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Have you ever accidentally influenced someone into the BJD Hobby but..

Sep 25, 2008

    1. .. you knew that the person wouldn't take it seriously?

      For example: One of your friend's kid comes over, falls in love with your doll, then asks his or her mother to buy it. OR An older friend that you KNOW is reckless and will loose interest fast.

      Has anyone ever been in this position? And how did you React to it?

    2. One of my coworkers saw mine and decided that she wanted to buy one for her grandmother. I glossed over the details, not really wanting to come right out and tell her that these weren't the kind of dolls her porcelain baby collecting grandma would want, but she persisted. When I wouldn't give her any details other than how challenging BJDs can be to care for, she went searching on her own and found Elfdoll's website. When she saw what they sell for, she flipped out and has now decided that I'm out of my ever-lovin' mind for spending money on "stupid dolls".

      I figured as soon as she saw how much they cost, she'd instantly lose interest and yep, I was right!
    3. Hahaha. This is a VERY pricey hobby. Let alone practicing over and over again to customize your doll to make it look just right for you.
    4. my freind sarah is now addicted to puki's :) she blames me. said it's like an addiction to drugs. lol.

      edit: forgot to add, she doesn't have one yet. she just kinda looks at the site alot. and i mean alot. lol. and though she loves dolls, she doesn't like seeing their heads come off or anything. so no sure how she'll actaully do much with hers herself (she'll prob just give it to me and say you do it.)
    5. I love Puki's. Teeny little creatures. After I achieve my current doll goals. I'm going for one!
    6. I've influenced friends but the influence tends to veer in odd ways. I had two friends who get interested in BJDs through me and then did their own research on the companies and the fandom a little more - one ended-up collecting Pullips instead, the other started buying figure kits. XD
    7. One of my friend saw my doll on my MSN profile picture.Then she came to my place and had a look at my three dolls. She soon begins to crave for one. However, I found she neither does any research on what types of BJD she likes(though I've given her the official websites of several companies), nor can she distinguish the face features between one doll and another. She often mixes up the names of my dolls.

      I believe owners of dolls hold various purposes and concepts. For me, dolls are sculptures with soul. For my friend, probably dolls are a way of entertaining, plus they are beautiful.

      We can influnce someone on entering the world of BJD, but they have their freedom to treat their dolls.

      I just try not to feel disappointed if anyone I've infulenced would end up not taking it seriously as I do.
    8. I always find myself trying to get my sister into BJDs for some reason. Though on account she tends to buy whatever I buy but get tired of them -_-' She copied my like for Breyer horses and my short affair with Pullips and Taeyang.

      Though I'll know she's sufficiently into it if she ever talks the parents into buying her one! xD With a track record like hers for keeping interest...
    9. One of my coworkers really loves that you can customize the dolls. She mentioned "sort of" wanting one but I know she'd never actually do it. She really likes them though, which surprised me a bit but I like having someone at work ask me about the hobby occasionally....

      My boyfriend wanted a doll for a bit but after I sold my first boy he stopped progressing with that idea. Now that I have my second on the way I wonder if he'll pick up where he left off. I don't think his interest was fleeting so to speak, I just think he wanted to share the hobby... Which is really sweet of him.
    10. I don't think I have influenced someone like that... But I've had an experience where someone was making fun of me for buying a doll. I brought my doll to Utah to show my relatives. To only my Aunt and my cousins. Well a cousin of my cousin came down to see her boyfriend and they came over on the last day we were all there.

      Well I brought my doll out to hold while I watched movies. Well they came and I didn't want to show them so I tried to hide him. Then My cousin Amy mention him and I had to show him. I got so many immature response... T_T the boyfriend said he wanted to collect and I knew he was trying to get me go all "ZOMG REALLY!?!?" but I didn't... yeah I hate when people are immature towards dollfies...

