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Have you ever disliked a sculpt or company and then ended up falling in love with it?

Jun 10, 2016

    1. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else! I used to think Doll Chateau dolls were unappealing but just recently I purchased a Doll Chateau Mephisto.pheles. He is my grail doll and I am totally in love with the sculpt. Tell me your stories!
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    2. IOS Chaos for me. Now it's one of my favorites and I'm currently waiting for mine to come to me.
    3. I did the opposite once! I fell head over heels for a sculpt then after three days I realised I really hated him! I don't know why I changed my mind so quickly, maybe it wasn't his head; perhaps I just liked him for his body *laughs*.
    4. I tend to get fed up with over popular sculpts, seeing them everywhere seems to make me dislike them a lot. For that reason, I thought I'd never buy a Unoa head. But, well... that was before ! Unoa have so much potential and their features a so interesting, I ended up buying one xD
      Now I try to never say never, still there are three dolls that, for the same reasons as the Unoa, I highly dislike : Minifée Chloé, Pukifée Ante and Luts Kid Delf bory. I admit they are cute, and of course I don't hate all of the Chloé, Ante and Bory, but most of time I feel like "oh, yet another one...". And their features don't appeal to me at all (Chloé and Ante are too "perfect", Ante and Bory are too pouty for my taste). In any case, I'm not saying that in a mean way, so I hope no one will get offended ! It's just my opinion about this dolls, and it doesn't imply anything about their owners.
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    5. I absolutely hated the renewed version of Theo by Iplehouse when they brought him out. It was especially when I saw the promo pics of him with face up B in peach skin and the curly hair style. It took a few days to figure out why, then I realised he looked identical to a guy on my University course. It's uncanny! But the guy is a creep so it totally put me off Theo, despite liking his original version.

      It took looking through promo pics of clothing for my other SID guy for me to fall in love with Theo again. The promo pics with short dark hair, normal skin and face up A make him so handsome and because the other images of him weren't there, I didn't instantly see the creep from class staring back at me lol :lol: So as he is now being discontinued, I am taking the gamble on images I do like of him and have him on order to become companion to another of my dolls ;)
    6. This is going to sound really goody-two-shoes of me, but I focus more on what I like and unfocus from what I don't like. So if you ask me what doll or company I dislike, I don't have one that jumps to mind. Even when I manage to focus down long enough to think of something I am not fond of, I am not so bothered that I have to actively not like it. It's just not for me. Which is fine, more for someone else.

      I have gone through phases of being tired of doll trope X,Y and Z. But eventually the fad is over and it becomes a funny memory. Like my fond recollections of the Shiwoo skirt boys of the mid aughts~ :XD:
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    7. I was never much of a Fairyland fan but I totally love the Mir/Mika sculpt. I didn't think I'd ever like minis at all, really, but hello Dollzone Benjamin and Hal and everything Doll Chateau makes :sweat
    8. When I was new to BJDs, I used to think Doll Chateau dolls were scary.
      Nowadays I LOOOVE DC so much and find them very beautiful <3
    9. For me it was IslandDoll... In 2013 I think "O gosh how ugly doll they have! These body, faces D: Why people buy so ugly bjd?"
      And now I fell in their tinny animals especially sheeps (Mian Mian ❤❤❤❤ Nuan Nuan ❤❤❤) and I like RE! She is beautiful ❤ All their new dolls look very nice. Now I must say:
      "I am sorry Islanddoll! Your dolls are beautiful now!" :)
    10. I really like IslandDoll but I'm new so perhaps that's why. One thing I do hate about IslandDoll is how common their name is and 90% of the time when you google them you get links to "the island of the dolls". *sigh* It's so annoying!
    11. Doll Chateau. I used to dislike all their dolls 'cause of too thin bodies and strange faces. Then I received Christina head as a present and I got her a Souldoll body. She's been one of my favorites ever since. I started to see beauty in DC faces and now I really want one (or more) of their dolls on DC body. They grew on me ))
    12. I think a pretty common company that a lot of people are going to say is Doll Chateau. I, myself, fall into that category. There are still several sculpts that are unappealing to me but I do have a DC doll on layaway.

      Another company that I don't particularly like (which will probably get me stoned for saying) is Volks. I like their vinyl dolls but most of their resin ones aren't my style. Except the Black cat Lucas (I think that's what he's called). I saw one in person and he was lovely.
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    13. This might be a little out of the ordinary for these forums, but admittedly I used to dislike ALL ball joint dolls. I used to find them super creepy and really didn't like how "uncanny valley" they looked. I always loved the idea of fashion dolls, but had a hard time when it came to the dolls themselves. I used to spend time looking at the outfits people made for them and over time the dolls themselves started to grow on me.

      A few years ago I stumbled across pictures of a Puki Pongpong and he became the first doll I truly fell in love with. He acted as basically an entryway to loving more and more, and now I like almost all dolls!
    14. Maybe I will be alone with this but: Fairyland. At first I really hated their sculpts. To tell the truth my taste is totally different from others; and at first, when unusual stuff wasn't that popular, it was very hard to belong to the community... I am big fanatic of Doll-Chateau and I really couldn't see the beauty in Fairyland productions; or in any other company. Now I am proud owner of an modded Shushu and an Rendia and I started to like them :kitty1
    15. Happened to me very recently. I am usually pretty set in what I like or dislike. Iplehouse Harace changed that. When she was first released she was not a sculpt that appealed to me at all and I hadn't seen any that changed my mind..... Not until she was just released in the new Haute Couture version. :aeyepop:
      I think she's the absolute image of Elizabeth Hurley and I can't keep myself from continually returning to her sales page for another drool.
    16. I was like that with Granado initially, their sculpts were very realistic and it just creeped me out for some reason. But I found myself going back to their site over and over again, and eventually ended up buying a doll and a couple of heads. But I think that was also in the midst of me figuring out that I liked the more realistic, gritty, older male sculpts as opposed to the cute, young boys. Granado is certainly one of my favourites now. XD
    17. Lillycat cerisedolls. In the beginning, I didn't like much of her dolls. It wasn't hating of course, but just thought they weren't that pleasing to look at. But then last year I saw a pic of Ninon that made me fell in love, and today I'm absolutely smitten with them. They are just so unique and lovely and the resin is absolutely superb! I want a Ninon in cartoon body and a Lilas now :whee:
    18. Literally all Switch sculpts. I would look at them on their website, and heave a disgusted sigh - and then fall violently in love with the exact same sculpt when someone on Insta posted their own pictures!! I think I just find their company photography and faceups kinda unflattering for their beautiful work. Now I want so many, and am furious that I missed out on Dojin when I did because I didn't care for him from the company pictures!!! Fie upon me!!
    19. Same here! I hated Fairyland and said minifees are so overrated, I would never want one. After playing with a friend's minifee and also seeing all the cute clothing options available, I started to change my mind. Now I have a Minifee RFA head on the A-line girl body and I love her! She's one of the best MSDs I've ever owned and her posing and ease of removing her head and hands is just wonderful! I think a lot of my problem was that I don't care for their default faceups. They aren't ugly, they just don't interest me. Seeing unique or custom minifees made me look at them in a whole new light.
    20. Be thankful you're not Googling "Doll Love." I inadvertently saw things that cannot be unseen. :?:shudder

      On topic, this is happening to me right now. The first time I saw Supia's Noa, I thought she was uncute and clicked away. Now, I'm quickly becoming obsessed with her, and I want her exactly as she's shown on their site: white skin, orange faceup, wild flame wig, lace dress. That never happens to me.
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