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Has Fate Ended Up Getting You A Doll

Jan 8, 2018

    1. If some of you have been following my previous thread, I have found my first doll: a used Luts Nana.
      Specifically, this is my first time buying a doll and I fell in LOVE with the Nana face. I went on a research and picture spree and stumbled across a used doll that wasn’t even bet upon for 180$ used. A Nana doll, hardly used with body blush and partial face up. She’s lovely! Comes with her original box from Luts along with her certificate of authenticity!
      So on impulse, I put an offer in ($215) for her, not even knowing if the seller had even gotten rid of her yet. And so I’m now waiting back to hear back: they offered to give me extra stuff due to this being my first as well!

      Since the stars seemed to align for this Nana doll and me, I wanted to know if anyone had anything similar happen?

      (Also when she’s set up and clothed at home, I’ll be sure to give you guys some photos. I’m very excited to become a part of the community and hearing back from the seller has kept me in a state of excitement and anxiety all day haha!)
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    2. Several times - in that I've had characters needing to be shelled, & some ideas of sculpts on my wishlist, but all of a sudden one comes available on the MP, or a company reissues a limited (Soom reissuing Hyperon was the hugest example of this). A very dear friend gifted me a doll that fits totally into my dollie scheme once! That was awesome beyond words :D Also got a body that way!
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    3. Last year, I was planning to buy a sewing machine during the Black Friday sales everywhere. I didn't find a sewing machine, but I found Gwen, my Clover Doll Echo, on sale instead! With the addition of two beautiful secondhand girls to my collection, I now have 3 dolls that I really love.
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    4. Not sure if this counts but one while looking through the MP for a Loongsoul of a sculpt I can no longer recall the name of, I stumbled upon another Loongsoul, a Yesha, for sale; came with a wig, face up and had only a small crack in his arm near the elbow and was being sold at a fantastic price. I knew it was meant to be and contacted the seller!
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    5. In deed!!!! Or you have a character in mind and a sculpt, but sometimes the original sculpt just did not work out! Example, I have a set of twins, I really thought they were Dream of Doll. So I kept searching, thinking One would be a Lahoo, one was maybe a Camine. Nope! Had so many problems trying to find those sculpts, so I waited, thought maybe they were Illusion Spirit, which both of those companies are defunct now. I finally found out all along. Leekeworld. Lukes. Both of them. And I love having them. Haha let them speak to you! Best of luck.
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    6. No, this totally counts! This is exactly my situation right now! Looking at a Romance Nana online only to find the used normal Nana sculpt for sale with body, body blush, a few pairs of eyes and a few other accessories the seller said she would put in as welcome to the doll hobby. I’m glad you got a nice Yesha as well! It’s funny how things work out!
    7. Happened to me last year. Someone put up for sale a tlc Fantasy Doll Nina in our local fb group. After a great discount on an already great price, I've decided to buy this doll to try my hand at modding. Through this whole process of modding and customizing this doll, she really grew on me, and is one of my favorites now. :3nodding:
    8. Yes it has. I was debating whether I should add a DZ Big Dipper to my collection. I’ve wanted one since they first were released, but not willing to actually spend the money to get one. So, I said to myself ‘ if I’m meant to have a Big Dipper, one will come up for sale at a great price, be in my country, and have the COA’. I was kind of hoping it would take months for one to come up for sale, but the next day there he was, just like I said it had to be for me to finally buy one. Yep, had to get him. :sweat
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    9. I had this happen last week! I was wanting to get rid of one of my dolls and buy a different one. I wanted another Luts Kid Delf in tan or brown and I found a seller here in the MP for a tan Coco. I had always loved the anime-face ones, but didn't think I'd ever get one. The seller had in the listing that they'd considered trades, so I offered the doll I already had and they accepted! We're both shipping our dolls off tomorrow, so she'll be in around next week. I'm so excited!
    10. It’s such a nice feeling too, isn’t it? I was super stressed about the price of the Nana model I was looking at. When I saw this doll wasn’t even selling at 180 I new I had to confront the seller and ask about her. Much the same, she’s in my country and can be send for a fraction less than if I had ordered from korean Luts. I’m glad you got the doll you wanted too!