      I hope this isn't off topic..I'm sorry if it is O_O;;
    11. I brought Hansel to school and one of my guy friends was smitten by him. He looked around at a few sites and really likes them so I gave him some more to look at. He says he desperately wants one as a good drawing mannequin and for the aesthetic value as well. I'm just worried if he won't have any more attachment to the doll than that. I don't want him spending all that money then regretting it... unless he decides to fork the doll over to me when he gets bored with it, I wouldn't mind in the least *has established a dolly pound in bedroom*. xD
    12. I don't think I've influence people into owning a doll, but I'd like to think that my enthusiasm for them has taken away the "eeew, what!" factor that some (adult) friends have over my BJD's. I think its curiosity to see what is making me so excited!
    13. My friend's girlfriend got me into Pullips, but before I got my hands on one I did a whole ton of research and decided I liked BJDs better. My friend (who is around my house much more than her girlfriend is) thought I was crazy till she found the modding/sculpting your own doll forums on here, and now she is obsessed with building her own doll. Don't know if she'll ever get around to it, but she might - she's pretty crafty! It would definitely be fun to have another doll collector around, so I hope she stays into it.
    14. Well i told my friend that i had purchase a doll and sent her some pictures so she could see. Since it was my first doll i was very excited and talked about it alot to her regarding meets , thing i wanted to get etc

      I gave her the website where i purchased my doll from, and a few months later she decided to purchase one for herself. At first i thought "oh cool" ill have someone to share the hobby with ,but i don't think she see's it as a hobby, more like she thought the doll was cute , and it was another toy she could have. She doesnt play with it , its just put to the side with her other stuff :|

      I asked her if she wanted to go to a doll meet with me so we can meet other people and see what other types of dolls people have , she had no interest what so ever. :sigh
    15. My best friend :XD:
      He wanted a DOC yen before but his mum wouldn't let him xD
      I think he's just satisfied looking at photos.

    16. Hehehehehe! You better budget for two, because they insist on bringing friends with them when they come to live with you!
    17. I accidentally got this one guy I know into them... but all he did really was look at mine. I know he'd get over them quickly, and not treat them like you should, so I didn't really give him links or info or anything. ^^;

      I did get my sister into them though. She has three now, and she's comfortable with her family right now, but whenever she sees something cute she'll ususally get me to ask about it. xD;
    18. Somewhat OT, but Krissy, I LOVE YOU!
      I was the one in total shock at the price and thought all you doll owners were whack!
      I've since become very attached to my 3 1/2 (the 1/2 is enroute).
      So I think it may depend on the person being "taught" or who is curious. But still, that is one funny story. Sends you a California Hug!
    19. I influenced several people actually, icluding both family and friends; only one has ever bugged me though. Having seen the way she treats her dolls and her total indifference to the cost (She's LOADED) while I struggled for 5 months to pay for my Unoa she picked one up off Yahoo Japan already fully customised and didnt ask for the change (figure of speech) BEFORE mine had even arrived, it was a fairly revolting situation and the poor Unoa she bought is grubby, already damaged and next time I visit I think I'll steal it!!!! (That was also a figure of speech)

      Okay Edit: not saying that you are "BAD" if you have the cash to pay whenever you like, it was more her attitude, she wasnt a fan of Unoas she wanted one because I did and she could get t first...

      But on the other hand my Mum has dolls too because I introduced her to them, she buys them from me, not direct becuse unless they have my "touch" she doesnt want them... I :aheartbea my Mum :)
    20. I did...and I don't even have one yet!
      there's this friend that asked about my desktop pic (which is a pic of DOT Tender Shall), I told her about BJDs and now she wants one too but she wants me to buy it for her and I know she won't be careful with her doll or take care of it (needless to say I'm not getting her a BJD), her laptop is really messed up, inside and out, so imagining what she would do to a BJD I worked hard to afford sends shivers up my spine TT ^ TT
      I do have other friends I think would take care of their dolls should they ever decidce to buy one ^^