email protected]

      For example

      1. ID : harucasting (Tumblr)/harucasting (Flickr)/harucasting (Instagram)

      2. Qty : One full doll (Adori Human regular head + boy V2 body or Nanni both heads; Regular and Pouty or Dimple Geuru on Adori body)

      3. Girl or Boy : Girl

      3. Colour : Soft tan

      4. Face-up by @blisslacosta : Yes ($75) or No

      4. Name, Full address[*zipcode] and phone number :

      - Payment: paypal (full or layaway 2 times)

      - Shipment: EMS (It will be shipped out in sequence within 2 months)

      - Included: Full doll assembled (not whole sanding), I-love-mom hand (Adori order), One minimi Nanni doll (All orders), Box.

      - Clothes and shoes: To be exact, Adori body is on the slim side more than Yosd or Littlefee, while Nanni is chubby. But all clothes worn on Adori and Nanni in Haru photos were all YoSd and Littlefee sized clothes not customized.

      - Eyes : 10~12mm with low dome or no dome

      - Wig : 6-7 inches

      Thanks for your love and support!

      Haru casting team. "

      *I am not affiliated or representing HaruCasting, just spreading the news :)
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    2. Thank you! Do you have exact dimensions for the chubbier version doll? Don't seem to be able to find the size information on the Haru Castings site.
    3. Do you know if you are doing another preorder?
    4. Please note that the member who posted this back in July is not associated with Haru Casting. Questions about measurements might get answers in the Haru discussion thread, and it would be best to ask the company about their release plans.
    5. Haru Casting did mention on their instagram that they might re-release another pre-order this winter but they are not 100% sure yet.