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Have pictures ever turned you off from a doll

Jul 17, 2009

    1. I was thinking about getting a Red Elfdoll. I saw one in person and he very good looking to me, but not to girly, guy dolls seem like they tend to look girly to me. (I always find my slef wondering guy or girl with the dolls :sweat )
      But I went looing around on DA and here, so many reds tend to look to girly to and it turned me off from the Reds. Has this ever happend to any one? That you think you love a doll but then you see others and that makes you not want one?
    2. I've seen dolls on websites, and real owner pictures make them look totally different.

      ....but there are one or two dolls that I have changed my mind (positively, or negatively), just based on pictures
    3. Many... MANY dolls. More then i can name. A faceup and wig can seriously change the look of a doll.

      I fell in love with the Bobobie Mei sculpt fromt heir stock photo, and ordered her. Then I started seeing some of the DoA versions and seriously had some doubts. Thanks goodness she was just as lovely as the stock photo when she arrived!

      I try and look at the blank sculpts to decide, but I know a lot of people struggle to imagine the finished look on a blank head.
    4. yep, I hate to say it but I love the Soom monthlies on th SOom site, but most of the owner picks leave me cold, even on dolls who are totally default! It has nothing to do with how pretty the dolls are or how the owner has done them, I just fine them unappealing once I see more angles etc. The only exception is Euclase who looks better as an owner doll than he does on the site.

      Other than that yes company photos have often put me off dolls, DoD is a classic for this, I hated their dolls till I saw one in person.
    5. Sure. Companies can only shoot a doll from so many angles for promo shots, you get to see all the other ones in owner photos. Those may make or break it for you.

      Some companies are very good at taking realistic photos, though, like Volks who does very little to edit them.
    6. Yeah - The original Nanuri from 2006, every single picture I looked at of him made me hate him... then I saw one in real life as a girl not a boy and it was love!! I then procured a couple and did some changes to one to make him more masculine, I kept the second one as his twin female and the pictures stopped bothering me....
    7. Yeah, there's a doll I've been wanting for a long time, but a lot of the pictures of her just don't look very good, including the current batch of sales pictures, which really makes me worried about getting her. I've never seen the mold in real life because it's not very popular (Peaks Woods Wakeup Cue) but I've liked her for years and I adore the one that models Dollheart outfits... but then I go to Peaks Woods' own site and see her with a reeally crummy faceup and a wig and outfit I don't like... it keeps making me nervous about buying her, like it takes a miracle for her to really be pretty or something.
    8. Just a curious note... There's a strangely large amount of Aussies in this post... :XD:
    9. Defiantly I saw and loved a certain DZ doll on their website so I started looking for him in the MP thinking about adopting him if I could and when I saw all the photo's posted of him with collectors looking to sell...I realized that the stock photo's didn't show him head on....and when he was head on I realized that his eye shape....is VERY strange and unappealing to me.....I consider the owner pics on here to have saved me a lot of money...

      But on the other hand to the OP I have to say if you saw a RED in person and really liked his looks don't be turned off because he looks more feminine in some of the photo's you find here....each owner finds something in the doll that THEY play up and a lot of owners like the more feminine male doll so they will play toward that look with their Red....since you have seen a Red and saw masculine potential there and do not really want a girly boy your Red wouldn't look feminine because that is something you would not play up....i hope that makes sense
    10. Many dolls to me.

      3 of my boys on the official photos weren't nice at all. They didn't look that good. But when seen in other owners' photos or real life, they looked much better that it made me wonder if the official photos were a different doll. XD

      They're AOD Gu, Dollzone Mo(he looked much more mature and handsome in the photos...but he's rather cute in real person. He's somebody else's doll but was rejected last minute and I bought him) and Soom Heliot(the OE head). :sweat

      The R.Heliot head in real person is so proud~ The official photos showed him more of being dreamy than proud though...*_*

      I guess research has to be done before getting a doll...*_* But sometimes the dolls I want aren't exactly common...*_*
    11. YES YES YES!

      I ALWAYS check owner pictures of a doll before I decide whether or not to purchase it. I can't buy a doll again by just seeing the company photos, as most of the time, they are VERY misleading. My one example is the Angell-Studio Gus. The mouth is NOTHING like in the pictures, as it has a large, flat gap between the two lips that look like there were meant to be teeth there, but are not. Because of the doll's head angle in the company photos, it was impossible to see the gap.
    12. This also works the other way :lol:
      You wouldn't know it by some company's stock photos, but some dolls are just a LOT cooler in person!
      The only personal examples I can give are Wu and the 08'man event head. ^_^ They look sort of iffy on their respective sites, but BOY they're bammers IRL!
    13. Yeah.

