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Have you ever abandoned a doll?

Sep 9, 2009

    1. So have you ever abandoned one of your dolls? Are they kept in their box somewhere and you no longer play with them now? Do you feel guilty about it? Or have you ever wanted to stop playing with a doll but were afraid to do so? (Yes, this might seem like a strange question but how many of us have watched the Doll Master? ><)
    2. If I have any dolls that sit in their boxes, I find that they go to the Marketplace pretty quickly. I don't view it as 'abandoning;' the dolls are my belongings, and if they're not working out for me, they can either be sold or hang out in boxes.

      I feel more guilty when I have them all sitting out and I have no time to take pictures. :)
    3. My doll hides in his box often. In my house is my two year old sister, love her to pieces but her parents thought spoiling her and treating her like a princess was a good idea. Now, she'll pick up anything she wants and if you correct her she merely throws it. Luckily, nobody thinks its cute anymore, but sadly she can climb about as well as a monkey.

      So my doll merely isn't safe unless I can hold him constantly, I'm not that tall myself so stashing him up on a tall shelf that she can't climb would lead to ME climbing, bad influence. My room is also exposed to sunlight about 70% of the day.

      I almost feel like I should play with him more often, but I know I haven't abandoned him, training my sister is more important at this time is all.
    4. yea i have doll master syndrome, i dont feel they will come and get me but i feel that juuuuust in case they have a soul i really would feel horrible if i locked them up. my boyfriend has "toy story" syndrome as well so he wont let me, ive thought numerous times that i should sell one of my girls or store her away to stop distracting my money when times are hard and i know i need to save, but he wont let me, he just says there like family and wede feel very bad locking up/ selling a piece of our family.

      so to answer the question, no ive never abandoned anyone, and i dont think i ever will be able to :lol:
    5. When a doll doesn't get played with alot.... I think that its time they go to a much better home. I had one that sat in a doll bag for 11 months, I almost forgot where I put him. But that said I have some who seem pretty happy to just sit about alot of the time.
    6. Since I only have two dolls (my first, an SD size, and my second, a tiny) I can't say I've ever abandoned either of them, but I do feel like I do more with my tiny than I do with my SD (for portability reasons, mostly), but I've never shut my SD away in a box, and never would. She sits on my giant stack of blankets/extra pillows by the end of the bed, with a big white fleece around her.. so she's always around, I can see her, and she's not ignored (she can see the TV, she's fine xD).
    7. Yep, definitely. I had messed up her face, so she just sat in the attic for a few years until I decided to try my hand at face-up again and immediately sold her. I feel bad that my dad got her for me at an age when I really couldn't appreciate dolls, but I don't feel like I abandoned a doll.
    8. Yes, I had some Unoas long ago. I paid lots of money for them and wanted them desperately, but once they were here, I fell out of love with them almost immediately. I kept them for ages, thinking they would grow on me, but they never did, so out they went.
    9. Twice if you don't count the floating heads (because they can't really be played with).
      The first time was my MNF Shushu elf. You could only order for one week so I jump in and ordered her without taking the time to figure out if I really liked her. I played around with her but I couldn't get her faceup right and I couldn't settle on a look or a personality for her. Eventually I just gave up and put her away in a box for a year. I was going to sell her but I couldn't bring myself too, she was such a pretty sculpt and so sweet. I felt bad because I didn't think I'd tried enough to like her (I know it's really crazy :lol:). Well it all worked out for the best because I took her out again a month ago and tried working on her again and now I adore her :D
      I still need to do more to her to get her right but I couldn't imagine parting with her now :)

      The second one isn't so lucky. I bought a tan Bobobie Elliot earlier this year and I just don't love him :( He isn't what I wanted him to be and I don't think there is anyway to make him better. He rarely leaves his box except for cleaning. I will be selling him sometime in the future, right now I don't have the time to arrange all the details.
    10. At least they hold their value, right? So if you really fall out of love, you don't lose money and feel stupid for buying them in the first place....
    11. No... Some of mine do get more attention than others, but if I pack one away in a box, it's only because I'm seriously considering selling it. (That's how I determine if it's time to send one of my little minions off to a new home. If I can pack it away for a couple of months and not miss it, then I know I really am ready to part with it.) They're all out-and-about the house otherwise, even if they're not constantly being photographed and monkeyed with.

      For various reasons, for instance, I haven't done anything beyond occasionally dusting or re-posing Kosetsu and Hogasha since the last time I had them out for pictures. That was more than a year ago... But they've never been particularly "hands-on" members of the crew, and it's not at all unusual for me to go long periods of time without seriously tinkering with them. I have several that are like that.

      Are they "abandoned" dolls because they don't get constant attention? By some owner's standards, I suppose they might be... but I don't think of them in that way. To me, they're as much a part of my active collection as Harumatsu and Al. They're just sort-of the "quiet ones". :lol:
    12. Maybe he would fall in love with my tan Mei...

    13. I think it makes sense to dowsize if they are not being played with. There are so many others who could give them a good home. In turn, I love to adopt a bjd, if I feel the chemistry.
    14. I've adopted a doll, but I've never been able to abandon one. I think I'd rather get the doll that I hadn't bonded with a good, loving home where someone will play with them and love them. I don't like the thought of leaving them in their boxes for a long time without looking at them at all. I have a Puki Puki Sugar that I'm not bonding with. I bought her on an impulse and spent a lot on her, I'm hoping that I'll be able to find her a good home for her and get a doll that I've saving for for awhile. I just worry that I'll sell her and then think that "What have I done?" feeling.
    15. I don't look at it as abandoning---I get bored with them. If I get really bored and loose interest I sell them.
    16. when i was a teenager (am now 62) i had a very large raggedy ann doll and her face gave me the willies. but my lovely boys and girls of resin have not ever made me feel uncomfortable. i have them sittiing so they are all ataring at each other.
    17. One of the main body joints on my Obitsu Gretel broke, and with her other joints needing repair or replacement and the rather stubborn staining on her body, we really just need to replace it entirely. But, we don't have the money for it at the moment, so she just sits on top of the TV.
    18. Yeah, I don't really think I'd call it "abandoned" since I take them out and play with them pretty much all the way up until I sell them (if I'm not bonding). But, I do feel really bad when they're in their box and all. I really hope I don't have to go through the "not bonding" thing anytime soon, because it's really hard on me. I have that "Toy Story" thing too...I constantly feel guilty when I look at my Bory, because she was my first doll but I've never been able to bond with her. She's so cute, but for some reason, her little face just makes me sad and uncomfortable...:( It's hard to let go, but I want to find her a home where someone treasures her more than I can.
    19. If I dont' bond I try to sell them. I feel more guilt having wasted money sitting around as I try to fruitlessly bond with it, where the money that I could get back could go towards something else that I'd bond better with.

      Besides, I'd rather have someone else buy it and do something with it than have it yellow in a box for the rest of eternity.
    20. I only have so much room, and don't like a lot of clutter, so mine have been taking turns. Some live in their boxes and some have shelf time.

      I would say abandoning a doll might be more like dropping it off at a Goodwill or leaving it on a curb somewhere with a "free" sign, haha. And I wouldn't do that!! XD