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Haute Doll New Website and New Issue and Exclusives!

Dec 7, 2005

    1. http://www.hautedoll.com/

      YEAY! XD! Things are still under construction, but check it out!

      Haute Doll has a new club that gives you special access to their site, as well as special prices on the exclusive items that come up for sale in each issue. To join, you need to either subscribe for 2 years, or add 2 years onto your current subscription!

      There are new exclusives this issue, RnD's RanD's Angel, Karen (a new ABJD!), Softly She Walks GORGEOUS Limited SD13 outfit sets and more! (some of the previous DollHeart outfits I think are still available too.)

      The new issue itself features Rudi's new RanD Angel (with a pattern for her), Sherri's Faceup Tutorial, , a Bunny Cape pattern by me (with a photostory), gorgeous article about Male ABJDs by Mia and Elizabeth, awesome furniture sets for ABJD by Rob and more!

      Again, I urge you if you're interested in ABJD, to subscribe to Haute Doll magazine, and when you do, mention in the comments section or something, that you are subscribing because you like ABJD! The more support magazines like this get, and the more interest you show for published ABJD articles, the more good stuff we'll see in the future. There's some really really great stuff coming up. I'm really excited! :)
    2. What if you're already subscribing?
    3. Rynn - I think you need to get an additional 2 year subscription. I had to do that too.
    4. I haven't gotten mine yet ~ I can't wait!!
      I'm so happy to have been able to contribute :)
    5. They look AWESOME! I know how hard you worked on them!
    6. Lol! Next time I will be doing something that does not require hand distressing 40 pieces of denim! It was all worth it though :sweat
      I'm glad you like them Aimee :)
    7. I'm dying to see the issue now. XD

      And those outfits... <3
    8. @_@ Know what I'm asking dad in the morning... he was already thinking of getting me a subscription! This is wonderful!!!
    9. Valentine - you can see some photos of them in the shop part of hautedoll.com at least for starters! I wish they had bigger photos though!
    10. Tempted to buy Karen...
    11. mmm I am tempted to buy a 2 year subscription... Is it really worth it? Aimee I know you make articles and the last issues were great, is there going to be more on ABJD? I'm just afraid they might stop taking about them in a few issues and then getting the magasine where nothing interests me is kinda =\ The hound they were selling was beautiful though.
    12. I wouldn't worry about that, ok? Several of us are staff on Haute Doll now, there's nothing else that we write about but ABJD!
    13. How long will Karen be on sale for? I'm looking to buy her possibly after Christmas maybe.
    14. I'm really not sure! I would email them and ask. ^_^
    15. As much as I love this magazine ( I have been a subscriber since the first issue), I have to say that I really don't like this "membership" business.

      I have no problem with it as it relates to giving members discounts on the Haute Doll exclusive items, but it does bother me that one has to join in order to access the website.

      I used to publish and produce a National magazine myself, so I do know that maintenance of a strong subscription base is vitally important, and one of the ways to secure such, is by the establishment of a kind of "club" whereby the members get discounts on products etc.

      I don't have an issue with the club idea, but, to keep regular subscribers, who have supported this magazine from the begining, from accessing the website without said "membership", is taking that idea one step too far IMHO.
    16. erm i got one noob question

      do they have articles on BJD, or is it mainly on the barbie versions of bjd?

      <=== is noob
    17. I knew it the rand angels are BJD..*why do people lie to me**tear*

      Cooooooooll I can't wait to receive the new Issue!

      And yes the magazine is about all types of dolls that includes BJD ^_^!
    18. Kagari, they have lots of BJD articles, and REALLY good ones!

      It's a terrific magazine, I am just a little miffed at this membership requirement thingy.
    19. gayle - I really just write articles for the magazine. ^_^... I'd really suggest that you email the magazine directly, about this, if it concerns you, ok? I really don't have any control over stuff like that. I wish that they would allow current subscribers to do it without adding subscriptions too, but I imagine it's probably something to do with the magazine needing more support. But I really don't know. I'd email them about if it really bothers you. Sorry I'm not more help!
    20. Thanks aimee! I'll send them an email, Karen's an open minded person, and maybe she just didn't realize that making the website exclusive might alienate some strong supporters, who really don't need or want to buy things, but just want to enjoy the wonderful magazine.

      And a wonderful magazine it IS. One of the best doll publications I have ever seen (and I have seen them all :)