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Haute Doll Magazine NEWS!

Dec 9, 2006

    1. I just got my copy today!

      BJD related articles are:
      ---Sherri continues her "opening eyes" /modifying eyes on sleeping heads tutorial
      ---Aimee Cummings has a great article on modifying joints
      ---AJ has a wa-loli kimono pattern (two sizes SD and MSD)!
      ---feature on Orientdoll (with in progress photos and interview with Orientdoll)
      (and lots of other doll articles!)
      --- DollHeart exclusive SD13B Wolf outfit and SD10/13 girl Vermilion Felid outfit

      You can pick up a copy or subscription at http://hautedoll.com if you haven't already! :)
    2. Nice! Are these actual magazines, or just an e-zine?
    3. Haute Doll is an actual magazine. :) You can get it at Barnes and Noble or Borders....

      I'm Aimee Cummings... and you can see Knife (my Shiwoo) in the article. :D It's my first article in a magazine and I'm super excited!!!
    4. Good morning everyone! The Haute Doll website has been updated with our June 2007 edition which has just mailed to Club Members and subscribers!

      This issue is jam packed! Here's a sampling of what you will find in the June 2007 edition:

      Front Row:

      Ellowyne Wilde's popularity is soaring with the Spring, 2007, releases!

      Fashion Royalty Cult Couture: A Review

      Introducing the Silver Screen Collection featuring Gene Marshall

      Wide-eyed Blythe hit the town for an opening night party. - Michael Williams

      Q&A With Jason Wu
      So, just who is this singular sensation that has the doll collecting world talking up such a storm? HD sat down with Integrity designer Jason Wu for the scoop.

      Visit "Pretty Power"--known online as ROBOCHRIS--in Kyoto and Osaka.

      Celebrating Wedding Day Glamour- Louise Fecher
      From lavishly beaded bodices to artistically gathered skirts, Elizabeth Fenton of Brooklyn, New York, painstakingly recreates classic bridal couture for 16-inch dolls.

      Bridal Baubles - Louise Fecher
      Haute Doll presents a sparkling selection of exclusive wedding day designs from five top doll jewelers.

      Wedding Crashers - Jennifer Lockhart & Karen Rowley
      What do you think about bride dolls? JL and KR ramble on. They give their opinions on everything-from Franklin Mint to Jun Planning, Ashton Drake, Mattel and Tonner. No One is safe from this dynamic duo's opinions.

      Gina Garan Announces ginagirls, the Latest Doll for Hip Collectors
      Renowned doll aficionado and photographer Gina Garan collaborates with CWC Tokyo to bring us Tuesday, Butter, Nico and Violet--the ginagirls.

      Obscure Couture: Forgotten Fashions from Barbie's Past - Barry Sturgill

      A Tribute to Natalia Fatale - Siyi Lin
      Gone, but not forgotten, Siyi Lin brings Natalia back in paper doll form.

      A Day In the Life of BG You - Jennifer Lockhart


      Style Aisle with Jenise Mah

      Spotlight on Halo Repaints - Kathleen Rowell
      You may know Sam Danson as the talent behind Halo Repaints and Empire Fashions. What you don't know is that you may have seen her on your television screen long before you heard of Halo or Empire.

      Creating an Afro - Cindy Wibowo
      One of Cindy Wibowo's trademarks on her OOAKs is cool Afro hair styling. Her Afros range from tame to wild. Here's 33 steps to help you create yours.


      Musedoll: A Tale of Two Sisters - Kathleen Rowell
      Meet Choi Jung Ra (known as Ciel) and Choi Sun Ra (known as Kyante), the visionaries who created Musedoll. What started out as an act of love, to help Kyante buy Ciel a BJD, turned into a solid partnership and business as they prepare to offer their first complete boy-doll...Re-Che.

      The Portrait...Chapter Two of a Resin Hearts Romance - Stephanie Gazell
      Welcome to our little Resin Hearts world. In this chapter, Aleric visits Jeni in her studio and Jeni seems more than a little flustered.

      Perfectly Poised: Pose Ability Gimmicks - Aimee Cummings
      Part three of this series showcases the doll makers that have distinguished their sculpts with new or unusual features to improve pose ability or stability. In addition, several tutorials show you how to make modifications to enhance posing.

      Lati Doll - Aimee Steinberger
      In September, 2005, a new Asian Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD) company opened its online doors. Its first dolls were small (18-30cm) and offered irresistibly adorable faces. Over a year and one-half later, Latidoll has expanded its range and won the hearts of many doll fans all over the world.

      Sher's Esthetics--WIGS - Sherri Rhein
      Sherri covers all of the factors that should be considered when buying wigs.


      Inside An Insider's Private Collection: Tonner Doll Company- Kathleen Rowell
      What do dolls mean to the people who create them? What is inside an insider's collection and why do they still collect, if they do?

      PET SHOP
      Charming Dogs and Cats by Barlee Rumburg of Fog City Designs & Melissa Durant of the M.A.D. Gallery
      Is anything cuter than our dolls with their pets? A-w-w-w-w-w-w....

      Ads - Jenise Mah


      La Promenade by Musedoll
      Adorable girls walk in a secret garden in frothy confections of beauty. Dress your SD13 and MSD sisters in matching empire dresses, accented with lace and beads.

    5. This issue is fantastic - I love it and the magazine in general...
    6. Happy Friday everyone!:fangirl:

      The August 2007 edition has been mailed off to our current subscribers through the postal service. As always please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for delivery for Periodical mail.

      This issue we are featuring a Traveling photo contest! Information will be posted on our website on Monday, June 4th.

