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Haute Doll coming -BJD articles, Anu & Doll Heart Exclus

May 3, 2005

    1. :D July/August issue of Haute Doll mails May 24th. Features on Custom House by Elizabeth Nelson with photos by Mia and Anu; Aimee's Violet's Visit to Japan with Aimee; Sherri Rhein's eyebrow painting tips, plus lots of great fashion doll articles including a COVER story on Superdoll's newest balljointed resin fashion doll--The Sybarites--with 17 points of articulation. PLUS Anu's WONDERFUL

      Le jeune homme éclairé (The Enlightened Young Man)
      Anu's exclusive Hound for Haute Doll
      A limited edition of 30


      GREAT boots and shoes and a Boy's suit by Doll Heart

      all exclusive items for the Haute Doll Boutique.

      Here's a heads up to order your issue today.

      or call

      Thanks for your interest in Haute Doll magazine. :daisy :cow
    2. OMG! The Sybarites *and* another of Anu's dolls- not only that- it's *Hound*?!?! :D ACK!! (not to mention all those other goodies!) :D *runs off to subscribe*
    3. Can't wait to see it! Hooray!!!!
    4. ...okay, I need a subscription now, that decides it XD ::goes to order::
    5. I'm so looking forward to seeing this!! (especially Hound and Customhouse and Doll Heart!)
    6. I'm just going to keep camping out at B&N and drinking lots of chai and eating rice krispie treats.

      I want to see it all!
    7. When does this issue hit newstands?
    8. I'd guess first week of June.
    9. On the web site it says it takes 6 weeks before you receive your first issue. If I subscribe is there anyway of getting this issue sooner?

      Laura in NJ
    10. Well, really, it is hard to say. There are a multitude of factors that come in to when exactly any particular issue will hit any particular newsstand. For instance, B&N is set up so that once a magazine is printed, the publisher mails the total quantity ordered by B&N (for all 600+ stores) to one central warehouse. Once there, the individual draw of each store is calculated and the issue will be put into that store's draw. Once a store has enough magazines in one draw to justify sending out a shipment (a shipment being anywhere between 4 to 40 boxes), they are boxed up, invoices printed, and sent out via regular FedEx. They don't get to the stores for a couple of days, and then it takes at least one day for non-hotlist titles (and Haute Doll is not, unfortunately, a hotlist title) to actually hit the sales floor.

      So I'm guessing... yeah, maybe the first week of June, maybe later...

      That was probably more than you wanted to know about magazines, eh? Heh, sorry.

      On the plus side, due to crafty merchandising, I've managed to make Haute Doll grab a space in the top ten of the Crafts and Hobbies section of my store! Heh. Now if only I could do the same with Bust and Mental Floss...

    11. I just subscribed. I called and they said that I would get it with the first mailing of this issue which is the July issue. They also said that it mails out at the end of this month. WooHoo. I'm excited. Can't wait to see that Hound.

    12. ..rats, I was hoping when it said the subscription starts with the "current issue", that I'd get the May/June issue XD;; Guess I should have ordered the back issue.. d'oh. :oops:
    13. ..rats, I was hoping when it said the subscription starts with the "current issue", that I'd get the May/June issue XD;; Guess I should have ordered the back issue..

      You will. I already had bought the May/June issue so I asked the woman on the phone to start mine with the July issue. But if you said you want to start with the current issue that is the May/June one. That's what the lady on the phone said.

    14. Oh, good. :grin: Thanks for the info! I guess that's one advantage to be had by ordering over the phone... :oops:
    15. :grin: If you get your subscription in this week, you will get in on the first mailing of Haute Doll. We now ship by periodical postage and magazines arrive fairly quickly. It is likely you will get your issue before it is even on the newsstands. Plus at $25.95 for 6 issues ($4.32 an issue), it is cheaper than on the newsstand where it sells for $6.95. Aimee will be in EACH issue and Sherri Rhein does an Esthetics Course in each issue too!! We will cover all the resin ball jointed dolls and have lots of great features planned including a Travelogue by Anu--with her fabulous photos. Just FYI!!
      Karen C :wink:
    16. Do you think we could grab one Anu's Hound in Europe ???? Or is it only for US guys ? ! Please help me !!! ^^ :? :oops: :cry:
    17. Thank you Karen. I already called in my order. LOL Can't wait to get it.

    18. :cow Of course!! Haute Doll Boutique items are open to all readers--from France and elsewhere!! Our beautiful Le jeune homme éclairé (The Enlightened Young Man) has a special affinity for France. He speaks fluent French, is an avid reader of Voltaire and Victor Hugo and plans on studying at the Sorbonne. But that is all I can say for now!!
      Karen C
    19. such a tease!! :chibi
    20. Oh !!! Karen ! what a great news !!! I can't believe it; seems to good !!!! Can you tell us what will be the deadline for the order ??? please !!!!