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Have you ever bought a doll whose quality wasn't what you thought it would be?

Nov 16, 2009

    1. Have you ever bought a doll whose quality wasn't what you were expecting or thought it would be when you recieved it?

      About two years back I got my first BJD Yoru, a Bobobie male sprite. Before I bought him I had expierenced many different dolls, even ones by the same company, bobobie. Their strings were very nicely strung, had a good give and take to them, and the dolls were fiarly pose-able and in great conditions.

      And then I got my own, yoru. His strings were very loose, making him a very floppy doll who never wanted to cooperate with anything that I wanted him to do. The elastic in his strings was of horrible quality and was very loose even when I first took him out of the box... It really wasn't what I was expecting for a brand new doll. Luckily I've worked with him since then, atleast to the ebst of my ability...

      But then I bought my second doll from Bobobie and it was a similar case!
      His strings were bad, and the magnents in the head cap broke the first day, just from simply removing the head cap.

      This really was NOT what i was expecting when recieving a BRAND NEW doll....

      And my question is, has anyone else ever bought a doll brand new from a company and was unhappy with the quality which they recieved it in?
      Or has anyone else ever had this expierence with buying from bobobie?


      Resin quality and discoloration is another issue which I have expierenced with Bobobie.
      My first buy from there, Yoru a bobobie male sprite was not properly sealed which lead to some issues, and I'm not sure if it played into the odd discoloration he developed but I do think it did. He now has yellowing on his rear and the back of his thighs...

      I'm not sure if he was from a bad patch of resin or what.

      My second buy from there was also extremely rough and gritty resin wise.

      I do love both my bobobies, but I simply wish that both of my orders would have came properly sealed and sanded before they were shipped.
    2. Bobobie is notorious for using poor quality stringing and a lot of owners restring them straight away. I have a tiny from RS and have had no troubles with her, it seems only the larger dolls do, that the string is not strong enough.

      I have had a problem or two with other companies, my first doll had parting lines that are totally unacceptable, I mean they were out by 5mm at one point on his thigh, and he is a Dollshe Hound!

      I have also gotten a Dolkot Bera recently, having seen many of their dolls before I was shocked when I opened her box to find her extremely rough tot he touch. I am going to have to sand her all over to smooth this out. The company said it was because they have recently changed their resin type, however they did offer to take her back and fully sand her for me. I was also missing one thing I bought, which they offered to just send me. I asked instead for a credit against my next purchase which they are more than happy to do, so while I had an issue witht he doll and she is going to take some work to make perfect I do not mind, I love her already and ti will be a good experience putting that work into her. I certainly could not fault the company customer care either, they have been wonderful and easy to work with
    3. I've gotten 2 dolls from Bobobie, my best friend has gotten 3, and they send ALL their dolls loosely strung. They do this so that they are much less likely to be damaged in transit. Fortunately, restringing a doll is one of the easiest things to do, and simply restringing him tighter with thicker elastic should do the trick. You can get elastic string from most craft or hobby stores for a few dollars, something you'll probably need later on anyway since elastic stretches over time.

      My Bei, a Bobobie 27CM doll, actually came strung perfectly, partly becuase she came strung with heavier than the normal elastic. My Bao (another 27CM), however, was a bit flobby, but restringing him and suading him greatly improved his posability.

      Just look up a few tutorials on how to restring a doll and go from there. It will really help you, I promise.
    4. I never knew that about Bobobie, I guess I really should have put in some more research about Bobobie before buying from them... :doh I still have yet to even re-string them... I really should.

      But that does explain why both times I bought from them the strings were so bad.

      And this is another relief to hear :p

      I've always been way too scared to re-string my doll by myself...
    5. I would consider oor quality to be in the manufacturing of the doll itself, not the stringing. Stringing is easily fixed, if there's a flaw in the resin, that's something different.
      I loved my girl when I got her, the only problem I had was a loose magnet in the head cap. Which scared the hell out of me when she was laying down, and her headcap fell off hit the concrete floor...... I was scared to pick it up. Not even a scratch on it. i superglued the magnet back in, and have had no problems since.
      Considering the price, I think she was a great buy. Qute a few people think she's a Volks Nono 9or is it Miyu?) when they first see her in RL. Which I take as a compliment.
    6. I don't consider stringing a flaw, since it's something that WILL eventually have to be replaced. Magnets come loose on even the most expensive dolls, it's easy to just superglue them back in. Bobobie is widely known to use thin elastic and string their dolls loosely to prevent damage, so I always just assume anything bigger than 27cm from them will need re-stringing. The first thing I did with my 27cm Resinsoul girl (cast by Bobobie, and a sister company to them) was tighten her stringing I did the same thing with my much-more-expensive Dollzones, too. I've done that to EVERY doll except my Minifee, actually. My cousin's bobobie mini was super-floppy, but a re-string with thicker elastic and a hot-glue suede and he was great. I wired his legs later and he's even better, now.