      Haute Doll Exclusive Balenciaga Spring/Summer 1955 inspired gown by Christopher Stoeckel & Brett Fowler will be offered in the Boutique!

      Our Haute Exclusive doll for the August 2007 edition is a gorgeous Peak's Wood Sky BJD doll that was designed by Valerie Zeitler.

      We will also be offering gorgeous Haute Doll Limited Edition ensembles in the Young Marie Antoinette inspired collection from Doll Heart. Gowns, wigs, hats and shoes are limited to 20 of each style and we are also offering fans and masks which are limited to 40 each of each color (black and white). Orders will be taken beginning June 15th. You may preview this collection in the Exclusives section of our website starting on Monday. All items will appear as "Sold Out" in our Boutique section for our new Exclusive Sky and garments until June 15th. We will open orders on our website (or by phone) on the 15th during normal business hours.

      What else are we covering in the August issue? So glad you asked! Here's a Sneak at our Contents page highlights!

      Haute Doll's Travel Photo Contest

      Traveling with Your Doll and Photo Tips- Aimee Steinberger

      Q&A with Alain Tremblay--A insider's look at the latest Fashion Royalty exclusives

      In The Pink: Getting to know Pinky:st--Amanda Szewczuk--You're cruising down Fashion Doll Avenue, looking for something new. Just before you hit the major intersection of Figure Boulevard, you find a new and sparkling road before you. Welcome to Pinky Street! These little 10 cm. plastic darlings are happy straddling the line between figure and fashion doll.

      Squeaky Monkey Blythe Fashions-- Michael Williams--Tiffany Bauer creates fabulous custom clothing for Blythe, the hipster fashion doll. She offers an adorable Blythe pattern, along with fabulous photos of her work.

      Ellowyne Wilde Reluctantly Agrees to Her Own Column--Debra DeForte--Ellowyne has graciously agreed to let us be "flies on the wall" in one of her therapy sessions with Dr. Bantam, an exclusive for Haute Doll magazine.

      Pania Cope OOAK Silkstone Barbie Repaints--Michael Williams--Pania Cope makes stunning retro-style fashions that adorn her beautiful Silkstone Barbie dolls, which she repaints in the vintage Barbie, Bild Lilli style. Her designs are becoming hot items in the elite world of OOAK doll artistry.

      Momoko Paper Dolls-- Siyi Lin-- Four pages of Momoko CCS06AW in Odd Girl Out and Kimono.

      Mad About Maddie--Carmen Varricchio--Mego's circa 1967 cut-rate competitor of the Barbie doll, Maddie Mod is a chipmunk babe with sawed-off bangs, lifeless, dead center eyes and a closet full of cheap cartoon couture. And some people are crazy about her!

      Style Aisle with Jenise Mah

      Fletcher Harris Pattern Company--David Gorley--The Fletcher Pattern Company started in June 2006 and releases designs in collections, just like in the fashion design world. Pages 62-64 offer and exclusive pattern for 12-inch Fashion Royalty and 16-inch Tonner dolls.

      Super News & Paris Chalk White Display--Charles Fegen & Desmond Lingard--With Syb-a-Festo and Paris behind them, what will this rockin' duo think up next and where in the world will the next event be?

      Artist Extraordinaire Vanessa Tull from Star Studio--David Hutton--Go behind the scenes in an exclusive interview with Vanessa Tull from Star Studio.

      It Takes Three--Kathleen Rowell--"Marie" Photography: Jenise Mah-- The number three has long been associated with magical properties - countless fairy tales feature three wishes, three princesses or three daughters. It took three unique artists--Valerie Zeitler, Doll Heart and Peak's Woods--using all of their magic talents to create this issue's scrumptiously rich Haute Doll exclusive.

      Amazing Graces--Kathleen Rowell--There are two amazing women name Grace who have built their own unique businesses around the things they love. Grace Szczepaniec founded Jpopdolls and Grace Castillo began by distributing "Eye Candies" in the United States.

      The Gift...Chapter 3 of A Resin Heart's Romance--Stephanie Gazell--Welcome to our little Resin Hearts World. Chapter Three finds Aleric and Francie up to something special for Jen's birthday.

      Savoir-Faire with Arden Sinclair--Dolls, Dressage and Cell Phones

      Coming Soon--Ernesto Padro-Campos & Emerson Taymore--Nothing can beat a good poster to sell a movie. Be it on a billboard, in a subway station or at a bus stop. In this special tribute to Hollywood, created exclusively for Haute Doll magazine, many familiar faces reappear playing imaginary stars in imaginary movies that could be in a theatre near you.

      Charmed, I'm Sure: Meet Mattel's Charmin' Chatty--Barry Sturgill--What's a little girl talking doll doing in a fashion doll magazine? Plenty...a line of fashion play sets were also introduced, each with its own two-sided record, giving Ms. Chatty and her owner a whole new dimension of play situations.

      Chatty Cathy Vs. Cuddly Cathy--Linda Bosque--Slugging it out over trademark issues began early at Mattel, Inc.

      Skirts--The Long and Short of It, Part Two--Ben Cassara & Joe Bucchi

      Jenise Mah Faux Advertising

      Haute Doll Exclusive Balenciaga, Spring/Summer 19955--Christopher Stoeckel & Brett Fowler

      Haute Doll's "Young Marie" - Photography by Jenise Mah

      Haute Doll Magazine
      Murat Caviale, Inc.
      5711 8th Avenue
      Kenosha, WI 53140
      Phone (262) 658-1004
      Fax (262) 658-0433
    7. question for any hautedoll people here. i ordered my issue about 2 and a bit weeks ago but still haven't received it yet. What should i do?