have you ever been disappointed?

Mar 10, 2020

    1. there's a similar thread about this topic in the discussion archive, but i figured it was okay to start fresh because it was several years old. mods feel free to delete if you want ;u;

      have you ever been disappointed by a doll, or some other facet of the hobby (an outfit you waited a month for, a faceup you commissioned or a company faceup even, etc)? what happened? how did you deal with it?

      i am currently trying to stay really hopeful. i ordered an obscure_kind dohwee during the second preorder way back at the beginning of november. i spent an extra thirty-something dollars to get the "ruddy real" tan skin. the casting company posted progress pictures in january and it looked like such a lovely tan and i was so excited-- but now that the korean orders have been shipped, i've seen a box opening for a tan dohwee and i'm kind of underwhelmed. he doesn't look as tan as the casting company photos, he looks almost NS in almost all of the pictures the owner has posted. i'm not sure if it's their lighting or what, but i'm feeling really down about it. i'm trying to be positive and just wait for my boy to ship to the US (because after all, it could very well just be edited photos/poor lighting/etc and he could be perfectly tan!) but the feeling of disappointment is strong right now.
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    2. Well, I gotta say I feel you.
      I have issue with... not the doll it self but a part of outfit in her full set (, and actually she is not my doll but my partner's). Although the problem didn't solve very well, I did not blame everything on doll company... I understand that it just... things that can happend.

      My suggestion is "don't feel too disappoint". You may find a way to like him even if he not tan. Also, if he really not for you, you could just sell him. (In worst case scenario). Dolls are not perfect, and every collector may facing something like this anytime.

      Have a good luck, I hope your doll come in a color that you like:)
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    3. Yes, twice. I'm sorry that my other experience is also with a resin colour and hence it might not ease your feelings.

      The first time was when I got a big muscular SD boy with huge abs, chest muscles and back muscles. When I got him, he seemed like he had been skipping leg day for about his entire life. I had not seen the ratio so clearly in company photos while he was posing, and there were no owner photos. His legs were as weak as they looked, and he kept falling over because his hips couldn't take the weight of the torso and his knees buckled. Luckily I found someone at the local community who was eager to take him off my hands right away.

      The other time was when I ordered an Iple girl in Peach Gold. I was afraid to go for Special Real as I had only had NS dolls before, and I thought the PG would be a nice shift away from pale NS without being too tan, and at least it wouldn't be so dark that I'd end up hating it, right? In owner pics the colour didn't look like anything too red.

      Well, I was wrong. I opened the parcel and my first thought was that she was red as cooked salmon, and she looked like something before the tan tone, when you are just sunburned. I never got over it, no matter how hard I tried and even gave her a faceup and different wigs and bought a very expensive outfit. Not only the resin colour was off, but she was also my first female doll, and I went a bit overboard with the breast size option, as it looked much smaller in side view photos. I also took a mobility thigh, but ended up disliking the gaps on her thighs and never even using the extra joints, so... way to go, I messed up every option possible on her. The other two flaws might have been acceptable if it weren't for the resin colour, though. When she fell during a photoshoot and damaged her nose, I really started feeling like this doll actually hates me. At least my home insurance paid me for the value loss after she got damaged. Half a year after initially receiving her, I gave up on trying to like her and also found her a new home in a local group.
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    4. This happened to me recently as well. I ordered a “tan” doll from Gem of Doll expecting to see the very orangey translucent tan others had on Instagram. Only to be extremely shocked and disappointed with the near normal skin tan I received. I contacted the company and got no reply. I then posted about it on Instagram and heard from another collector that they actually had TWO tans and didn’t really offer the other one except by special request, since they didn’t think people liked it as much. I was crushed but he’s still such an unbelievable cute sculpt so I kept him...but if they ever have a sale like the one I bought I’m him in again I’ll definitely buy another in the right tan and probably keep them both. I think they’d be cute to style differently. Because I really do love the face sculpt so much!

      I really hope your guy turns out what you expected. I was actually going to hop on the next preorder thinking that the castor samples were such a beautiful tan. Maybe you’ll be surprised by how much you love him when he comes in! Good luck!
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    5. I recently bought an artist head on taobao (Di-Doll) and from the pictures it looked normal and cute. But once I got it... yikes, this doll has no chin! All the promotional pictures are shot directly from the front, and now I can see why. This chin is almost concave. It's the kind of thing that would have put me off buying the head if I had known, but of course with small taobao artists you're lucky if you have any blank pictures at all.

      I'm going to try to make do, but that sinking feeling was definitely there when I unboxed him.

