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Has This Ever Happened To You?

Mar 3, 2011

    1. Forgive me if this is not the correct place to post.

      Has this ever happend to you? I have a good friend I see almost every day. She's a member of DOA and told me she'd like to downsize her collection and move on to other things. After that she just......GAVE me stuff. Dolls, heads, clothes, etc. She says she's happy with what she's keeping and still wants to be updated about the hobby and talk about dolls but she's just not that into it anymore.

      Has this happened to you? What do you do with what you were given? I'd like to get a couple of the dolls and heads face ups but some of the clothes and wigs I really have no use for. She said she knows I'm still very much into the hobby and whatever I want to do with the stuff is fine............

      I'm not sure if I feel surprised or guilty or what.
    2. When I first got Josslyn I went lookig for clothes and shoes for her at two doll stores in Austin. The second one gave me jackets and clothes for free! I feel bad because they aren't things she'd use though.

      I think there is (was?) a thread for giving things like that to owners of new dolls with nothing to wear. "No more naked" maybe? You could always pay it forward like your friend, or you could sell it, or you could hold onto it as swap material. I'd be thrilled, but I can understand the shock!
    3. I've never had anything like that happen, but I'm the only doll owner in my area (I've never met in person with another owner). I think you should talk to her. If you'd like to sell things discuss it with her first. Also, I think you should keep her updated with what you do with the dolls. If she sees you're happy to have them she'll be happy with the dicision she made. Just be sure to let her know you're thankful because that's a really big gift!
    4. When i got my first doll and introduced to the hobbie a really good friend of mine who showed me these dolls was very helpful! She gave me these sponges that help if ur dolls gets smudges she also gave me a dress and shoes for my doll to wear until my dolls actual clothes arrived oh and lastly a carrier she lent me for a while until i obtained my own :) I was so greatful too her it was incredibly sweet and helpful for her i felt a little guilty at first but she assured me that it was fine i do intend on making it up too her of course ^_^

      But i think if someone is willing to help you and so long as ur very greatful and thankful too them then u shouldnt feel guilty! Ur friend is obviously AMAZING for simply giving you such amazing dolly things :D As long as your very thankful to your friend I dont think there is any reasson to feel guilty my dear :)
    5. I have only had one person give me anything out of the goodness of her heart for my doll, and I am still so grateful. I happened to mention I had nothing to put on him after like a month or two, and DoA user Brightfires sent me three yukata, a wig, and a necklace for him. I was having a FIT when I opened my mail that day. I've never before gotten anything because someone was feeling so kind. It was really meaningful to me.
      If only I could come into such a great fortune as THAT! Full dolls, even just heads, that's really awesome. You have a really rad friend. Be thankful, not guilty! She wants you to have it, accept it! Not everyone is so lucky to have friends like that.
    6. My girlfriend gave me her Obitsu Gretel. The character she originally had for her had outgrown the Gretel mold, and I was getting into the hobby pretty hardcore. So rather than sell her own first doll, she decided to give her to me and keep her in the house.
    7. I've never been given anything like that... O_O I would probably be shocked if someone did do that. It's very expensive to just give away.... Your friend must be a good friend.
    8. My best friend is in the hobby, and we like to trade items with each other when one of us doesn't want them. Unfortunately our dolls aren't always similar sizes and have different tastes... but a wig here and some eyes there is great when you can't afford a new one and just want something temporary!
    9. I've never done it with dolls, but I often give away clothes, shoes and wigs to friends if I don't want them anymore, and sometimes they give things to me in return. I can't be bothered selling them on the marketplace, and I'd rather them go to a friend I know would enjoy them.
    10. I've never received dolls this way, but clothes and wigs - yes. I don't feel guilty or something like that, we do a lot for each other, so it's ok.
      Some of my friends have problems with their families, so, sometimes my friends' dolls live in my house. If there will be such a situation that someone will present me a doll, I'll just keep it in safe, and I'll ask a permission in case of selling that doll.
    11. My mother is in this hobby too and some times i gave her wigs or clothes, and she makes clohts for my dolls, i dont have friends so nobody can give me presents like thats. You are very lucky, i think you must talk to her if you want sell some things that she gives you.
    12. Yes, I have! I've had dolls sent to be my surprise, sold to me for so far less than their real value that it was silly, and little extras popped into packages (or in one case the doll's entire wardrobe, which surprised the heck out of me).

      Because of that I've tried to pass along the goodness when possible. I have gifted several people with dolls and have sold dolls at much less than I've paid for them, etc. I know the old saying "what goes around, comes around" is cliche as heck, but it does seem to be true.
    13. LOL LOL

      I have done it a few times... giving things away

      why? too lazy to sell or too tire to deal with selling - so I gave them to other RL doll friends. If my friends have no use for them either, they sell or give the stuff away. I do not care

      I wanted the items to be out of sight out of mind so if I already gave them away to someone then I have accomplished my task. I can care less what the person do with the stuff - yes I am mean LOL LOL
    14. My two favorite dolls were both given to me by a good friend. I have also given friends thing when they were new into the hobby its good karma to pay thing forward I think. They have give me items when I really need a pair of eyes or shoes for my dolls so it all comes back in the end for the better.
    15. I have given dolls to a friend and clothes too.
    16. I think if that happened to me I would be so happy that someone gave it to me I would use them.
    17. Yes, a friend and I have given each other wigs, eyes, clothes etc in the past. Usually because it's suitable, but it is often a nicer, easier way of dealing with things than selling them -- especially small items like clothes.
    18. I myself love to help others and will willingly give as much as I can to simply see
      them smile. I could imagine how I would feel if someone did the same and I want
      to spread that same joy, so I know if I were in her position I would just tell you to work
      with what you can!:) Like others said, pass it along for free, or swap it if you need it!

      That sure was something else of her, and do always make sure that you
      tell her you're thankful. If it weighs on your conscious a bit, I would talk to
      her and make sure this is really what she wanted. If she gives you the green light,
      go with the flow! :)
    19. I received a Custom House Bisou ShuShu as a prize at a dolly meet. I was pretty stunned, as that was the first time something like that happened to me! I'm keeping the girl, since I became attached to her pretty quickly after I gave her a new faceup. :) I've also been given dolly clothes from friends!
    20. It never has happened to me but I know I have done it with other people. For example, when I sell a full doll I give away almost all of their clothes and accessories for free(and my boys only wear from Sadol/luts or any company, ie. all items end up being way more expensive than the doll itself). Why? because they are not just dolls to me, they were important in a moment of my life, so I sell the doll only but they go with almost all their stuff :) this I never mention in my sale threads, I like to surprise my customers. Hehe but I'm done selling dolls, the ones I have are forever mine!