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Have You Ever Done Something Drastic With Your Collection?

Apr 3, 2011

    1. As the title asks, have you ever done something you think is completely drastic to your collection?

      I decided to start over. I got rid of all my dolls/clothes/accessories except one tiny in the last few days. Even the dolls I just bought a couple of weeks ago. I gave/sold most of my collection to a doll friend I lured back to the hobby recently. Which is funny because she gave me a bunch of stuff when she decided to not be as active anymore. I still have a few things that I'm selling, but for the most part everything is gone. I felt like it was getting out of hand and I needed a fresh start. Besides, I still get to see most of my dolls because I gave/sold them to people I know and see a lot.

      What have you done that has drastically changed your collection? No boys? No girls? Just tinies?
    2. Well in my opinion, what I'm doing right now is drastic. :sweat

      I decided to sort of "start over" but instead of selling everything, I just sold clothes, wigs, eyes...I decided I wanted to give every one of my dolls a fresh new look with clothing, wigs, eyes and face ups. For the price of a large doll or maybe a limited edition doll, I just bought all my dolls new stuff. The fact I decided to do this just out of the blue also makes it sound more drastic to me.
    3. At first I just wanted boys, but now females are outnumbering the males. Also, I went through my group a few months back and pulled out a number of people to possibly sell. Some heads and bodies simply got swapped around and used for new characters, while other will be moving on (one already went to a new home). My main storyline I scrapped and am starting over in vinyl bodies (DD/Obitsu hybrids) -- I'm also planning on not shelling so many from that group that I had previously and am focusing on a slightly different set of characters. Basically the past year has been a lot of experimenting and making changes to the group.
    4. I sold on the majority of my BW dolls.

      I still have a relatively large number of dolls all together, and a few white resins that I refuse to part with for sentimental reasons are still here (Issun and the Alabaster Prince, for instance, along with my Glati and Heliots-), but by and large? It's NS-or-else around here these days.

      Before the cull, BWs made up about a third of the collection.
    5. I just recently halved my collection (got rid of 4 out of 8 dolls), which was drastic for me because I tend to hold onto everything! I gave each of my daughters one of my dolls, so technically they're still in the family, but not mine. I am very happy with the set I have now though - I was getting overwhelmed having 8 dolls because I don't really have a good place to keep them. It's working out well now though, even though I am still always lurking in the marketplace! :)
    6. Haha, something drastic has happened to my collection, but not in the sense you speak of... Throughout my doll hobby, which began in 2006, I've never had a doll stick around very long. I've had COUNTLESS dolls in and out of this house, and have loved them, painted them, modded them, and parted with them. But suddenly, I have finally found a doll that I could never ever bear to get rid of! I could never part with my dear Tank, a LTF Ante SP-mod. So, in a sense, this is a drastic change for me. :) I'm quite pleased.
    7. I just collected msd dolls and I went through a lot of them, then I just decided to sell them all and start again, and thats when I got into SDs. Sometimes I think you get a feeling and you need to go with it. I sold them all and all their wigs and clothes just before I moved so I arrived at my new house with no dolls.
      I have done similar not so drastic things since, things like get all their face ups wiped and re done. Thats quite a radical thing to do if the face ups arent working out for you but at the same time you still want your dolls to be the same character.
      Recently I sold my oldest Sooms dolls in WS and bought them in NS. They were the oldest dolls I have with lots of character and I 'upgraded' them, got them again but in normal skin. It worked out really nicely though.
      I think in this hobby if youre not 100% about your dolls I think its safe to go ahead and take a chance, for something so expensive I think you are right to get a little perfectionist!
    8. I'm the opposite of honestrabbit...I sold all my SDs and bought MSDs and smaller. It was a huge decision, but I'd never truly been happy with my SD collection from the beginning (although they were all gorgeous and had wonderful characters.) Yet I just couldn't figure out for the life of me what was wrong.:? So in my frustration, I did the very drastic step of just selling them all and all their stuff...wigs, eyes, everything!