      I haven't ever bought a doll that I considered to have a quality problem. Cheaper dolls often need some work to pose their best, and every doll will need tightening or restringing at some point. A $10 faceup is obviously not going to be as nice as a $100 one. As far as resin goes though, all mine are very nice. I was unhappy with my Resinsoul girl's faceup (very cute, but the eyebrows were a bit wild for her) but I don't consider that a quality problem. I'd have bought her blank if I'd had the choice since I was planning to give her a new faceup anyway!
    7. I'd prefer that my dolls come strung loosely than too tight and break in transit. Because most dolls are sent by air the pressure in the cargo cabins can rise and fall, making things expand and contract which leads to breakages. It's basically the same thing with a lot of other items - for example when I travel with my bass I loosen the strings to stop them snapping due to pressure.

      I am personally very happy with the quality of my BBB/RS dolls - the resin in nice and smooth, there's no such thing as a seam line and the actual shape and lines of the body are generally gorgeous, especially with the newer dolls. About the only problem I have with them is that the wrists and ankles aren't as fine as I'd like with the gorgeous hands and feet they have.
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    8. Thats actually something I forgot to add in was about the resin of the bobobies I recieved.
      On my sprite they didn't put on a proper coat of sealant, and on my larger Apollo the resin was actually very rough when I recieved him.
    9. I agree with the wrists and ankles on the bobobie... They are rather odd compared to most other dolls the way they nearly go into the arm like sleeve.
      I did however have an issue with the resin and the sealant on the dolls when I got mine.
    10. Like I said I've had no problem with any of the RS/BBB dolls I have and I currently have 5 including one that came to me second hand.
    11. I'm happy to say that all of my dolls exceeded my expectations, some extraordinarily so.
    12. You're lucky.
    13. Bobobie is a less expensive doll company, so it's not surprising that they would be of lesser quality in some aspects. When I went to re-string a Bobobie doll which belonged to my friend, it was very frustrating to find that there were not even S-hooks in the wrists and ankles. The string was terrible, and the design of the hands and ankles made stringing much harder than it was for my other dolls (Luts and Souldoll); I really dislike having to re-string dolls, so this sort of thing really turns me off from a company (and I used to love BBB Sprites!).

      I agree that the string is not an indication of a doll's quality, but it certainly does say something about the company and what they are willing to provide for the customer.
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    14. My bobobie was my first (I think she might be a ResinSoul technically). She was really loose, it's been about six months and she needs new elastic, and her resin is stained. We have no idea what happened to her resin, but it isn't topical, not removable, and really ugly. I didn't really know what I was getting in to, and for the first few months she was fine, but now she is showing a lot of wear. Her face-up is also chipping off.
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    15. Mines resin got stained as well, and I have NO idea what caused it. All he does is remain in my room and is the majority of the time wearing clothes, and simply sitting in a little wooden chair on my desk...
      And these ugly yellow marks appeared on on him, and they will not come off and I have no idea where they came from!
    16. You must have had an odd batch on bobobie if the resin was of a questionable quality (and they don't come coated all over, thank goodness). My bobobie dolls are of better quality than some of my more expensive dolls. The elastic in them is apparently purposely loose so that they do not break in transit.

      Only dolly disappointments I've had are with my Doll in Mind Minimee head (that I have just sold) and the body that comes with the MiniFee (which I sold a little while ago) - yes, they were two EXPENSIVE dolls.
    17. yah actually for me it was a dreaming doll from crobidoll - the joint system was terrible, one side of the boys chest as 3x more definied than the other, and the resin just didn't feel that nice.... i always especially felt like i would break off his fingers almost everything I moved his hands
    18. My bobobie Sprite actually has fingers that are SO fragile they have actually broken off... Two times now....
    19. I have a quite a few dolls manufactured by Bobobie/Resinsoul and they have all been wonderful quality. They compare favorably with my other dolls. I expect to have to tweak my dolls as far as stringing, wiring and sueding and faceups go, so as long as they have lovely resin, I am satisfied.
    20. My first doll was a Bobobie An- purchased through Denver Doll Emporium and he came to me absolutely fine. I've had no problems with him whatsoever. His stringing is a bit loose, but it's not horribly floppy- in fact, he poses fine most of the time. I've had staining on his resin, but it was entirely due to the dark wash jeans he was wearing, and a dry magic eraser completely fixed that. I don't know how you ordered your bobobie, but I love the company, and I was fully satisfied with my An. His resin was smooth and well finished too when he arrived, and aside from the wrists and ankles, his body is lovely.

      Leenah: You are going to have to restring a doll eventually, regardless of whether you like to or not- and as a personal owner of a Bobobie, I really can't say that I agree that they're of poor quality.