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Has your doll "aged" since you first got them?

Jul 21, 2017

    1. Sort of a weird question! I don't mean "aged" as in their resin has gotten yellow and the doll itself has gotten older, earning itself some scuff marks and wearing out over time. I mean, does your doll itself look less like a fresh young doll straight out of the box and instead look like they've "matured" since then? I find when I look at the older pictures I took of my dolls, they just look really young to me. Like babies! But years later, when I look at them now, they seem a lot older, like the doll itself has grown up, even though I know they don't. Maybe it's just me, but I'm curious if anybody else feels this way when they look at their dolls!
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    2. My dolls are all new, so I don't know this feeling yet. However I do feel as though since I have gotten them, they have changed. They went quickly from nameless strangers to close companions of mine, with a life of their own and a story to tell that is always surprising me. They have intense personalities that I am still learning about!
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    3. Yes, definitely
      Rens age has changed in the9 years I've gotten him, and his look reflects it. He was 19 when he came to me, fresh, proper, clean.

      Now he's about 24 and has come to his own, not worrying so much on appearance. He wears much less fancy clothes, hair not as smooth. I love it. :)
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    4. I think so! When my MSD first came I bought hoodies and easy to find wigs. Now I found ooak wigs and they grew into more vintage looking clothing which has made them seem older. Especially my YOSD, at first he had things like ducky overalls and pastel accessories, now he wears a tattered up night dress to look ghost-like. As their characters grow I find out more and more so I believe they are also maturing in that aspect as well.
    5. Yeah I kind of get that feeling. Their old arrival pics are like "baby pictures" and their character development and style has come a long way- Especially the oldest dolls I got first, who've had the full experience of my skills as I learned, working on them.
    6. Some of my dolls look older than the teens I wanted after owning them for a few years. I ended up reshelling all of them. I guess the opposite as seeing old photos thinking they look younger in old photos. Lol
    7. Since I haven't been too long into the hobby, my oldest doll has been with me for only a year. She's a typical youthful sculpt, and I was very happy with how she looked for a long time. However, it was the arrival of my second doll, who has a more mature and realistic sculpt (plus faceup) than her, that made me realize she has outgrown her current look.

      I am still in the process of reshelling her as a result, into something more angular and realistic to match my other doll. You can call this a weird instance of one doll influencing the other, in the most unexpected of ways.
    8. Definitely. When I first got Avalon he was more of a goofy character, I was always taking pictures of him in goofy poses or doing silly stuff. Then when I got him his girlfriend he mellowed out a little. He looks more like a young adult versus a teen. I'm not as asking a ton of questions as I used to or really worrying about things. I'm less protective of him too. And I'm not as afraid of posing him in fear of him toppling over. Even finding his wig aged him up more. He's still my favorite of my MSD's and to date the only boy. (For now)

      He's really come into himself. His own style, his own look. He's still goofy at times but he wears a more 'calm' look versus sneaky now. Especially now that I got his little sister that I had planned out from the minute I got him.
    9. All of this, yes! It hasn't happened to all of my dolls (uet anywyay) but some if them definitely feel more mature and at ease with themselves than they did when I first got them.
    10. Y'know, originally I didn't think this applied to me, but thinking it through it did happen? Otakar got bumped up from ~25 to ~30, Dagny from about 13 to 16, and Fuyu from a childlike anthro to a much more mature creature... (and from like, 3 to 100+. But that doesn't count!) I even feel like Otakar's look matured, though that might just be because I... actually worked on his clothing properly...
    11. Yes!

      All of my dolls' characters age in real time (except Derby, who was a gift from my husband and I never want her to grow out of her YoSD form, even though her character will in her stories.) Several have been reshelled to reflect the change in age. Parker was a YoSD when I got him, but he's SD now.

      Though I think what you're really asking is if the same doll has "grown up" and that answer is also yes. Faceup and wig makes a lot of difference. Here are three of my boys I've had the longest, Dhani, Kier and Parker. The first pix are from 2013 when my sister and I created a boyband. At the time, their ages were 13 (Dhani), 14 (Kier) and 12 (Parker). Now, they are 17 (Dhani), 18 (Kier) and 16 (Parker), and I've repainted them and got new wigs to age them up. Dhani and Kier have also gotten taller, more mature bodies since then. Clothing has changed as well, from more kiddie/teen styles to more adult. They've also all gotten new eyes with smaller irises.

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    12. I don't know if any of my dolls have aged, but my characters definitely did before I shelled them. My Orpheus' character used to be a high schooler named Kaye when I was in middle school. Now (Orpheus--her name is Anu) she's a younger adult (barely under 30 maybe).

