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Have U seen this? New Aoi Tuki - Otohime 54cm doll

Dec 3, 2007

    1. That body is just... crazy bizarre. I think I'm in love :love

      Depending on what kind of Christmas/Birthday/Graduation money I get, I may have to bring one of those girls home. Hopefully one will go up on Y!J with a head-mold that I like. I'm fond of Komoti, Kisaragi, and Ariake, although Kisaragi is my absolute favorite.

      As a short, pear-shaped person, I've been hoping for a short, pear-shaped doll to practice my clothing designs on. Looks like I finally found a winner :)

      *Is excited*
    2. Wow! I love her hips and tummy...not very often you see a doll with realistic measurements like that!
    3. Wow kind of great looking. Can you only get them off YJ?
    4. She is beautiful...very reaslistic :)
    5. I have the earlier version, without the double jointed knee and the new shoulder joint and absolutely love her. I think I like mine better than the new one, though. The new one probably poses better but mine looks better nude.
    6. Hm, interesting...must admit the face sculpt is not my type, but the unusual body shape fascinates me. Definitely very unique! :)
    7. The face sculpt isn't my style but I really love her body. :D Her curves are awesome!
    8. Ohh look how cute, she's so chubby and curvy!! ^___^
    9. Oh gosh! I love her hips. I may have to start another saving plan, otherwise I'll be skinned broke in time of christmas. XD
      Too many lovely ones popping up.
    10. I'm actually a little bit surprised that no one has bid on the Y!J girl yet. First available release of the new body and all.

      If my stars align correctly, then I'll have enough money in a few weeks, and a girl will pop up for sale with a headsculpt that I like. Just in time for me to snag her.

      In another few months I may pounce on a Tukihime model as well. That body is really lovely, it just doesn't have the same possibility for modeling maquettes of clothes that I design for myself as the Otohime does. Although I have been drooling over the Tukihime girls since January.
    11. Wow, her hips are HUGE! Her body shape is so unique and daring-- I'm impressed!
    12. At last!!! A curvy doll!!:fangirl: I was wondering if somebody would do a body like that one someday!. Is there anybody who sell in USA those bodies?
    13. They are only sold in Japan. I ordered my doll through Rinkya and she came in about a month.
    14. Oh Linakauno, pictures! Pictures! Pictures!


      Or links to ones you've previously taken? I'm in love with this doll...
    15. I have to confess that I almost never like entire dolls, and in keeping with that philosophy, I have replaced my Aoi-tuki doll's head with a Dollstown Elysia head (which I like better), but I adore the Aoi-tuki body. I don't have any really good photos of her that show much of her body, but maybe this afternoon I'll take a couple. Here is one I took on my porch last summer:

      Her name is Molly
    16. wow, I like the arms. They are according the size of the bodyZ:D
    17. I just won an auction for one of these girls on Y!J, via Shopping Mall Japan. Paying for her may be something of a trial, so I'm glad of that 2 week grace period :sweat

      You can see pictures here.

      I like her face sculpt, face-up, and her wig, but the scanty, Christmas-themed outfit must go. I just had to jump on her, though, because I've only seen Aoi-Tuki selling dolls as fullsets lately, mostly on Y!J, The hope of me getting one that had both a head sculpt and outfit that I liked was slim. Plus, the face-up on this girl is pretty cute, although I'm sure that I'll end up changing it after a while.

      I'll have to spam her lots and lots, since as far as I know, she'll be the first on the board. Actually, the first Otohime girl to go up for auction had to be put up again, and still no one has bid on her, so she may be the first Otohime bought online at all *_*

      (In a few months, I'm sooo getting her a Tukihime big sister :aheartbea )
    18. Spam away! They are really wonderful dolls.