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Has anyone ever received the wrong doll?

May 14, 2012

    1. So I am fairly new to this hobby, and I was just wondering if anyone on here has ever receive the wrong doll from a company?
      I purchased my first doll from ebay and was more than overjoyed with my purchase. So delighted that I immediately ordered my second doll from a company. This was in February and it was a Fairyland realpuki Soso. I finally got my package today and was SO EXCITED! I unwrapped it only to find the real puki tyni inside. My heart broke. 4 months only to have the wrong doll.
      Has this happened to anyone else?
    2. I've heard stories of people receiving the wrong dollies! ): Luckily I haven't experienced that yet.
    3. It's a pretty rare occurrence. I've heard of maybe twelve cases in eight years alone.
    4. I'd try to get an exchange on that...Unless you also liked the Tyni.
    5. I've definitely heard of it happening as unfortunate as it is! But usually the people are able to exchange it for the right doll. The major damper from what I've heard is that it just extends the wait. I hope they sort this out for you and that the mix-up hasn't ruined your excitement/motivation to still get the doll you had wanted in the first place!*_*
      Good luck!
    6. That's right. It happens when there are large order periods and a company ships out someobe's doll to another person and vice versa. In every case, the dolls were each sent to their rightful owner. It's a hindrance, but not so bad.

    7. It happens sometime. I'm sorry, that sucks. If you get in touch with Fairyland, they should be able to help you out. They might just send you a new face-plate, since the Soso and Tyni bodies are the same.
    8. I have been sent the wrong doll, but it was an OT doll from Junkyspot. I notified Emory immediately, sent the wrong doll back, he reimbursed me shipping costs and sent out the right doll the same day, problem solved!

      I also ordered a 5-6 wig from an ebay seller once and they sent me a 3-4. They apologized and sent the right wig immediately and let me keep the wrong one.

      Just notify the company. I'm sure as well known and popular as Fairyland is, they'll do what they can to make it right. If this was a common occurence and not fixed, they wouldn't be as well-loved as they are. :)
    9. I was sent the wrong doll by Luts in [very] late 2009. They covered all costs to have the doll shipped back and had the correct one to me not long after. It felt like forever, but the whole show took only 6 weeks or so, including shipping times.
    10. I've never been sent the wrong DOLL, but my Bory boy, Natale, has a faceup that quite clearly is NOT the default. I never requested any sort of customisation to his faceup.
      I often wonder if he was someone's custom request.
      I love his faceup though, so he's staying put.
    11. Well, sort of! lol!

      I ordered two dolls from Doll Family, a male doll and a female doll. When they arrived, both the bodies were female, but one of them had the male head! How's that for a mistake! lol!

      I contacted the seller, sent photos, and they sent me a male body. I offered to send back a female body, but they said to just keep it!
    12. Yes. It was years ago when Dollshe first released the Bernard sculpt which I was not interested in. I had a SA Saint on order and received the SA Bernard. Not even believing that I could have been shipped the wrong mould I sat around surprised at how much the "new" SA Saint was just not working for me! *facepalm* When I finally had that ah-ha moment, tensiya was great about switching heads.
    13. I've been sent the wrong wig but never the wrong doll.
    14. I was sent the wrong doll once. What they sent me was just a head of a comepletly different sculpt then what i had ordered. It turnes out they shipped the head to me by mistake and still had my doll. I ended up shipping the head to the proper address and the company re-embursed me for the shipping and i got my doll in the end. I was pretty upset when i got someone elses head though when i was hoping for my doll.
    15. It happened to me with the second BJD I ever bought - I ordered a DoC Si fullset, but got a DoC Hoo with the Si fullset clothes and wig. I decided I liked the Hoo mold better so kept him, though I did let DOD know what had happened - presumably somewhere out there is someone who got a Si with the Hoo fullset clothes!
    16. My wife had the same problem with Impl Doll! The default faceup was totally different from the one shown on the company's site! She, too, decided she liked it, but once we joined DoA she decided to see if a faceup artist could get it to look like the default was supposed to look. The head's out right now for the paint job.

      I once got a doll that looked so drastically different from the pictures shown on the site that I thought it was the wrong doll. That was the first thing out of my mouth when I opened the box: 'They sent me the wrong doll!!!' But it turned out that they hadn't; he just looked nothing like his pictures to me, but people around here somehow saw a resemblance and thought I was nuts. I was sorely disappointed. He is also out for a new faceup to see if that improves things.
    17. My First bjd-- in 2004... I was sent a Normal Skin Elf EL from CP instead of a white skin. Since it was my first (and I was foolishly hoping my only---ha!), I had really anguished over what I wanted and was certain I had to have white skin only. The dolls were super-limited, so I didn't know if they would send me a white skin Elf El... but CP had me send the normal one to ANOTHER buyer in the US who got a normal regular El, instead of the ELF El!!! (So, yes, that is TWO wrong orders!!! Definitely made me wonder what the heck was going on, since it wasn't cheap to be posting the wrong dolls everywhere!).

      The other owner turned out to be someone I knew! So it was even weirder! And I had only just discovered she was into the dolls. I was still so new I was in the "I must be the only crazy person in the world to pay so much for a doll" stage. (I ordered before I joined DoA--which was pretty new as a forum anyway.)

      After a lot of stressful waiting on my part... CP finally sent me my Elf El, Number 68 of 68!!! They told me that someone in Korea did not pick him up! Gah! *_*

      I felt like I'd been through a wringer after all that! BUT... I obviously am a glutton for punishment (or eternally optimistic?) because I'm still here, years later, and still love my first doll... and am pretty much happy no matter what happens as long as I get the doll I want in the end!!!

      ----and yes, CP refunded my costs for sending the first doll on to my friend, and I wasn't charged for the second shipment of my doll. And I ordered from them TWO other times!!! heh. Crazy-doll-person, for sure!
    18. I bought a Soom Nor (boy) but recived the girl doll instead, haha.
    19. Yes, this happened to me during a mix-up with an intermediary company who ordered from the manufacturer on my behalf. I'm not going to mention their name because I am not upset about it and I am actually happy the mix-up occurred. I received the wrong sculpt after 4 months of waiting, but when I received her, she was infinitely better than the one I had originally ordered. Sorry this happened to you. As a fan of RealPuki Soso myself, I would arrange for an exchange of the faceplate. Or a complete swap where you get to keep the one you ordered until they ship you the replacement.
    20. Yep. This happened to me when I bought my FL Littlefee Dark Elf Soo. I was using a intermediary company like Wendalynne, and they happened to send me a Littlefee El or Shiwoo (can't remember), by mistake. I was so disappointed when I opened the box and found out it was the wrong doll. I emailed them the same day, and a week later I got my girl. However, that was only one on a list of bad things that happened with that order, so I was not happy at all.