      My Dollshe Arsene (Secernere) actually shrunk in age before I shelled her (from 20s to 17).

      I think (perhaps this is why others do this too) is because a lot of these dolls are shelled characters of those we made as kids or teenagers. I know a big reason why my characters were younger when I was younger was because I wasn't sure I could write or tell stories about an adult convincingly.

      There's a huge developmental and experience gap between childhood and adult, so it was sometimes hard for me to understand why adults thought or behaved in a particular way, or valued something over another.
    13. Hmmm... generally my dolls haven't gotten much "older". I figured that my first BJD, Hiro (SD13 Link), was about fifteen years old when he arrived, and I think of him as 17 now. Similarly, his brother and his best friend were nineteen, but they are both 21 now. My first two SD girls have gone from 14 to 16. I don't think Hiro will get any older, since I don't want him to ever become a jaded twenty-one year old! I want him to keep some of his earnest, innocent and youthful qualities for always. I feel like he matured into his proper age.

      My characters who are older in age haven't been here as long, they haven't had a chance to change or evolve yet.

      @CloakedSchemer, I really like your before and after pics! They illustrate the characters' aging perfectly. I put smaller irises in my dolls too, it adds to the illusion very well.

      Linda S.
    14. Yes! And when you move and then see the old pictures in other cities or housed, it feels like you have been together for a really long time.
    15. Yes actually, a few of mine have, my two 1/4 boys (Eien and Tori) have aged even though I kept them the same size. They both started-out as teens (Eien being 13 and Tori being 17) and are now in their mid to late twenties (Eien is 24 and Tori is 28).

      I also recently 'aged' my little Rosa, she was a Pipos PI Baha (kind of her kitten age) but now's she's a Pipos RPi Charlotte (more like a 'teen' I guess?), still kept her from the same company but she looks just a bit older.

      I've contemplated doing the opposite with one of my other dolls, not really making the doll younger but having a younger ver of the doll for photo stories, but I'm still not sure. It's certainly fun to have your dolls change along with you (or along with the characters you've created for them), and besides, with all the new dolls that come-out it's a good way of getting a new doll with-out really getting a 'new doll' :lol:
    16. Hmm... Maybe I don't quite get the spirit of the question, but how exactly are my dolls supposed to have "aged"? They're inanimate. Not getting any older is one of the big advantages they have over us humans. :lol:

      Inevitable resin aging aside, by and large my crew have remained unchanged over the years. They wear the same clothing types and have the same face-up styles (If not the original face-ups themselves-) they've always had. My Shiwoo twins don't look like 35 year olds now just because I've had them for almost twelve years. They still look like the young guys they were sculpted to be.

      If I wanted older versions of them, I'd have to find a pair of more mature sculpts, I'm afraid.
    17. It isn't "aged" as in the doll itself aged or the character changed ages. I mean: from the first day you got your doll to how it looks now, has the style or faceup or overall look of the doll changed in a way that makes it look more cohesive, more "mature" and less like a brand new thing you just bought and don't know what you're doing with yet.
    18. Ah, so you want to know if people have refined their dolls' look somehow... That makes more sense.
    19. Sort of! The look of the doll is a major contributor and arguably a key component. But I also know that even when one of my dolls looked the same recently despite me not really changing much about her in the years I've had her, every time I looked at pictures from shortly after I got her, they came off to me almost as baby pictures. As if the doll was no longer this brand new piece but rather a companion that had stuck with me on my adventures and has grown up a little with me. Like the imprint I have left on her as a doting owner was shown, rather than her being a brand new thing I just got and haven't done much with yet.
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    20. The dolls themselves of course don't age like we do. But I think i get where you are coming from with this question? The characters my dolls represent have changed and in a few cases, got bumped up in age. I think that people "write what they know" and will set their doll ages to be close to their own, and age them as they age. Of course, this isn't true for everyone, myself included!:lol: Some of my dolls have gotten younger. Pepper started out 15, now she's 12. Kaz was 37, now he's 34.

      There's various reasons for making these changes, older and younger. As I develop the characters more, they start to become more mature in that way, I suppose, a way that they "grow up." I can see where a picture of a new doll can be like a baby picture if thought of in that light. When you get a doll, even if they embody a well-established character, they still have room to develop their character. Even take it in a totally different direction!

      I might find that I originally liked them as a redhead, but the black wig I put on for a whim really looks good. Or my fashionista looks so cute as a tomboy. At this point, I start either editing my story, or creating a new character. That's part of the fun for me.