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Have you ever found the hobby being a help to your career?

Dec 12, 2010

    1. I just got back from my interview for applying to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), and I brought my doll with me to show some garments I had sewn for her as part of my portfolio.

      So now I'm curious. Has anyone else found aspects of the hobby playing a role, even a small one, in work or school?
    2. Well, not yet... but I do sew, and if I was applying for some sort of seamstress or costumer job I would definitely use my doll clothes as examples. I bet that was fun and memorable for the interviewers--I hope you get in!
    3. Ooh, FIT! I made some stuff for my dolls for my Parsons portfolio! I got in xD

      I'm hoping to go into product design with fine arts as a hobby so doll modding is definitely helping that.
    4. Yes, I did, when I tried to sculpt a BJD for myself, inspired in the sculpts that I like. It helped me a LOT to understanding the human anatomy and proportion, which reflected in my drawings (I work as a illustrator and graphic designer). ^_^
    5. Hmm... I think my dolls help me in building a photography portfolio. :)
    6. I've found they've helped with lessons when I'm teaching. Great for teaching symbols! You can talk about how the doll symbolises a real person, how a doll could be used in a movie - "So what sort of character would have something like this in a movie? What does the doll tell you about the person who would own it?" And they're always a hit with the kids, even the boys.

      Edited to add: They're great for subversive symbols as well - bring in a doll dressed up in alternative clothing and then the kids come up with some great stuff.
    7. It is very roundabout, but it definitely is a factor: knowing there's stuff coming out that I'd like to get and/or save for helps keep me working steadily even when I am feeling otherwise discouraged. Bills are a different sort of motivator than something that is positively inspiring -- bills motivate with doom and gloom, dolls with the opposite. :)
    8. Oh, yes! Without the dolls, I don't think I would ever have taken the leap and added Japanese film and literature to my teaching interests (I'm a college professor). Without the dolls, I wouldn't have been nearly as motivated to learn about Japanese culture and language over the past few years. My Unoa B-el even went with me to a faculty-development seminar on Japanese studies, and was in my final presentation. :)

      Also, this is more a hobby than a professional activity, but without the dolls, I would never have started an Etsy shop, either.

      So BJDs are directly responsible for the two most fun and interesting new directions that my professional and hobby life have taken in YEARS and years and years. As mid-life crises go, I think this is a good one. ;)
    9. I have been a fashion designer for many years. When I got my first doll I hadn't powered up my sewing machine in 10 years. I started sewing again and designing different things. After a few years work can get a bit stale, but these guys have gotten me inspired again. I'm even tackling men's tailoring which I never really did before since I worked primarily in women's wear.
    10. Until my dolls learn how to program for me, I can't imagine that they'd be terribly helpful in my future career aspirations.
    11. I wish they helped, then I'd finally have a job! ;)
      I'm in information technology, so unfortunately they don't do me much good career-wise.
    12. Does a stress reliever count? xD
      Just yesterday I had a really crappy day at work and had to come home and clean my house. I was in such a foul mood by the end of it I just sat for awhile holding my doll, Rowan, until I felt better. Worked like a charm! :)
    13. well they help me want more money if that counts. xD
      it makes me want a good job so i can afford all the pretty dolly stuff i want!
    14. I wish they helped! But I work for a catalog company that sells healthcare items to old people. They mostly keep me SANE!!! :)
    15. Yes, i did something very similar to the OP when i was looking into getting into a design school.
      I had to cancel out of it in the end after some family/money issues popped up. But it did help get me a spot!
      And for awhile a few years ago i would make and sell dresses for 1/6 scale dolls (before i had my MSD). That helped alot with a few things, most obvious of course being able to still work with designs.

      I'm actually hoping to start making doll clothes for sale again in the next year, so they definitely help with inspiration/motivation to do that as well ^^
    16. My friends have been encouraging me with some of my hobbies, doing a crafting sideline at sci-fi conventions. Since I've gotten my doll, I've managed to push back a blue funk and get out my supplies. I've got some sketches underway for some pen and ink drawings for a convention art show in October, and am hoping for crafting supplies or craft store gift cards for Christmas, for some jewelry and costume designs I've got in mind. Ivy gets to be my victim for costumes- I'll do 'em her size first, then if I have the funds for fabric, make one or two human sized. So, career not so much, but sideline income? Worth a shot...
    17. Yeah, she generated some interest from the interviewers, as well as some of the other applicants. I actually referred the woman who was interviewing me to a few sites.

      The really funny thing was that I went to the museum at FIT afterward, and they had a Japanese fashion exhibit featuring several Volks wearing BtSSB and h.Naoto collaboration outfits!
    18. That's so awesome! :D
      Its probably something schools will keep seeing; there's always been a strong tie between dolls and fashion. Plus its great for showing off precision and detail.
      Do you have your dolls at school with you?
    19. Not as such but it could. If it wasn't for doll wigs I wouldn't have discovered that I can cut hair, really well. Well enough to give free hair cuts to my human friends and have a number of them tell me I should quit my job and become a full time hair dresser. Wow lol.
    20. since I have mine, I ordered a lot and trading with countries abroad, specifically asia : I love that.
      Organising GOs, trading, and follow traking, this logistic part I love in this hobby and that gives me a clue of what I would like to do instead of my actual job I hate..