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Haute Doll?

Apr 6, 2007

    1. I've seen this title so many times checking out aorund the forum...is this a magazine?!?! For dolls???? Does anyone know how to get it??? Or where? which country?!?!

      Thankx so much! :)
    2. You can subscribe to it here:


      They've sometimes got M/SD patterns, and apparently they're offering an exclusive SD in the next magazine, which should be out within a month or so.
    3. It's a great mag! There's always something that involves BJD's in each issue. I plan to subscribe.
    4. Haute Doll is a US-based glossy magazine for fashion dolls, which has recently been publishing articles on bjds.

      Glossy means the paper is somewhat shiny, and implies that pictures are shown in full color throughout the magazine, which is the case with Haute Doll.

      If you follow the link given up this thread, you'll find out more information and see pictures from various issues.

      Ann in CT
    5. I love Haute Doll Magazine. They have lots of BJD related articles and at times they have patterns for clothing. In my opinion, it's well worth the cost.
    6. i've ordered my first issue ^^ tho it's more expensive than my normal mags it is a bimonthly magazine.

      I might end up subscribing! tho i have to say nothing is more expensive than my two year's worth of weekly <YES!> that cost $8 per week... imagine all the money my dad would have saved.

      I'm looking forward to reading it. It sounds good from what everyone says
    7. You can also find issues (or at least they have them around here) at Borders. It's a neat magazine--I've even come to enjoy the fashion doll articles as well as the ones about bjds.
    8. HI im sorry if this is listed already, but my question is<

      Is Haute Doll magazine a good one for BJD things or is it mostly filled with other dolls.

      Thanks for your time on this
    9. It has articles about fashion dolls and ABJ dolls; it just depends on the issue. Lately, there have been several good articles about bjd's and some great photography as well. Even the features that are not strictly related to bjd's are interesting and there are lots of beautiful dolls and fashions for inspiration.
    10. Lately it seems they've been including bjd's more and more in their issues. I hope they continue to do so. I don't know if there are any other magazines that feature bjd's.
    11. I think Haute Doll Magazine is well worth getting ( I get my Newsagent to hold mine for me in case I miss out!)....It features BJD's and patterns for clothing for the dolls and wonderful features/interviews with BJD owners.....I LOVE my Haute Doll Magazine!....I always look forward to the next issue!!....I think you'll love it too....:D I'll buy any magazine with BJD's in it.....;)

      xen :)
    12. Thank you for all you posts, I think I will check out subscribing to this mag, I cant get hold of it in england so I will have to subscribe direct.

      Thanks again for the help :):pcupcake
    13. Haute Doll is pretty nice, I think. They usually have a fair amount of BJD coverage per issue (maybe a fifth? Or so?). Too bad you can't check out some copies first, though. I had a subscription for four years.

      FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly) is the other magazine that also has BJD coverage.
    14. Haute Doll probably has the most BJD coverage of any of the doll magazines but it's main focus is still fashion dolls of all types. I don't subscribe since not every issue has enough BJD articles to make it worth while. But it's definitely worth checking out. Also lately Doll Reader has been having some BJD coverage & occassionally FDQ as well. While it may cost more to pick them up on the stand, you can pick & choose the ones you want that way.
    15. Oh wouldn't a magazine solely devoted to BJDs be wonderful????
      While I've enjoyed several Haute Doll issues I have no interest in fashion dolls...
      and that is what most of the magazine covers.
      I hope one day we have our own magazine.....until then I'll just have to dream.:(

      edit: though I do rather like dollmore fashion dolls.
    16. I agree - I subscribe to haute doll but mostly its fashion doll focussed and one has to hope for scraps really that relate to bjds - but since it is the mag that has the most on bjd's thats why I get it. I would LOVE a good magazine on bjd's, maybe with some other dolls that the clothes fit ours, like ellowyne wilde
    17. It really helps if you write to the editor. I wrote a long letter to Haute Doll about why I wouldn't be renewing last year - the lack of BJD coverage several issues in a row made me mad. They wrote a lovely letter back saying that they were going to include more BJD's in future issues, and they did. (So I resubscribled) The point is, if all of us here wrote in, maybe it would help increase our coverage! It couldn't hurt to try!
    18. so there are no magazine just for bjd dolls? that's really singular.... bjd fans and lovers are many all around the world, maybe we should talk about it with some editors.
    19. I always pick up the occasional Haute I want from the stand after I've looked to see if there's anything I want in it, the same with the other doll mags. As nice as it is that they have BJD articles I've found most seem to show frilly gothic lolita looking dolls or super sultry boys. And I've only ever seen one of the dolls I have mentioned in an article and the other because he was in an ad. There have been nice things like the stringing tutorials and styling tips.

      An all BJD magazine would be nice, showing that not everyone's doll looks like a member of the undead would be nicer. I can't be the only one with mostly boys who either wear suits or jeans and t-shirts most of the time and one lone girl who isn't that frilly. And be open to vinyl dolls, I love my Obitsu 60 as much as any resin.
    20. I'd love to see an all BJD magazine too.
      I got Haute Doll for a year but did not renew....I might think about picking it up again later this year.