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Haute Doll's "Bitten" Collection shoes on other dolls?

Jul 6, 2009

    1. Does anyone know if the shoes made for Peakswoods dolls will for SD sized girls? I'm curious about the Haute Doll collection coming out later this month and while it doesn't seem like my girls will be able to get into the dresses I hold out hope for the shoes.

    2. I assume you are talking about the FOC girls? They have a 7 cm foot, so if your SD has 7 cm foot, chances are she can fit the shoes.
    3. Erm... yes? :sweat
      I have no idea about the Peakswoods dolls but the collection Haute is doing is for Goldie and looking on the Peakswoods site it looks like she's an FOC.

      Thank you!
    4. OK- yeah, Goldie is an FOC. You should be OK if your doll has a 7 cm or smaller foot, unless the FOC have abnormally skinny or wide feet. I couldn't find a width for them.
    5. The shoe base they used for the boots and heels (I don't know about the platforms) last year were very small and very narrow. We have a pair on a Custom House girl but they are tight and she can't wear stockings with them. The shoes fit on our Shinydoll girl perfectly but her feet are tiny. SD girls might be a tight fit but doable - I'm doubtful about SD13s but maybe someone will pop in with better info.
    6. Some of the shoes will fit our SD size girls. It just depends on the doll you are referring to. Many of my dolls have been able to wear most of the shoes that have been released in the previous collections. Many of my dolls have also been able to wear some of the dresses. It depends on the bust size of the dolls and the arm size.
    7. The Ballet flats can fit Volks. The boot with the Velvet ties can barely zip but if I pinch them together they fit. I agree that most of the shoes are very narrow so Volks is a hard fit. I would check Peakswoods site and see what their dolls feet width is for reference.
    8. I was able to squish the ballet flats onto a DT 13 girl foot, even w/tights. And the brown Mary Jane type heels from last year's HD collection fit my Volks SD13 with tights, but not the brown bow shoes from this year. The brown shoes from last year had a velcro fastener, thankfully!