      I hope your resin color turns out better than it seems... digital cameras are AWFUL about blowing out any and all tans. My Clover Doll Elvis is a rich dark tan but he still ends up looking almost normal skin on camera if I don't light it perfectly...
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    6. I’ve been in the hobby for 12 years and had a fair share of disappointment from dolls not looking like photos to wigs not as advertised to wait time double or even quadruple the listed time to flaky sellers and buyers to eyes that look just awful quality compared to photos to clothes that don’t fit. It can be heart wrenching when you’ve spent a lot of money, waited a long time and don’t like the item.

      Luckily, I will say the positive far outweighs the negative. I’m still in the hobby and having fun, afterall!

      Also going to say wait until your doll is in to judge. Some tans wash out in certain lighting. I’ve had a doll who was a gorgeous brown tone in person but done some photos looks NS or even greenish in bad lighting.
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    7. I feel you. I was disappointed when I got my IOS Anima recently. I wanted that doll for AGES and when I got him I was a bit disappointed by how he actually was compared to in the pictures I'd seen. Also a few times I have been disappointed with wigs I'd commissioned and etc. Recently I've tried to worry less about how my dolls look in comparison to what I see online and it's helped a bit for me to focus on my own aesthetics and stuff. I think I was always disappointed if I felt my dolls didn't live up to the standard I set in my head.
    8. oh no, what a nightmare!! i actually experienced this exactly with my pygmalion eita head. his resin color is "warm ivory" but he's Very peachy orange in person. i LOVE this sculpt and i'd rather him this color than like, NS or WS, but im having such a hard time resin matching him for a body.

      thank you! p.s, if you're looking to hop on the next preorder, deok hyeon updated instagram and said that the third preorder will be sometime in april or may!

      i wasn't aware that cameras had that big of an effect on tan resin. fingers crossed that its just a camera and lighting issue, then !!! this reassured me a lot. thank you! :XD:

      thank you! i am trying to stay positive haha:sweat
    9. I once traded some good quality msd clothes from an etsy shop for an msd outfit commission. I went based off their prices and how they valued their work and ended up sending over $150 worth of clothes to them for this one outfit commission since I wanted a specific style. When it arrived I was incredibly unhappy. It was made using those $1 quarter square fabrics from Walmart (I know because I found the same fabric in that section) and it was of very amateurish quality. Plus it was vastly different from the reference image I provided. I wanted a cute Mori outfit with a lot of lace that had no sleeves, a long lace vest, and a long flowy skirt. I recieved a long cowboy styled skirt with a single piece of lace sewed across it, a top with poofy sleeves, and a lace scarf. It was my fault for not asking for updates or to see the outfit prior to ship, but it was also during my first year in the hobby so I was very trusting and wanted to be surprised. I ended up giving the outfit away. What really sucks is that I put out a WTB for this outfit and they responded to that, so I didn't seek this person out. They assured me they could make it. :<
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    10. Yes, I’ve been disappointed. Sorry to say but often with the color of tan dolls I order. It’s been awhile since I received the color I was expecting. Also longer wait times than advertised.
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    11. I've had mostly good luck in the hobby but there's a few things:

      - The cursed February 2017 Mystic eyes preorder. Only one of my pairs ever came in and the last update was over a year ago. I ordered three pairs. Two of them were for dolls I've sold or am selling. The one that came in was for one of those. The two that are missing are a pair for a doll now sold and a pair that would still have a use if I ever got them. What a mess. :/

      - The Code Noir wig I have on my Dollfie Icon. It sheds like a persian and it's a fluffy overly shiny mess. It is also, unfortunately, the perfect color. It was actually bought for another doll who it 100% did not work for.

      - I had a Bobobie Charisma for about a day once because I wanted to see what they were like. Her body was so terrible I sold her like immediately rofl.

      - BuddyDoll released a double jointed girl body like a month after I got my Elisha rofl.

      - Souldoll didn't set the boots I ordered with my Chiron aside and the color I wanted sold out in the seven months it took to make him. I just got a slightly different color and they sent a pair of the most amazingly tacky red leopard print boots ever as a freebie for the error and wait so it wasn't too bad but I still wish I had the darker color. No one will ever wear the gift pair but they're amazing and make me laugh so I keep them. XD (The doll was 110% worth the wait though)

      - I have never met a Monique wig I didn't hate, loathe, and despise with all my being. Endless flyaways and frizz and that's just from normal handling. Meanwhile other brands I've literally accidentally yote across a room, had fly off a head onto the floor, cushion a doll's fall from several feet onto concrete, etc, and there's like maybe a couple flyaways. I've got a wig that's literally been tossed around for fifteen years and worn by half a dozen dolls that's in better shape than a monique gold collection wig I got two years ago that was worn half a dozen times. They look great for about an hour and then they just go nuts.

