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Haruka Doll

Jul 7, 2005

    1. http://www.harukadoll.com/

      Looks like a new 60cm doll line, a collab between Zero Goods Universe and Obitsu? There are two girls at the moment, it looks like, scheduled to come out in August. 49800yen each... I think they come with glass eyes, wig and outfit... I'm not sure if they're just new heads for the Obitsu body or made out of resin, or what...? Hm.
    2. Hmmm....very interesting.
    3. Oh, I love the strawberry skirt!
    4. According to Obitsu's website, the Haruka doll is an all-new head on the Obitsu 60 body. Sounds like one will be Zero Goods Universe-exclusive, and the other isn't.
    5. I love the outfit. The head, not so much. Seems a bit.. droopy to me.