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Has a particular doll sculpt ever scared you or creeped you out?

Dec 22, 2016

    1. (I'm not talking about dolls that are specifically meant to be scary or gory.)
      I personally find the Miso sculpt by doll in mind to be very unsettling. I'm sure there's a way you could execute a faceup that makes the sculpt not have a creepy feeling, but most Misos I've seen have been a bit unsettling. I don't have anything against expressive dolls, but it seems like miso falls under the whole "uncanny valley" category.
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    2. 99% of mini me dolls or celebrity sculpts give me the heebiejeebies. Usually that's not just uncanny valley for me (though that does play a role), but dolls based on real living people make me rather uncomfortable from a privacy standpoint.
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    3. There's a nefer kane sculpt that freaks the living daylights out of me because it's got all these eyes (or holes for eyes). I've also known people who have problems with the doll chateau spider girls and with sugarble's naga dolls, because they don't like spiders and/or snakes
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    4. Miso and Ringdoll's Mona enter Uncanny Valley every single time I see one. They're actually the reason I dislike open mouths and teeth on dolls. The sculpts are nightmare fuel for me. The Minimees based off real people are uncomfortable from both a privacy and Uncanny Valley standpoint, too.
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    5. @Selenae I just looked up Mona and whoa that's unsettling! The face is way too realistic. It's difficult to get the right amount of balance when making dolls with distinct or extreme emotional expressions.
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    6. I have seen a vlog from Japan and some old japanese dolls, kept in a doll museum in Tokyo, kinda freaked me out. Not too much but I would never sleep in a house with some of those dolls xD
    7. Yeah, it really is. x.x;
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    8. Being someone who likes the Nefer Kane doll with many eyeholes, and would love to own a Mona one day. I really must go and Google uncanny valley now... Its got to be right down my alley :ablah:
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    9. The Nefer kane sculpt really freaks me out too, although I do think it's kind of cool in it's way too - I can be freaked out and yet appreciate the freakiness at the same time :XD:

      I don't particularly like Mona as a sculpt but she doesn't creep me out at all. Miso on the other hand, and other grinning/smiling sculpts like her are definitely the wrong side of creepy for me! :shudder
    10. Ringdoll Mona is one I do find unsettling. I don't mind sad expressions - the reason I fell in love with my first BJD was her beautiful, mournful face - but the ugly cry look is too dark for my preferences.

      I think the Nefer Kane doll in question is Moon - who I think is strange, but very cute. But then again, holes don't bother me.

      As for DC Elizabeth - I expected to be freaked out/grossed out and instead fell in love. I'm saving for her for next year. <3
    11. Honestly the DollChateau (I believe it's them) female bodies freak me out with the spindly arms and the detailed sculpts, they give me the heebie-jeebies x.x
    12. Dear Doll Awakening Crow Shabee gives me the willies. I don't know if it's her sculpt or if it's just her publicity photos, but either way that little gal gives me the heebie-jeebies.
    13. Oh no, Kameko is the Nefer Kane sculpt with the freaky factor, at least for me anyhow. Moon is cute, Kameko is nightmare fuel! Awesome though.

      I'm sort of unnerved by DC Elizabeth but not quite as much as I thought I'd be. I still wouldn't really want that spider body in my house though! Good luck with saving up for her! :)
    14. Seconded. Honestly though I think it's the really oddly long and thin necks that freak me out the most- although, yeah, those spindly arms and legs just add to it.

      Also those mouth breather dolls- while they don't really freak me out- are really offputting for some reason. I don't mind it so much on some sculpts like Dikadoll's Mudan is fine. Dolls that generally tread into realistic territory (whether they're based on a real person or not) also creep me out a little.
    15. I love chubby baby dolls, so that Shabee is right up my alley haha!

      For me, the faceup tends to make doll creepy or not, rather than the sculpt itself. Dolls almost never make me uncomfortable but if they're painted to look like they're very upset or suffering (like every Mona) even if there's no gore, then that's unsettling personally :/
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    16. I try very hard to appreciate all dolls, since I probably know someone who has almost any style. However, I actually have a very real phobia about dentists that had grown into a phobia about teeth. So, the sculpts with a lot of tiny teeth, I have to try really hard not to freak out about them. I'm not sure I could deal with a DollZone Carter in real life. Lol, odd, I know, but what are you going to do? :sorry
    17. Wow, I see what you mean. Carter's not really smiling or anything--not to mention people have taken her faceup all across the spectrum, in some cases augmenting her creepy expression :sweat
    18. The canary.cute head always gets me. Its partly the extreme smile like miso but the main thing is that it's so realistic except for the dimples being totally out of place.
    19. Pretty much all the Minimees sculpted after real people unsettle me.
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