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Haute Doll Magazine Update!

Aug 1, 2007

    1. Ready for the latest issue??? It's on the way! The October edition mailed out to subscribers yesterday. Please do note Periodical (supposedly 1st class for Magazines) delivery may take 4-6 weeks for some areas of the country.

      Here's what you will find in the October issue of Haute Doll Magazine! Website will be updated on Friday, August 3rd....with our exclusive Sybarite information! Keep your eyes peeled and that refresh button handy!!!

      Q&A With Alain Tremblay and Davit Buttry
      Bambicrony "For You and Your Doll":fangirl:
      Heirloom Sewing Pattern for Bambicrony:fangirl:
      Tammy...The Doll Moms Loved to Buy
      Doris Day, A Lasting Legacy of Fashion and Style
      Silkstone Fashion Model Collection Paper Dolls
      Smooth Moves
      Couture Salon
      Style Aisle with Jenise Mah
      Spotlight on Kedra Manning
      The Herringbone or Fishtail Braid
      Creating Collection- Red Silk Thread
      Ellowyne Wilde Therapy Session 158: Prudence Moody
      Precious Miseries:fangirl:
      Faux Advertising
      The Chelsea Girls
      Comeback: Hollywood Legend
      Portland Zen: BJD Artists Agela Tittle :fangirl:
      The Conversation...A Resin's Heart's Romance
      Le Petite Monde des Poupees:fangirl:
      Arcadia Dolls Presents The Vermillion Sailor:fangirl:
      Dolls In Focus, Part One
      Welcome to the Haute Doll House

      Happy Collecting everyone!!!

      Have you read the News?? Charles and Desmond from Superdoll are a hit on www.instyle.com Check out our News Page for further info on this fab duo and what the scoop is! http://www.hautedoll.com/news.php

      Don't forget about the Haute Doll Photo Contest running now! Deadline for all entries is September 15, 2007! Take your girls on vacation this summer, share your photos with our readers and have a chance to win a PictureBook Pocket Digital Photo Album! Information on the Contest can be found at: