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Haute Doll magazines arriving now!

Oct 4, 2005

    1. :D FYI: Haute Doll shipped to subscribers last Wednesday, so if you are a subscriber, it is being delivered right now! Great 7-page spread on Alishia Boates and all her BJDs; 2 pages on Blushing by Sherri Rhein and 4 pages on Arashi and Kaede by Aimee!! Two page Volks ad announcing Volks LA opening on Nov. 19th!! PLUS articles on Gemma--talking about 18th century fashion which may interest many of you and patterns and projects which you might find helpful translated to your BJDs. PLUS exclusive NEW School of Vambane Doll Heart costumes in our boutique for our BJDs. Newstand copies hit in a week to 10 days, but subscribe--it is cheaper. Cover price going up $1 next issue as we expand to 120 pages. PLUS look for our new Haute Doll website coming soon. We will offer memberships--2 year subscription is all all it takes --for special prices on boutique items and MORE, MORE, MORE!!
      Karenc :cow
    2. I hope mine comes in the first mailing wave, so I don't have to buy it at Barnes & Noble again! :wink:
    3. I got my issue yesterday :)
    4. WAH I hope it comes fast ^^...how long till it arrives in the netherlands?? So mad i didn't subscribe sooner!!!!!
    5. *.* oo wow. i should have subscribed. now i will stock my barnes and noble :chibi
    6. I have a subscription as well ... I hope mine arrives soon!

      PS Awww, no Kurenai in the SDC article? :( *hugs Kurai*
    7. waiting on mine as well.
    8. Enjoyed the "Your Personal Shopper" letter from Karen Caviale {Publisher, Editor-In-Chief} in the front pages of Octobers Haute Doll Magazine. It was a very thoughtful, interesting, and intuitive article ~ very well written!

      Have to sign up for a subscription ~ would much rather have it arrive in my mailbox, than worry about intercepting one at the book store!

      Aimee Steinbergers articles are always worth the purchase of the magazine!

      A FAN ~ have FUN!!!

    9. Hey, I am a subscriber, but I think this is my last issue. How can I renew it for two years?

      Thanks!! :oops:
    10. I'm looking forward to mine too! Always a pleasure to have a nice magazine waiting in my mailbox.
    11. Yippee! Got mine today!!!! :grin:
    12. Awww~ I want one... :( Guess I'll have to wait till next week or so...