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Has your resin family ever felt complete?

Dec 12, 2009

    1. I looked around for a topic tackling this, but didn't find one. Please delete this/redirect it if one exists, thanks!

      Ever since I started the doll hobby, I noticed that my resinfamily never felt "right", there was always someone missing even though I never quite knew who. Tonight though, looking at them and visualizing the one who was just shipped, it hit me: this looks right and complete. Like after this doll, everything will look balanced and right and I will be content - the family will be complete!

      Have you ever felt this? Have you ever looked at your resins and just known that there would always be someone missing? Could you ever be completely happy with who you have and not really long for another doll to be in the picture?

      I am so content with my kids right now, I could just purr. :kitty1 (For the record, I have 2 MSDs, 1 anthro, 2 ultra tinies (Pukis) and one tiny on the way, that is my complete family. Oh, and a tiny little William Winterberry piggy that isn't really a BJD but is part of the family!)

      Edit: Apparently, mine wasn't quite right xD Now I've got 2 MSDs, one 27cm tiny, one anthro and two more anthros on the way. Guess we'll see if it's right then...
    2. I was just thinking about this the other day. I've gone for a couple of years wanting more and more, but at the moment, I think I'm getting to that point where I have the ones that I want and that's good with me. Especially once Lucas gets a body and my CA Misha gets here, I'm going to stop the aquiring phase and really focus on dressing and accessorizing them. <3
    3. I thought my family was complete the other day.. well meaning september.. after getting my puki sent away for her face ups... but then i was thinking that it would be nice to bring back someone who was from Hirokis past... cue Mikami (a SP Kill_u from KDoll) ...

      i do not think my family of dolls will ever be complete since i can always fit another one in since it doesnt mean that my crew has to be related or anything.

      I want to do this too, stop getting boys or girls and get them some more space, clothing and whatnot.. plus if they can help me make money, then id go for different sizes too then and lots more stuff.
    4. i don't think mine will ever be complete....i went from having 3 dolls (2 MSD 1 anthro) and now i'm back to one MSD and thinking about a SD boy (had an SD girl a while back) even though i said i wouldn't......if my size preferences and picky-ness about finding a dolls that only go with my main boy were there i think that i could have found doll family happiness a long time ago.....
    5. ha ha ha ha That's hilarious. No. I suppose because they are not a family, more like a surly mob.
    6. Once my girl gets here, then my trio will be complete (excluding my SD boy since he's kinda just on the side, not really a part of the group).
      I came into this hobby knowing I would get the three of them and now that I almost have them all, I feel content to simply spoil them.
      Sure, I will be adding a tiny or two, but like my SD, they're on the side and not really as important- though I do love my big boy, don't get me wrong.
      And there will always be those dolls that make me go "ffffffffffffffffff-", but when it comes down to it, its my trio that I want and getting them just right will make me happier than adding more dolls :)
    7. Every time I think I'm done... I'm not.
    8. I haven't been collecting BJDs for too long, so my little resin "family" is nowhere near completion. It wasn't until last week that I even had a theme for all of my dolls (or future dolls), and even then, it leaves a lot of room for growth.

      What mainly makes me feel as though my collection is not complete is the lack of male dolls. Even though I only have three dolls so far, they're all girls, and the next few that I want the most are also all girls. For me, a well rounded group of dolls would include those of all shapes and sizes and genders. I'm fine with it though. The collecting process is fun. :)
    9. I'm waiting for two dolls now and when they arrive my family will be complete! although I would like to have two more dolls that I really love and admire I'm pretty sure I won't feel that there is someone missing in my BJD family if I never get them. My BJD family is perfect now with the dolls I love the most in total harmony! even better than I dreamed :D
    10. In the past it has, but overtime my experience has grown and my interests in different doll moulds and models has changed, grown, and evolved.

      When I first started out I was very much into MSD sized dolls. And for a year or two I had four MSD's. I was very content with this and my family was at that time complete. But eventually I started to fall in love with SD sized dolls. SO I sold off most of those original MSD's.

      Currently, no my family is not complete. But I do hope to complete it some day. :)
    11. I've got three more to go before my group of main characters is all 'done', so I'd say that I'm only likely to get that 'complete' feeling once that happens. Even after that, though, I can't guarantee that I'd never ever get another doll to add to the collection: as long as I can afford it and the doll fits with one of my characters, why not leave the door open to possibilities after all? :)
    12. Wow, I have actually thought about this a lot. I think I actually have MORE dolls than I need to make my resin family complete. There's just one doll that I never have quite bonded fully with yet, and I'm not sure if it's something on my part, or if he just wasn't what I was expecting. Anyway, to get back to the point...I think that my little resin family is complete with four dolls, I currently have five and I think that it still "could" be complete if I can get the bonding going on with the last one. ;)
    13. I hope that one day I will stop wanting new resin folk to come live with me, but it seems that any time I get close, I discover and fall in love with new ones (or old ones). I don't have a family group; it's more like a group of friends, so there's always room for one more.
    14. I can't wait until I get this feeling with my little family. Right now, we need four more to come home before everyone is together! Once that happens though, I'll definitely take a step back from bringing any new dolls into the house - because my first family unit will be complete. I can't wait until they're all together for photostories. :)
    15. I think I'm done for a while. When I came here I had two dolls only, and that was true up until last January. Now I have seven, plus two random heads. I think at this point I would like to focus on things like clothes (none of my dolls are the same size), wigs, and accessories. And the new camera I've been pining for.

      I'm not saying this is "forever." But definitely for now this is all I need. (Of course, if someone were to give me a doll I wouldn't complain at all, but I would rather spend my OWN money on random bits and ends and perhaps a body for one of the heads.)
    16. Oh, how I've agonized over this issue!:doh I've really worked hard to come up with the perfect grouping that could fulfill all my creative and imaginative needs without feeling overwhelming to me. (The biggest hurdles were realizing #1-SDs were just too big for me, and #2-that I needed to seriously limit my numbers.) I've had many starts and stops along my path in this hobby, and done a lot of fun experimentation along the way, but at long last my group has evolved into the intrepid little band I always dreamed of.:) My final collection consists of 6 MSDs and one yosd sized tiny...and I'm absolutely purring like a kitten with sheer contentment now.:kitty1 Finally, I no longer feel the driving need to actively hunt for new resin!
    17. i always wanted to complete the crew i planned, but even after i get them all, i still feel that someone is still missing OTL
    18. I think my group will be complete with now two more dolls to come but I can never be sure. :lol:
    19. My last two dolls ordered are on the way and there are no dolls that currently exist who are on my wishlist. My main family group of 5 is together and the two others coming are characters who insisted on being created. I am admiring other resin-but there is no compelling need to bring it home. Contentment is nice.
    20. I don't know that there will always be someone missing, but throughout my time in the hobby there has. It's just because I have story lines with large casts and it takes a long time to get everyone. Plus as I write, I'll sometimes find that I want to get X a body, but maybe not Y--things change a bit from time to time and I just go with the flow. Right now, I'm much closer to having my main storyline finished, and they are a finite group--just a big one. I need a body for Diarmaid's head, and then 2-4 other people and that group really should be done. My fantasy storyline is a lot more fluid, so I don't know where things will end up with them yet, and I'd rather not think to hard about it right now, lol.