      - Masterpiece eyes. People used to swear by them. I had one pair once. They were a pain to get fit right, looked flat, and the pupil in one of them somehow blew out and became noticeably larger than the other? Yikes. I stuck with glass and urethane after that.
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    12. Not disappointed but I do have a habit of not wanting to open the box in case I am. My KID Daisy from Iple house arrived 10 days ago but I only opened her box yesterday and I was really happy with her ( I told myself she was in quarantine because of the corona virus). The nearest I came was one of the first dolls I bought off ebay. She was a JID Tatiana From Iple house, I thought from the picture that she was NS and didn't ask the seller, she turned out to be white skin. It was my mistake and at first I wasn't sure if I would keep her however I have now decided she will either be a ghost or be dying of consumption in Victorian times.
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    13. As the matter of fact, I have. It happened with one of my favorite companies, Supia. I have ordered many dolls from them. However, they were all in normal skin. Their faceups were fantastic and last forever. I decided to purchase a tan Hamin one time because I love her promo pictures. The faceup was gorgeous, BUT it only lasted ONE week after its arrival. The coating on her faceup started to peel off everywhere making her look like she was having some kind of disease :...(

      I had to send it to an artist tfor a new faceup. Apparently, according to the artist, this peeling happened because the coating was sprayed in a very humid condition which is very bad for tan dolls.... Since then, even though I love tan dolls, I just can't convince myself to buy them :sorry:sorry

      Other than that, I'm always satisfied with my purchases from any company :) I'm sure your tan doll will turn out just fine. Korean companies have very nice tan skin. Don't worry too much 'kay :cheer:cheer:cheer
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    14. I've never been disappointed by a doll itself (surprised a few times by sizes), but my few disappointments have been with company face ups! Now, unless the face up is super unique or through a company I know gives good face ups, I almost always order the doll blank and get it done with someone who I know will do a good job!
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    15. My one and only disappointment in the hobby had to do with doll size. I loved Soom’s 4 legged tiny dolls, and I had grandiose plans to create a little herd of them, eventually buying one of each. I bought one and all was fine, but my second wound up entirely different in body height and proportion to the first, and they looked terrible together. I completely went off the idea and sold them both.:(
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    16. Short answer; yes.

      Long answer; my MYOU Doll Ben did not quite live up to my expectations, when he arrived. And his lashes soon fell off (in less than a month). Well, one dropped off somewhere (never did find it...) and I took the other off. I have only one other doll with lashes, done by an independent face-up artist, and she's had them on since... 2018. The same year my Ben arrived home. It hampered my ability to bond with him, as I'd had some cute ideas for him, but he's been laid in his box for months. The intention is to sell him, but I haven't gotten round to preparing the Marketplace listing after FB failed to pull in enough interest.

      There have been other smaller disappointments with wigs, eyes, clothes, shoes. But, only ever really one doll disappointment. Oh, wait, there was a floating head that I got for cheap off ACBJD that was a bit 'meh', but she was on sale. So, I wasn't too disappointed. Unlike the full doll with face-up that didn't really last. Don't get me wrong; he does have the ability to be cute, but I just don't feel the inspiration/motivation with him. I need a good weather day, so I can take some decent photos of the resin bits I want to sell [dolls and floating heads], and then I can list Ben again.

      I feel like I'm punishing him for something beyond his control, by shutting him away in his box and not finding him a new home. :sigh
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    17. Been in the hobby for over 12 years and definitely had a few disappointments, which are mostly long sold on by now. The main ones were the Domuya Flexi-Perennial bodies that still couldn't even stand after I'd hot-glue-sueded them, and my LoongSoul MuXuan in tan who turned out to be very orange in person and too stylized to fit in with the shells of his family members. And who knows how many eyes I've bought that turned out to be a very different hue than I expected from the listing.
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    18. So, I bought a secondhand SD13 and I thought it would be perfect for this project I'm working on because of the height comparison to the SD17. And once I got it in my hands, it was nice. Like, really nice. Volks resin is so nice. But the more I handled the body, the more I wished I had shelled out the extra money for an SDGr. The height difference would still be there between a SD17 and SDGr, and I would have the three part torso that I prefer with the SDGr body. In the end, I posted a want to buy and someone replied in a few hours. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the SDGr to get home to me, and selling the SD13 body.
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    19. My most disappointment part when seller don't fully disclose doll condition to me, specially if the doll is so loose *_* I don't know or even don't have the power, knowledge to re-string the doll back :pout:
      Is it an issue or I am over-reacting but I feel disappointed as not much to do for posing :doh
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    20. I was super excited when Soom upped the number of "Coffee Black" Noellia from 20 to 50 and ordered one, despite the higher price. I received her, and discovered "Coffee Black" should be "Grape Juice". A bit of a disappointment. I was happy to get the wig I ordered with her in the mail two weeks later when it wasn't sent with her, but the quality isn't great. I may end up selling her.

      However, I recently received a tan Gem of Doll who I like the color of even more in person than the reference picture Alice's Collections provided when I asked.
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