Have you ever found a doll at a thrift store?

Apr 4, 2016

    1. You know those places where you donate clothes and items, and that place will sell them to you for cheap?

      Have you ever found a BJD or accessories at these places? Goodwill, Salvation Army, church thrift stores, etc?
    2. I know someone who found 2 or 3 (can't remember exactly) Obitsu bodies for I think it was $1.50 each or something equally ridiculous.

      I'd love to find one. I love fixing old/broken dolls and making them happy again.
      As it is I've only found clothes/props that happen to fit them.
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    3. There was a person on Dolly Market Forums who found a real Blythe!
    4. That would be really cool to find one for such a bargain. I don't think I would be knowledgeable enough to identify sculpts and brands or whether or not it is an authentic piece or a recast piece.
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    5. I have found tons of dolls/doll stuff at my local thrift shops but so far nothing BJD related.
    6. If it's just $3, I'd go for it even if it was a recast. The cheaters aren't getting any money at that point, and shelf decor is shelf decor. I'd just make extra sure not to resell it! ^^;;;;

      (Not that I can tell casts from recasts anyway. I guess I'd just ask here or just assume that it was fake.)
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    7. I've found props for my dolls, and an old Monster High Frankie doll once, but nothing like a BJD. I feel like most people would know not to donate them, but there have been a few cases of BJDs getting given away/thrown out without knowledge of their value. I remember reading somewhere about a mom in Japan who threw out a Super Dollfie because a dog had chewed on it. XP
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    8. I've found two bjd's from soul doll at a grocery store! Of all places, lol. They were for sale at regular price :XD: the owner's daughter was selling them, yes I asked!

      I sometimes go to thrift stores and have never found any cool dolls.
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    9. Wow, that is amazing! And out of all a grocery store xD
      I would love to find BJDs in such an unusual place. At least for the sake of some bjd-talk with the seller~
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    10. This has been my dream since forever. Stumble upon a $40 bjd at thrift store or garge sale.
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    11. I haven't been lucky enough to find a doll, but I was at a yard sale once and I got three Monique wigs and a box of glass eyes for three dollars. I think most of my dolls are wearing eyes from that box, too. It was a good find.
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    12. Not a BJD though I have found props for them. Fashion dolls, even the larger ones, yes. I have twice now found $150 Tonner doll in a bin with a bunch of old Barbies and action toys because no one took the time to figure out what the doll was. I was like "Yeah baby!" grin....
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    13. It would be amazing to find a doll. I live in the middle of no where tho. I doubt I would get that lucky where I am. I do find a lot of really great dresses that turn into pretty doll clothes.
    14. There is a girl in my local community that found an old hujoo at a yard sale once. and I've seen some props for american girl and stuff that could work at goodwill, but I've never gotten full resin doll lucky :( But I check, always hoping I'll strike prop or dolly gold. How ever it's a great way to get cloth with tiny prints to turn into clothes.
    15. Hm... this is making me wonder if I should start going to thrift stores more often...
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    16. There was a seller of department store display dummies and supplies who had some Dollzone BJDs on ebay for utterly ridiculous prices once. I scored an Orlando for about $100. They only had one of each type, and I still wonder why they had them in the first place. When I got my Orlando, she was absolutely pristine, with the full fantasy faceup.
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    17. I've never found a BJD, but the thrift store I go to always has tons of Barbies and other fashion dolls. I always look there just in case... Even if people think I'm weird for doing it. My excuse is always, "You never know what you'll find if you look hard enough!"
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    18. I read a story once years ago about someone who found a Kid Delf at a pawn shop and since then I always look! I haven't found anything yet though. :/
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    19. Nope. You don't buy a recast EVER. No matter for what reason. Period.
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    20. I'd be kinda sad if I found out it were a recast, but the chance of finding an authentic doll for $3 is too enticing not to take the risk!
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