      That’s so exciting to hear! I haven’t accessed the marketplace yet due to being new, and I figured it would be months before I had a doll in my hand. But it seems like fate has brought me to my own kid delf of Nana. The only thing I’m a little dissapointed In is the no face-up, but my friend has shown me videos of items I need and how to do them myself so I’m feeling confident in making her my own!
      Congrats on your new Luts!
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    11. I did! A couple of years ago, I had a Dollshe Bernard that I just didn't feel anything for and decided to sell him. I wasn't having much luck getting rid of him. At the same time, I had a new character idea, and had her name and personality planned out but her image was still fuzzy in my mind. Usually, I have an idea of how a character should look even before I plan their personality, but I just could not figure out how Erica should look!

      Then, someone from our local group messaged me about buying the Bernard and we started to make plans. She was selling a different doll and would pay me as soon as she got the money from that sale, but something went wrong and she ended up not having the money as planned. I knew she really wanted Bernard (and I really wanted to sell him), so she offered me a different doll she had for sale-- Iplehouse Erica. And at that moment, I knew what my character Erica should look like. It was meant to be! So I think it was the next day, we met up to trade dolls, and Erica has been with me ever since. If I hadn't been offered that trade, I have no idea how long it might have taken me to figure out what doll to get!
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    12. Hmm, there's the time that, after giving up on it ever happening, the doll I wanted came into existence. I wanted a tiny old lady with pointy ears, and one finally appeared. And there was the time that a misunderstanding and a doll head finally popping up secondhand in the right color stopped my waffling and convinced me to buy.

      But I would have to say that the most fortuitous time would be after getting a doll head secondhand with a similar enough faceup to the character, I began trying to choose a body. I was deciding between two when a doll I used to want popped up. I decided to just look at the listing, and while I no longer wanted the head, I realized that the body was perfect. I asked about splitting not expecting a yes, but next thing I knew, the body was shipping to me. I bought it with no idea about resin match and it is only a shade off. The body isn't sold separately new, and the company isn't super popular (and that particular body even less so), so the chances off that happening again aren't great. I would say that was my luckiest find.
    13. A couple of times, yes.

      I was kind of hunting around idly for a sculpt to fit as the "brother" to one of my other dolls. I knew I wanted him to come from the same company (FairyLand), and to look like he could be a sibling to the one I already had ordered (Shiwoo), and to look a little sweeter than his brother, but I hadn't really settled on a sculpt yet, in no small part because I also wanted him to be a hybrid so he'd be a bit taller than his all-MNF brother. I teamed up with a couple of other local collectors to do a big group order from FairyLand when I got his brother's head (and a body for an event head; I already had the male body), so we could net both free shipping and all the event items. I'd been thinking of taking the LTF plate, but one of the other people wanted it, so I took another look at the MNF head, and it was perfect.

      At a convention, I got to see and handle another collector's AileenDoll Snow Rot. I'd been thinking of getting one of their dragons for a while, and I fell in love with it while I was handling it. Specifically, I fell in love with that exact sculpt and version... which was limited and had been sold out for well over a year at that point. Sad face. I'd have to pick a different dragon to bring home... except that when I was looking over the options, I saw an announcement that Snow Rot had just been rereleased! I threw down a layaway and brought him home after all.

      I have a character I've been drawing for years, who's not on a particularly human body. He's one I thought would be nice to have as a doll, but I figured he was not to be, because I couldn't find any minis who had the right body type, and I wasn't sold on having him as a tiny (and then the only body that would have worked for him, Sugarble's naga body, was discontinued first in the color I would have gotten, and then entirely). I'd kind of given up on him, until I saw the concept/preview art for FairyLand's Sia seahorse, and just fell in love with that body for him! As luck would have it, I could afford one, and ordered it up immediately, through the site constantly crashing and emptying my cart and all. I added a small bust because there wasn't a male chest option, so I figured I could mod that one and call it good... then FairyLand tossed in a male bust for every order because of the site problems, so double serendipity there!

      The most fated one, though, has to be my Little Monica Irin. She was a raffle prize, from a dealer that was closing up shop. They put up three items in a charity raffle toward the end of their closing sale, Irin, a bag of eyes, and a tiny penguin costume. I loved the look of Irin, and was looking for a new girl doll at the time anyway, so I tossed in a few entries, figuring at least it was going to a charity, and that if I won anything, it'd be that penguin costume. I wasn't even awake when I got the email with the results, so it took me a few minutes to realize that I hadn't won the penguin costume, or the bag of eyes, or even nothing at all... and while Irin didn't fit as the character I originally shelled with her, she's still a lovely addition to my collection and taking on a character all her own.
    14. Yes! Sometimes I fall in love with someone else's doll and think to myself, "Gee, if I ever get this sculpt I hope it will look as awesome as this one does." Four times now, the stars have aligned and the very dolls I've loved individually have gone up for sale, at reasonable prices, when I was at a good point to be able to spend the money on them.
    15. Definitely. All of my dolls kind of just jumped out at me. I was going to put a Luts Kid Delf Yuz on layaway from the company or Fabric Friends and Dolls but instead I was browsing the marketplace... And came upon a Resinsoul Song for sale. Faceup, 125, owner offered layaway. I messaged her and she showed me more pics of him... And I put a deposit down. That doll became my Avalon and I've had him for five years now. Love him so much and feel so lucky I got him that day.

