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Haute Doll Magazine PHOTO CONTEST!

Jun 20, 2007

    1. Is this only opened to the residents of USA or can everyone participate? Usually contest are barred to me because I'm in Quebec, Canada. And we got laws that legislate contests. (I know I probably shot myself in the foot for asking but better safe than sorry.)

    2. What kinds of laws are there? I think I read somewhere that they have to be based off of a quiz or something.
    3. It doesn't specify.... is each person limited to only one entry or can we have more than one : ) thank you in advance!
    4. I'm not sure, I think you'll have to try writing the magazine?
    5. Is photoshop to do colour correction allowed?
    6. that's a good question! I would try writing the magazine, I'm not sure what the exact rules are. :) sorry I cant be more help!
    7. Has anyone gotten their august issue yet? Mine hasn't arrived :(
    8. The rules does not cover how much photoshop is allowed. When usually photo composite is banned in competition - usually colour enhancement / correction is allowed. In a way photoshop is the 'digital darkroom' for digital camera users.

      Im going for vacation soon with my girl so i was thinking of jumping to the competition as well XD
    9. I note that Haute Doll magazine seems to prefer girls, especially if they are dressed as trendily as possible.
    10. I wouldnt say that's nessesarily the case. I imagine if the photo is really good it doesnt matter what sex the doll is. (plus the judges are not all Haute Doll staff they are professionals in the field, etc...) I think they'll probably be unbiased as to sex of the doll.
    11. Does anyone know if we are allowed to enter more than once, and if so is it only one entry per doll? Also is it only one doll per photo? Sorry for all the questions :sweat

    12. Has anyone heard anything on this? The winners are supposed to be announced today, but they took down any reference to it on the HauteDoll page.
    13. Oh I just found it.

      C. Lopez - Los Angeles, CA
      C. Ruppender - Wilton Manors, FL
      J. Poon - Mississauga, ON
      D. Thai - San Francisco, CA
      L. Perry - Orlando, FL
      F. Miesner - Vancouver, WA
      M. Wisniewska - Warszawa, Poland

      Not myself unfortunately, but that's the breaks. ;)
    14. Hey, guys, one of those winners is our own Aernath! We won't know where she stands on the dais until the February issue, but there's an IP Soo-ri (Ichigo or Kyouzou) among the winners!

      I wonder what ratio of entries were BJDs vs. fashion/Tonner dolls.