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Haute Doll Exclusive Marie Antoinette-inspired PeaksWood Sky

Apr 5, 2007

    1. She is so cool! I love Peakswood dolls, and Dollheart's clothes are always wonderful.
    2. Shes reminds me of the customized Volks doll from the Volks Halloween party. But the colors on this doll are more pastel. Beautiful doll!
    3. Wow! I absolutely love Baroque and Rococo and Marie Antoinette in BJD form are an absolute dream! A big thanks to the creators of all this beauty...
    4. I can't wait to hear more and find out when she can be ordered. Does anyone know how much she will sell for?
    5. She amazes me. I hope there are some sets with everything included sold - though likely it will be way out of my price range. I'm mildly obsessed with Marie Antoinette. :kitty2
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    6. Oh, I'm in trouble, that is for sure!!!
    7. yeah... so much trouble... I love 18th & 19thC clothes!!! aaaagggh *_*
    8. I love period clothings too and hope I can afford them.
      However, I've got questions.
      1. Can I just purchase the July issue and get the costumes (wig & outfits)?
      2. If I subscribe or get my issue thru Pasu, I fear by the time I get my copy, it'll be too late because I do want to see what they look like first. Is there a solution for this?
    9. *squeal* she's lovely.
      the ones who get her will be very lucky. :)
    10. Because this edition is so limited--40 dolls and 20 of each of the costumes, accessories--hats, shoes, undergarments, wigs,. etc, we are requiring that you be a Haute Doll subscriber to order anything from this grouping. We feature lots of ABJD information in every issue of Haute Doll and need support from ABJD lovers in the form of subscriptions to keep this level of ABJD information in each issue. We cover ABJD modification, various tutorials, patterns, ABJD company and doll information, event coverage as well as exclusives from Doll Heart, Musedoll, Softly She Walks etc., etc.--In fact, in our current issue --which just mailed Friday--we are offering a beautiful dress set for Super Dollfie and SD13 sized dolls and a matching MSD sized dress set from Musedoll. Our cover story is on the wonderful sisters that are Musedoll--Ciel and Kyante. International subscribers are welcome to subscribe. You can go to our website, www.hautedoll.com for subscription information We will take orders for this set on an established date to make it fair for all subscribers. I will keep you posted as we get closer to this issue's release and I will post the release date on this site. That way, as long as you are a subscriber--even if you do not have your issue in hand, you will have an opportunity to buy whatever strikes your fancy.
    11. Holy cow... that is a GORGEOUS piece of work :D
    12. karenc - sorry I'm being a bit thick headed. Does this mean I have to subscribe for the entire year's issues in order to be able to purchase any one of the JULY exclusive outfits? Also, if I do subscribe, will I be able to view the outfits on the website as soon as the issue is released so I can decide on which one to get? I'm sure by the time I get my copy, all the outfits will have been sold out.
    13. Bloody lord, she's so gorgeous! O___O
    14. Holy, she is my cup of tea, just i dun think i will have so much money to get her..

      (wonder how much she will be, the doll, and the outfit set..)
    15. Karen,

      I am also in the shoes of reggie...:(
      I'm in Guam (Which is a U.S. territory.) and when I used to subscribe to Barbie Bazaar/ and Haute...I often got my issue very late and by the time I did get it, the issue was beatup, and I was late to try out for any of the great deals. As too why I stopped subscribing even to Haute. I miss the issues, but just purchase mine thru Marl B's website when it available to avoid not getting an issue at all. What can I do, too? I love that we have more info. on ABJD's via Haute, but hate the way the Post Office treats my issues. Marl B's site sends it to me priority mail which gets to heck of a lot faster. Guam is domestic not internatioal. PO's just need to be reminded sometimes:( hope to hear your info on this thanks, hugs, gg

    16. Thanks for insight! We love the fact that Marl & B is able to sell HD to you via priority mail! Marl is great; we treasure her. The HD "Young Marie" set is extremely limited--- 40 dolls, and most costumes and shoes are a LE of 20 each. We decided to make this available FIRST to subscribers. If the doll and costumes do not sell out to subscribers, then we will open orders to all readers.

      Good luck.
    17. Subscribing to this thread! I just *love* this doll!
    18. Me too! I hope there will be preview pics! June 15 isn't too far away!
    19. I got a sort of email Haute Doll newsletter today and it had this info in it:

      We will also be offering gorgeous Haute Doll Limited Edition ensembles in the Young Marie Antoinette inspired collection from Doll Heart. Gowns, wigs, hats and shoes are limited to 20 of each style and we are also offering fans and masks which are limited to 40 each of each color (black and white). Orders will be taken beginning June 15th. You may preview this collection in the Exclusives section of our website starting on Monday [June 4]. All items will appear as "Sold Out" in our Boutique section for our new Exclusive Sky and garments until June 15th. We will open orders on our website (or by phone) on the 15th during normal business hours.