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Haute Doll's Young Marie Antoinette Collection ---->

Aug 23, 2007

    1. Haute Doll's Young Marie Antoinette

      Designed by Valerie Zeitler and produced by Doll Heart and Peak's Woods. Each item is priced and sold separately. The gowns are sized to fit our exclusive Peak's Woods Sky Doll (shown modeling our exclusive gowns). Most items fit similarly sized Asian Ball Joint Dolls like Cerberus Project Delf Girls, Super Dollfie 13, Custom House Ai and other brands.

      Please note that the cost of shipping will be added to your order.

      ***UPDATE 8/22/2007****

      We have received the back order shipment of Marie Antoinette collection ensembles and accessories. At this time we are fulfilling all of the back orders for these items as quickly as possible. The majority of the back orders are shipping today as well as tomorrow.

      Please note, any additional items available after we fulfill our back orders will be posted for sale on our website, Friday, August 24th, 2007 after 9 AM Central until sold out. If you missed out on this fabulous collection this is your chance. The purchase of this collection is only open to Haute Doll Subscribers.


      Click here to shop in the Haute Doll Boutique ---->