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Has Elfdoll Soah head been discontinued?

Feb 12, 2008

    1. I searched but could not find anything. Please tell me its not so....
    2. Soah has been discontinued -- I don't know about Volks f-14. It is too bad about Soah -- she was a pretty one.
    3. I think EF is only going to do maybe a special with her sculpt once in a while? It's very confusing trying to translate what they say sometimes. They have new type/style bodies coming out, a possible new tan girl and were talking something about not selling plain dolls any more, just limited and "specials".
    4. On Denver Doll Emporium's website they list Soah as retired.
    5. Soah has been discountiued as a basic doll, I see no reason why she is a very pretty doll! They have "special editions" of her now, check out the Denver Doll Emporium site, they have a few, plus they offer layaway :3nodding:
    6. Soah is such a pretty girl! Good luck!
    7. They did?! New doll plans then. @_@
    8. You can always just buy a head and put it on a less expensive body (Dollfie Dream's bodies work great!)
    9. That's true. Thanks for that info by the way.
    10. Pity... by the way soah is close in appeareance to sooah, there are obvious notable differences but they are like sisters, not identical just with similar features ^^
    11. Yes, Sooah is very similar to Soah. I personally l still like Soah better. *sniff*
      It is unfortunate they have discontinued her. And, as some have said, she will be available in limited runs (like Junyspot's Aurora - a white skin elf version of Soah :drool:nosebleed) periodically. The best is to look for a secondhand doll (or head as unoa_im_afreak pointed out) on the marketplace or even Y!J.

      Some day I will own one.. good luck finding one.

    12. Doll peddlar still has a Soah available and they offer layaway. www.dollpeddlar.com

      Some of the other dealers may have them as well.
    13. Soah was my dream doll but I put off buying her. When I heard she was discontinued I got her ASAP. She's a gorgeous doll.
    14. Actually, she was one I was planning to buy next. I missed that she was being discontinued. I was so sad when I found out I couldn't get her after all.
    15. Soah was actually my favorite of the Elfdoll gang (kind of warring with Wu, though XD). I was rather surprised when I saw they had retired her, since I was under the impression that she was one of their more popular moulds. Good luck to those looking to find one!