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Hautlier Miso & Ian Dolls--Anyone Have One--Opinions?

Feb 2, 2007

    1. The boy doesn't seem to have eye-holes, I imagine they well may not be allowed here, but I'm not sure.
    2. DollnDOll says he takes 8mm eyes--and he comes with a head that takes them.

      Looks like the original comes with two heads--one that is offtopic (eyes are painted) and one that would be on-topic since it's designed to take 8mm eyes and to be face-up'd.

      Huh...still not sure since he's intended as a "fashion doll" (those are the words on DnD's website)
    3. It's up to the moderators whether they meet the criteria for DoA even if they meet 7 criteria out of the first 7. Failing the stylistic criteria fails the doll. And it also counts against the doll if it is sold as a "fashion" doll.


      So ask a moderator and they will discuss it. I think they recently decided RnD MenSajero are allowed (but their female counterpart, RnD Angels, are still not allowed).

    4. It says on that site 'fashion BJD'

      So I would guess that makes them OT, just like sybarites (sp?) and RnD angels.

      One of the criteria for DoA says fashion dolls are OT.

      We'll have to see what the mods say.
    5. I read somewhere that these dolls are accepted here. It annoyed me since I have an RanD Angel and she it OT.

      I have been eying these dolls for some time. The Angel is a bit too squirmy for sewing and these look like they would sit still better.

      I would really like to hear from someone who has one.

      Is there a forum for them?

      As I understand it Dae Jang Geum is allowed here and she is sold as a fashion doll. If she was not so expensive I would already own her.
    6. I've just been searching DoA pretty thoroughly and nowhere do I see the moderators discussing Hautelier Ian and Miso.

      And re Dae Jang Geum, I also searched for Jang Geum and the only moderator messages I saw about her were in this thread, and there was no decision:


    7. If they aren't allowed, they're still allowed in pictures with allowed BJDs, so if you have a OT doll, as long as there is a ontopic doll in the picture, they are allowed.
    8. Oh, brother! I haven't read the criteria but I'd think fashion doll would be Barbies, Gene's, Tylers, etc. These are resin ball jointed dolls and they happen to be adult type "fashion dolls". Also, I finally heard from DID and they said that the ones called Repainter Types have no eyeholes and are expensive to have the faceups done on by their artists. But the special Miso and Ian come wth 2 heads. One wth eyeholes and the faceup on them is $30 at DID. $160 for the repanter type head. So, with 2 heads you could get both done ($190) or only the eyehole head. I'm going to try my hand at painting the non eyehole heads since I used to repaint Gene, et al some years back. I think they are super gorgeous dolls!

    9. um.. *hesitates, then timidly asks* h-have the mods decided if Ian's a Fashion doll or a BJD yet?
    10. I don't know - I don't think there is a decision in the Criteria list or the non-allowed dolls list, so that's gotta count as no decision yet given the more fashion proportions of the dolls.

    11. *waits some more* :| *sigh* :( *hopes for approval*
    12. Sorry, Hautelier dolls Miso and Ian do not fit the DoA criteria and will be considered off-topic here as they fall in fashion doll category.

      We encourage people to buy these dolls if they are interested in them, but to please understand and respect that they are off-topic and can not be posted on DoA.

      Thank you!

      I am closing this thread.