      I got my MSD girls via trade too and I feel very blessed their original owners were willing to accept the offer.
    16. The fate seemed to give me Xephius, my elf boy, but it decided to give him to me in pieces xD I found an angel street zazean head in WS with the original company faceup still on it for sale in a secondhand fb group and decided to get him, i'd figure the rest out later. Well ironically that later turned into the next day, when a 'damaged' (previous owner did an amazing job getting it back to it's original color after she received it with a very botched spray paint job, I seen pics it was shiny and peeling e-e) ws 60cm male doll leaves body showed up on my screen in a different second hand doll group, one for damaged dolls/parts etc. so I asked the size of the neck and compared it to the head's and it seemed like it would fit so I went for it. Hilariously and honestly very convenient the 2 different sellers shipped them the same day, so they almost came at the same time ^^ the color match is perfect as well as the resin feel, I couldn't be happier with him. The only issue with him is I have to apoxie nipples back onto him, since he sadly lost them to the sanding it took from the previous owner to clean him up.
    17. I have been interested in bjd ever since i watch rosen maiden! I tried for several years to try to buy a bjd but everytime i would back out due to many reasons and excuses! The closest i came close was a doll love girl but due to my bf nagging abt how scary realistic doll can be ( Anabelle ) i gave up on her! But last year, i have a sudden urge to look for a doll at my local buysell and i saw her! I msg the seller and took her home the same day! Till now i still dunno wat came over me maybe its love at 1st sight! :)
    18. I love stories like these, and I love to share my own, too! :whee: Wow, I'm amazed to see how much dolly fate has smiled upon everyone!

      So, I was looking to shell a character of mine and discovered DollnDoll Loren to be the perfect shell. She had the expression I was looking for, and she was on the shorter side of the SD girls, which I loved. The problem was that DollnDoll no longer sold their SD bodies. I could buy a Loren head, but that's it. And not only was it difficult to find a resin match for DollnDoll, but most SD girl bodies were taller than I wanted. . . And then, lo and behold, I found a DollnDoll girl body in the Marketplace! Snatched it right up!! :dance

      It was also through fate that I acquired a doll I didn't even know I wanted until I saw owner pics. I came across an Iplehouse Lawrence with a custom faceup that made him look so sweet and gentle, and I immediately likened him to another character of mine. I decided that character was to be added to my dolly collection and put Lawrence on my wishlist. Found out he was available through Iplehouse's doll choice, so he wasn't as unattainable as I first thought. I started saving and planning on when to buy him. . . And then, a few months later, I found out that the first Lawrence I fell in love with was for sale in the Marketplace :D I honestly could not believe my luck! And now he's mine!! :chibi
    19. Well, what's been happening several times to me is that, after browsing Volks limiteds on Angel Den and thinking to myself "Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have X" or "I'd sure love to have a Y or Z" (substitute random limited model names for X, Y, and Z) those exact dolls have been showing up either on Mandarake for a really good price within something like two weeks or so of me thinking I'd like to have them. Or popping up here on the Marketplace. Also watching a certain doll here or on Mandarake for months without it selling - like a case of "Well, sure looks like it's meant to be mine, since I've been watching it for x months now and no one else has bought it, yet.) ...
    20. My story is a bit similar to yours. Bermann was my grail doll for years, but the aftermarket prices were running in the thousands of dollars. One summer, a rare SA Bermann popped up on eBay nothing spectacular there but I don't know if it was because it was July and everyone was on vacation but nobody seemed to be bidding. After doing some research about the seller on DoA I decided on a whim to put in the quite low starting bid a few hours before the end of the auction just to say I had at least tried, fully expecting a flurry of last second bidding I went to bed. The next morning as I was reading my emails I had the shock of receiving confirmation of my winning bid! He had gone under the radar completely and was now mine. It was fate that I found that listing and that the stars aligned the right way for me to get him.