      Once they were all out of the house, I could immediately see that the problem had simply been one of size all along. SDs were just too overwhelming for my display spaces. So I started over from scratch with MSDs and smaller and have been delightfully happy with my collection ever since!:)
    9. Yah! All boys for me. I always wanted to have a group of boys so i sold all my girls
    10. Well, nothing 'drastic' as in selling everything, and buying over again, or anything major - but I had been sort of hell-bent on saving for a BBB Apollo since January. I was calculating prices, places to get outfits, wondering what wigs/eyes/clothes fit him... everything a perspective BJD buyer will do when buying from a new company.

      Then last week, an idea hits me: how cool would it be to have a Puritan BJD. Suddenly, I'm completely drawn into Puritan culture, dress, and start getting images of what this doll would look like - totally disregarding the fact that I have a lot of money saved up for a doll already (that will actually be cheaper).

      Never even gave a thought to having a Puritan BJD ever. Just stuck inside my head one day, and planted roots. And it'd have to be a totally different storyline, of course, so now I'm doing all this research - reading books about the Salem Witch trials, the Crucible (as well as the movie for it), and watching The Scarlet Letter... asking if Calvinism was the same as Puritanism... I've gone nuts!
    11. Nothing THAT drastic but I got into a 'head-buying phase' a while back and got a bunch of heads[about 5-6] that I thought was only 'pretty' and not that I really want them. It was getting outta control and although most of the heads got a character of it's own, I sold all of them but one and was really happy with it.

      Nowadays, if I see a pretty head, I dont get a strong urge to go PM and the owner and buy it. I'm pretty proud of myself XD I feel that my small little collection now is perfect and dont need more extra heads getting in the way of it. And also, I had also sold my first, second, and third dolls because I feel like they dont fit my tastes anymore. So it's kinda feel like starting afresh?
    12. Nothing as far as saling all or most and starting over. I have taken on doll that is a key charater doll in my group and decided to get him a girl to boy modded body for better wear of female clothing. I have sold dolls in the Past that did not fit in with the crew but now I find I miss them very much and I am slowly rebuying them as I can,
    13. I did something sort of drastic. I decided to sell two out of my three girls in order to focus on getting a few specific characters from a storyline of mine. Deciding to sell my first doll was kind of a big decision, but I think it will work out better this way in the long run.
    14. Somewhat, first I sold off a lot of my minis so I could try buying SDs. I went through a bunch of different SDs before I decided I just don't like big dolls and sold those off and I'm now buying minis again. I also once had 7 or 8 PFs which I sold off to buy Yos and now I am selling off Yos because I want more PFs again lol Things have also just changed because I have a baby and I would rather buy expensive things for her.
    15. I've redone my group of dolls twice. I used to have two, Zephque and Sardonix 1.0. I got rid of those in favor of Jareth, Frank, Jennifer and Sardonix 2.0. Then I got rid of Jareth, Frank and Jennifer and acquired Sarah, Junebug, Araminthe, Lola Paprika, Precious Little, Noodge and Petula. That's pretty drastic, I'd say.

    16. I'm going through a very drastic overturning.

      I've never been 100% happy with my collection and couldn't put my finger on why. So I started with a fantasy theme in mind, then dropped it, then brought it back again and obsessed over the Soom fantasy MDs. Now I own my grail doll, a Sard, and I'm still not happy.

      Then I figured it out. My SDs are all just too big for me, my Sard too scary and untouchable (other Sards always seem to look better) and the fantasy theme that I truly want is unobtainable, at least for now. I have tried to force so many characters into the dolls I have that I'm too exhausted to try with them anymore.

      So I have decided to essentially start over. Most of my SDs have gone, with one still up for sale and a few more to go up as well.
      In their place, I intend to buy MSDs instead and go with a casual theme that is much easier to obtain, easier to photograph and find settings for and less expensive to boot :).

      If SDs begin to creep their way back in, that's fine but those I have now need to go.

      I don't know if I'll go so far as to sell my grail dolly Sard...that would be drastic to the extreme but he just lies there :(.