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Have you ever donated a doll?

Nov 21, 2011

    1. A dear friend of mine recently lost all three of her dolls in a wild fire, I've decided to give her one of my dolls to help her feel better.

      My question to you is, have (Or would) you ever donated a doll for a good cause? To a friend? Or even a complete stranger who's just had a misfortune in their lives?
    2. That's a really kind & generous thing for you to do! I did "donate" a doll once - and it was to a person that I knew fairly well through this forum, but have never net in person. She had almost all of her dolls stolen out of her car one day - and I don't think she has recovered a single one to this day. I had known about her misfortune for a few months, and wished there was something I could do to help her. In the meantime, I decided to sell one of my dolls here on DoA - but due to the unpopularity of her sculpt, I had no buyers, even at a drastically reduced price. I knew that one of my friend's stolen dolls was a similar sculpt from the same company, so I asked if she would want mine - and she did! So, I sent her off to her new home, where she still is to this day. Although - to be hones, my friend taking the doll was as much a favor to me as giving it was for her. I knew that I didn't want to keep the doll anymore - she didn't fit in with my other dolls at all - but I was still attached enough to her to want to know she was going to a good home. I knew that my friend would love her and take good care of her, so it was really nice for me, too!
    3. I gave a doll I couldn't sell for a price that I felt would be worth it to a friend that admired her and was going through some hard times in her life.

      I also plan on donating the head from a doll I've got on order just for the body to a local anime con's charity auction.
    4. I've given a doll to a friend who lost most of her collection in a fire.

      I am about to make a custom Ghost Widow (from City of Heroes/Villians) doll for the Real World Heroes charity auction.
    5. I cann't give an exact answer ...
      Maybe if I will not to need this doll exactly.
      Because the doll - it's in fact not eating and not clothing.
    6. I would consider it, depending on the situation. Even though dolls aren't required to exist, sometimes a gift can go a long way toward bringing someone comfort.
    7. You are truly an amazing friend!
      If I were able, I would certainly donate a doll to a friend or to some type of charitable event.
      A doll is doll, the joy it can bring is what matters. ^_^
    8. If i had the money I would defiantly donate a doll or give a doll to someone that needed it as A friend of my mine gave me a doll head and made clothing for him when she didn't need the sculpt anymore. So you are a really nice friend to do that I am sure it will bring your friend comfort.
    9. I'd donate a doll if A) I didn't like them that much, and B) had the money to. If it was a good good friend, I wouldn't think twice about it, but I'd make sure that they like the doll, and not give them one that they dislike.
    10. i bought a luts delf El head n complete impluse in order to try and save a beautiful luts SD body from a friends severe and inexperienced modding...

      but then she changed her mind about modding the body and sold it to somebody else...

      and then i had a luts delf El floating head that i had no real desire to keep or really do anything with??? (i only collect/want MSDs for the most part) so i looked around for someone who wanted my head!

      and i found a girl who wanted a luts delf El, and offered to trade it to her... she had a few heads to offer but i didnt care for any of them... she had a faceup service so i offered to trade him for two faceups but after the first faceup i quickly learned i liked my own style better than hers and after paying $50 through UPS (never again!!!) just to ship the El head to her (they made up the excuse that they had to package him themselves and the put a tiny doll head in a GIANT box half my size at least!) i really feel like i AT LEAST gave him to her...

      but honestly i wanted him to go to a good home since i didnt care for him even in the least, and if he stayed at my house rolling around in a gift box much longer he was just going to wind up damaged and un-lovingly thrown away! so it was a donation of respect and hope for a dollie's future! (sadly not so much for the person im afraid but then i only own 3 dolls myself and am a poor student working three jobs!)
    11. 'Very cool idea...

      <- fellow City player
    12. That so incredibly kind. It's your ticket to heaven ;)

      But to be honest: I couldn't do it. I adore all of my dolls and it would be like giving a friend away. I could imagine to give money for another doll, but it's impossible to give one of my dolls away.
    13. I don't know what you mean by donate, but I have gifted dolls. I gave one to my sister for her birthday and one to my best friends for her birthday too. My friend really wanted on, but she didn't have the money for it. ^^
    14. I wouldn't donate my dolls. I don't see the point in donating my dolls.
      I'd rather donate my help or money if i really wanted to help.
    15. I gifted dolls before. maybe 5+ to different people just so they would go to a home where they would get more attention
    16. I'm gifting a DZ Dragonfly doll to one of my friends. we've been in and out of fights and I want to prove to her with a doll that we can be friends. :) and that I mean well
    17. I gave a doll that I had stopped playing with to a friend who wanted a 60cm girl. She appreciated her a lot and it made her happy. I don't know if she still has it, but I don't think about it. It made her happy at the time and that's what matters to me. :3
    18. Any dolls I buy I would make sure I wanted them very much before purchasing thus I would be very attached to them. So while I may not give any doll that I own to a friend, I would definitely give them some money in order to attain a new doll. Though I have given other items to friends that made them smile <3 To those of you who have given a doll to someone that is just great :D
    19. Yes, I have given several dolls away (non-BJDs) in all those instances at one time or another. I was a big bear collector, and found myself doing the same thing with the bears. I have not had the opportunity to give a BJD because I am so new to the community and I only have a couple. But I wouldn't hesitate to give one to a friend to cheer them up in a hard time as the opportunity allows. I have found a lot of collectors to be generous and supportive of their fellow collecting friends. :-)
    20. Depending on the charity auction it is possible to get Soom MD type money (or more) for the charity for a donation of a customized BBB. That's why. I prefer to do something that can multiply the money I can actually afford to donate.