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Haute Doll Super Dollfie Issue Features NEW Jun and Isao

Oct 29, 2004

    1. http://www.barbiebazaar.com/hautedoll/untitled/cover.jpg

      I am so pleased to present our Super Dollfie issue featuring our cover dolls SD13 Jun Tachibana and Isao Nanjou ("Tokyo Boys' Story" 2nd chapter version) -- new dolls that will be offered at Dolls Party 12 and through Haute Doll magazine.

      Order Haute Doll today and get in on the first mailing of the January 2005 issue--orders must be received by November 3, 2004. A single issue is $6.95; a six-issue subscription is $25.95! Call 262-658-1004, Fax 262-658-0433 or order through our secure website, www.barbiebazaar.com and click on Haute Doll.

      This issue includes the story of the Volks Super Dollfie and we cover the factory, the showrooms and Tenshi no Sato. Vicariously experience Dolls Party 11. Enjoy the pictorial Akiko Visits New York; Sherri Rhein starts her Esthetics column, interviews Mr. Akihiro Enku, original sculptor of the Super Dollfie line and compares antique ball jointed doll body construction to the Super Dollfies. Elizabeth Nelson shares her first Super Dollfie love with Mia Peterson's wonderful photos. Louise Fecher showcases Super Dollfie fashions from an international cast of couturiers while Jennifer Lockhart introduces England's Karen Rowley's whimsical hats for Super Dollfies and Blythe, modeled by Western and Kimono Madokas. 64+ pages of Super Dollfies in beautiful color. PLUS Cissy, Toni, Clea Bella, and the wonderful artist Viktoria La Paz. Finally, Meet The Sybarites from Superdoll.
    2. Wow. =o_O=
    3. . . . that's the new Tokyo boy and a one-off of Isao?

      OMGGGGG. *dies* My Shirou has a brother?! *flips out*

      When you say available at Dollpa 12 and "through Haute Doll magazine"? Do you mean you'll actually have some for sale? o.o

      Regardless, thank you for the post! :D
    4. Can you order just the January issue?
      Also, if Dolpa is in December...does that mean that the January issue comes out before January?
    5. Also, what is the difference between that Isao and the first one?
      ...I was hoping that the Dolpa 12 boy would look a bit older...:/ I guess I can save for my FCS then, although I'd love to see different pictures.
    6. Tammie-
      The January issue should be out in November.
    7. ;) Thanks
      The Barnes & Noble nearby carrys Haute Doll, so I'll definately pick up that copy~
    8. OMG!!! I SO LOVE JUN!!!! Sooo cute!!! waaa! And i have no money!!!!

      Rachie :crushed
    9. Jun Tachibana is the sister of Shiro Tachibana and is the newest character in the Tokyo Boys' Story. This is Isao Nanjou (2nd chapter version) 3rd character from the Tokyo Boys' story. Jun is adorable. Isao has different makeup from last version and a totally new outfit. Pick up Haute Doll to see and learn about these two limited edition SD13s that will be sold at the Dolls Party 12 in Tokyo. We will be offering a limited number of Jun and Isao through our Haute Doll offices in Wisconsin. When you get the magazine, you will get the ordering information.Yes, you can buy a single issue of Haute Doll for $6.95. If you get your order in on or before November 3, 2004, you will get in on the first mailing of Haute Doll which may be important because we are selling only limited number of each doll.
    10. Sister huh...then definately out of the question for me x_x
      However, I'm slightly interested in the new Isao...
    11. ;) ordered it~
      I figured that I might as well, I'm going to get it anyhow...and the new Isao intrigues me.
      So it's coming mid november? Neato~

      I get so nervous though, blah...I hope I ordered the right magazine (although I assume I did since I used the # provided ^^;;) :oops:
    12. *ordered it as well*

      I can't wait to see more pics of the 2 new dolls!
    13. Wow, it's a girl! o.o Well, my doll's sibling, I guess I'll have to try for one. ^^ I ordered the magazine and I'm very much looking forward to the pics and the articles! :D
    14. I was going to say "hey, he will make a pretty girl!" and then read your explanation... hehe.
    15. I don't care if she's a girl - I think she's adorable. I'm hoping I have a chance in hell of actually getting one.
    16. Jun! So pretty! I'm in love. :O
    17. ooh...I can't wait to see Isao's alternate outfit. I'm surprised that Volks is putting out a new Isao already, but I'll bet it's because he's been so popular. Jun is adorable too, is she an SD13, or an SD10?
    18. I love Jun! She is an SD13!
    19. I just ordered the issue... I really would very much like the new Isao >w<;; Since my chances of getting the old one seem to be getting slimmer each time (I really just want the facemold more than anything...)

      I can't wait to read it!
    20. Ooooooooo I love them both.. :D Especially Jun.. I want I want I wants. :grin:
      Thanks for posting the info Karen.. Will be ordering your Haute magazine..
      Gloria :daisy