      It makes choosing your BJD difficult, because in the end BJDs don't look exactly the same
    14. Oh goodness. I seem to recall really wanting a Volks Yori until I saw a lot of pictures of her and realized I didn't like her very much. I was "right" in that case. Volks never posts many pictures, but owner pics left me feeling bleh.

      I tend to believe the companies more when there are more pics, because owners tend to take bad bad bad pictures (flash, bad angles, etc.). So I like to see LOTS of owner pics if I want to be convinced not to buy a doll that has a lot of company pics ...
    15. This happens to me so so much :XD: But one particular time was after I had decided to get my Peakswoods Viyol - who I bought from the lovely Absynthe.

      I decided to go peruse the PW site to see what other lovelies they had, and how other Viyols might look and I couldn't believe my eyes! My beautiful, stunning, darling Viyol is not done any justice by the site pics At. All. They're pretty hideous. Fortunately I saw her in person before I ever saw the site pics, and was smitten regardless :XD: But I would never have bought her from the site.

      It also happens a lot with other dolls too - and some of those do make me not want to buy a doll. Though I occasionally regret it seeing a doll in person later :XD: And the other way around - I have seen doll pics that make me go :D :D :D DO WANT!!! Only to receive the doll and be all :sigh FAIL.
    16. *bursts in*....AMERICAN COMBO-BREAKER!! >8D

      Um, lol, anyway, I always thought Soom Beryl was "pretty" but I didn't seriously want her until I saw all the unique owner pics, oh my goodness!!! Same with Volks Okita Souji----when I finally saw some owner photos without his sad/shy default Volks face-up, I was like WOW, that sculpt is amazingly versatile!! Why did we never see that versatility to begin with?:aheartbea Owner pics of Pukis also made me want one.:sweat

      As for being "turned off" on the other hand... hmmm.... sometimes I get royally sick of looking at a sculpt if I know the vast majority of it's owners will most likely have it with it's default/company face-up...something new please? ;w; However, if it's a sculpt I tend to like anyway, slab on something custom and I'm content again. xD
    17. Most often for me it's the other way around, I think I don't like a doll and then someone posts photos of one that looks amazing. Some companies just don't have great stock photos of their dolls, for some reason, and each doll can look very different depending on the faceup and how the owner styles and poses it.
    18. For me, most of the DollsTown photos on their website do absolutely *nothing* for the dolls. They look way better in person (and in many owner pictures) than in any of the pictures on the website.

      As to being put-off a particular doll by pictures, of it - yes, individual dolls (rather than all dolls of that sculpt). But a lot of that is because of hwo the dolls is dresses, painted, wigged and posed etc.

      One thing guaranteed to make mehate the sight of any doll is to see photograps of it posed smoking. Seeing people smoke is likely to make me not want to know then, I find it such a vile habit, and that carries over to faking it for dolls (I admit, it's an overreaction, but that's how it works for me). If a doll company pictures show their dolls smoking on their sales pages, it puts me off the sculpt entirely and I find it very hard to warm to any doll of that sculpt thereafter.

    19. Yep, it is an issue of timezones for when the thread was posted (I am an oddity I work nights so am still on an Aussie schedule even living in New York)

      It seems to me that the biggest issue most people have is with angles on photos, where either company photos or owner picks show the doll at angles and either totally miss its best points or show the ones you don't like. I will say one more thing about this that turns me off buying a doll (eyes Luts on this point) it you post 5 picks at almost the same angle we can't see what the doll REALLY looks like. Personally I would like to have full on face shots please, all the pretty angle ones are great, but I still need to see the doll from more angles than just a 3/4 profile, looking down demurely
    20. I find a lot of the company photos don't do the sculpts justice--the newest pics from Luts make the dolls look washed-out, IMO, while in person they are gorgeous; and as effigy noted the DoD pics make the sculpts look babyish and bland (I do find DoD guys hard to photograph, but they are so gorgeous IRL). And two of my favorite dolls are the dreaded Nanuri 06's, who can look totally ridiculous or stunning depending on the faceup and the angle they are photographed. I bought mine pre-loved, from owner pictures, otherwise I never would have looked at them twice.

      Edit: YES! More angles please on company photos! And the dolls smoking made me laugh--I just bought a head of a smoker and he's going to have to quit here, even if I just plop him on a bobobie body;)