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Haute Doll Gives You Sneak Peak at its Next Exclusive ABJD

Apr 4, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Haute Doll is excited to announce that a special collaboration between Val Zeitler, Doll Heart and Peakswood has resulted in a beautiful exclusive ABJD doll and wardrobe. This will be sold to Haute Doll subscribers only! Here is a sneak peek at our July/August cover --featuring our exclusive doll with one of the gowns and wigs from her extensive wardrobe. (Cover photo by Jenise Mah) This collaboration was so much fun and we know that you are going to love the results! Val did an amazing job of painting the prototype, Peakswood followed Val’s instructions to a “T” and produced 40 beautiful beauty white Skys exclusively for Haute Doll. Even more amazing is the job that Doll Heart did following Val’s sketches for a complete wardrobe of 6 gowns, 2 dressing gowns, period undergarments, wigs, shoes, hats and accessories—all inspired by a young Queen—Marie Antoinette! The doll, costumes and accessories will be sold separately! This issue will ship at the end of May, so subscribe today! www.hautedoll.com
    2. I'm wondering who Val Zeitler is?

      There will be 6 gowns! wow Marie Antoinette never knew she would be this hot so many years later LOL.

      So the doll will be sold separate and nude? does she come with that crazy big wig? so crazy its cool :)
      Can't wait to see the shoes. I know that Peakswood are very slim SD size dolls, I wonder if these outfits will fit a regular SD size volks doll.
    3. I just noticed her Soph photos on Dollstown's website a few weeks ago with her own clothing. It was the first time I had seen her concepts and dolls...they are haunting creations! I am hoping these links work, but if not, Check out dollstown.com/community/Photos and look on the first 2-3 pages for Valerie Zeitler. I love her dolls! Now I can't wait to see what she has done with this combo!!! Hautedoll, come! I am broke, but I can look, can't I!?

    4. My Peakswoods bodies are roughly the same size as my CP bodies, just with smaller tatas. So the outfits should fit SD13's okay, but probably not SD10's very well. :)
    5. Is there going to be like a choice package where you get everything together?
    6. Val Zeitler is the incredibly talented Artdoll56 on DOA!

      She makes her own costumes and dolls, and has her own business called Val's Rag Patch.

      Go Val! We're proud of you!

    7. I tried all of the clothes on my other dolls. The gowns for the most part fit the SD13 Volks dolls fine---when we get the production gowns in, I will try again and let you know. They also fit Lische and CP girls, Custom House Ai, etc. They will not fit the larger dolls, unfortuntately, like the Limhwa Elf. Everything is sold separately. All of the pieces are very limited--the doll is an edition of 40; gowns are in editions of 20 as are the wigs, etc... there are many fabulous period wigs. Here's a sneak peek of two more wigs, my photos are not the best, but I could not resist photographing her before I sent her to Jenise!... The first dressing gown is also being offered. In the second photo, that gown is not the one we are selling. Pasu changed fabrics. The one in the cover photo is correct.
    8. wow I love that second wig the last one. :) I think he eyebrows look really nice here they add some of the 17th century look to the face love the beauty mark.

      I really love this idea all round! Oh jeepers!! gettting excited the simple looking cream dress is really cute too.

      What head size are the wigs for. I have small headed SD dolls that like a 8.5 wig :( so I am hoping this is a size 9 and not a 9-10 for the wigs.

      Very happy to see that the wigs and outfits will be sold separately from the doll !

      Heres a comparison peakswood to Luts (small bust luts one) http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57183&highlight=peakswood+comparison
    9. It's funny . . . I went out to Haute Magazine and did not see any of the mentioned previews of upcoming fashions . . . someone please tell me where they are located? Thanks! :)
    10. Haute Doll is currently promoting its just released issue--May/June--on its website. You can read about what's in that issue in Aimee's post, posted earlier in News! This is the next issue--July/August! This will not be on website or mailed until end of May!! The current issue has Musedoll's Re-Che on the cover!!
    11. When will you start selling the mag (so I can stalk ebay), and is there anyway I can get another shipping option? I hate the fact I have to wait 6 weeks to get this fab magazine...
    12. Is it just me or does anyone else think that producing 40 limited dolls but only 20 of the clothing and wigs is a little strange.

      20 girls get to run around naked?
    13. Hi Karen,
      I already subcribe to your magazine but wanted to know how much she will sell for and how soon we can order? How will the ordering be handled and when does the window open?

    14. I guess they are making the assumption 10 people want only the doll and not the outfits?
    15. I could be wrong, but if six gowns are being issued, separately, that's 120 gowns. That should be enough for the forty dolls plus some, eh?
    16. I will post prices as soon as we have shipping information from Pasu. Yes, there are 6 gowns, plus 2 dressing gowns plus many wigs, shoes, undergarments and accessories. It is quite a large volume...it is--indeed--160 gowns alone (including dressing gowns)---we did make the assumption that not too many people will want to (or can) buy all of the gowns. No one will go naked here! LOL.
    17. I found an issue of Haute Doll at Jo_Ann Fabrics...I was so excited I was practically skipping around the store. I definately want to subcribe!

      My question is....will this exclusive BJD be limited?? She is definately a beauty!!
    18. I hate to ask a rude question, but...I understand you have to be a subscriber to buy the items. I'm not a subscriber yet and I don't have the money right this minute to become one but I want to be. Will it be okay if I put a subscription in my cart along with the items when they come up for sale?
    19. The doll is limited--40 pieces only. Yes. You can subscribe the same time you purchase. Only subscriber's orders will be honored. The doll and costumes are in our office now. They will be available to order at 9 a.m. on June 15th. We will have the new issue at Dollectable and they will be mailed to subscribers at the end of May, 2007. Thanks for your interest.