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Haute Doll Val Zeitler Attic Treasures colleciton

May 4, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      There has been an update from Haute doll regarding the collection sale date.

      The June 2010 issue is scheduled to mail on Wednesday. We have changed the sale date for the Attic Treasures collection to Monday, May 24. at 10 a.m. CST.

      We now have the complete collection available. The four outfits that were announced to become available in the August issue will now be offered. This category is the Old Fashion Beach Wear.

      This collection is marked sold out until the sale begins, in order to prevent orders coming through. Just before the sale begins the collection will disappear momentarily while the sold out button is turned off.

      We hope you all enjoy this newest collection designed by Valerie Zeitler.

      Discussion Thread
    2. Is that 10am eastern?
    3. 10am Central Standard Time
    4. Is there a chat thread yet?
    5. The information in Post #1 has changed. Please update yourself with the new sales date. Thanks!
    6. kcurry- Haute doll has it listed as CST on their website. My thread post is a direct copy/paste of my email sent by Haute doll to me. They are in Wisconsin. Last year it was indeed held CST. You can email Haute doll to verify. I am just going by their emails to me and what their website states. Not all states observe daylight savings time.
    7. The collection is up!
    8. Anyone else receiving an error message when confirming the order ? I am trying to order since more than 20 minutes and I always receive an error message when I completely finish my order, after I confirm. I wrote to Haute Doll, hope they will be able to help me

      edit: very sorry, I found the chatting thread after I wrote this message and thought technical problems were acceptable in news thread. You can delete this message. Sorry again.
    9. Florianne: Everyone is chatting now in the Discussion Thread. Not here in the News Forum.