Has anyone opened the eyes on a sleeping Yo SD?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. I am getting a sleeping Yo SD and want to open the eyes. I have read the threads on opening the eyes but wondered if anyone has actually done a Yo SD?

      Thanks, Maria
    2. Yeah, I'm curious too, I'd like to see what it looks like ^^
    3. Ditto on the wanting to see this. I'm getting a sleepy suzuna and she's just absolutely adorable, but in the event that I have trouble connecting with a sleepy doll(shouldn't be too hard, though since I'm always sleeping...)..It'd be cool to have that option
    4. Yep I did. ^_^

      For those who are interested in the process, here's a quick rundown:

      First I drew the eye openings on her with a watercolor pencil, so I knew how much I needed to cut away. I used a regular exacto knife to do the cutting, just shaving small amounts until they were open all the way. To keep the openings the right shape, I cut from the inside of the head as well as the outside, sometimes it's easier to cut the corners from the inside especially.

      After they were open I used a combination of sandpaper and jeweler's reamers to sand the eye openings until they were smooth. Jeweler's reamers are used to open the holes in beads, they're like little pointed metal tools covered in grit so they sand the surface. Most beading stores carry them, but you can also get the exact set I used here: http://www.eebeads.com/_tools.htm, it's the 3rd item down in the left hand column, set of 4 for $8.95.

      I used the reamers to sculpt the eyelids as well, first drawing the line where I wanted them to be with a watercolor pencil and then going back and forth over the line with the long pointed reamer. Afterwards I sanded the whole eye area with 800 grit sandpaper, and used a slightly stronger grit to sand the eye edges as well. That's all! I'd say it took me about 2 hours total to finish, and it was partly trial and error... so knowing what tools work best will probably cut down on the time it takes.

      I was going to take better pictures of her... but it's been pouring rain for 2 days, so I'm still waiting on that. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
    5. I'm planning on sending a sleepy Rengemaru off for a slight modding when I get him... ^__^'
    6. keicai: who will you be sending him to and will you post pictures when you do?

      Thanks :)
    7. Thanks for the link. I got my little one today and spent about 2 hours doing eye surgery and gender alteration. When I finish and repair the face up, I'll post pics. Mine are more open that this auction you linked but less than blindenvy's dollie.

    8. -.-; sadly the link doesn't work anymore...I would have loved to see it...
      Blindenvy's looks great though =^.^=
    9. After much time :) here is a pic of the face of the little Sleepy Renge that I opened the eyes on.

      Ain't he cute! ? :)

    10. OH he is cute!! Great job!! :)
    11. Nice job! He's adorable!
    12. Thanks Hope_EvenStar and Stinkerbell!