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Have you ever inspired a doll owner to get the same mold as you?

Apr 30, 2012

    1. I looked around and couldn't find a thread of this nature. If i did overlook it, feel free to move/delete. Thank you.

      Have you ever inspired a doll owner *or a new owner* to get the same mold type that you owned?
      Maybe because they fell in love with your doll and wanted one of the same mold?
      How do you feel about it?

      This has happened to me twice in the past 2 years and I've been very happy :)
      Both dolls weren't too popular and it was nice to see more of them on the forum.

    2. Heheh, I'm actually terrified of this. I have never seen a BJD in real life (my first ships late May!), so I wonder if the first time I ever go to a meetup I'll fall in love with a sculpt and have to seek one out for myself.
    3. Sure I have inspired it a number of times with my hypers. I have also been inspired by seeing others dolls.
      #3 TreeLore, Apr 30, 2012
      Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
    4. Absolutely! I have also bought dolls I never even considered until seeing either owner's photos or the doll in person.
    5. Yes! I just recently discovered that my RS Song inspired someone else to get a Song. It made me really happy.
    6. Yes! Several people got 5Stardoll Elvas after I posted my first photostory and gallery and posted it in a Facebook group. People were surprised that it was the same doll as the one in the company photos!

      I now consider those people my Elva buddies!
    7. I haven't personally, but my Miyu has contributed on part with others for a very sweet girl, and I'm very happy about it.

      And just today, I got sucked (back) into the Batchix Lagoon community. I can't not have one. Sigh.
    8. Hey, PuffsxPlus! I just saw you! :D

      Ontopic, though, just today, I completely accidentally got someone to buy a Dollshe. I just got my boys yesterday, took them to a meet today, and my Bernard managed to seduce her. I also contributed in someone else getting a pure body from Dollshe. Oops! :D

      I feel happy about it. Especially since that has, as far as I know, not happened with my other dolls. :D
    9. Yes, HZ's "Wang-Ye."
    10. I apparently have :3 I've had a few people message me saying that my AoD Min convinced them to actually go for the Min sculpt themselves, or that they would actually try the tan skin since they thought it would look marbled but actually is very nice and even. Makes a happy feeling ^^
    11. I haven't, but I got inspired once.
      hanapui (from this forum) inspired me with her Day (TF Somang). I already liked the sculpt, but she convinced me that she was for me. I already told her that inspiration. :)
    12. More or less. A doll-friend of mine absolutely fell head over heels over my Soom Bygg unicorn. She didn't buy a Bygg, but the next time I saw her she had a Soom Minette (Unicorn Centaur baby). LOL. (Turn-around is fair play, though. I didn't think I would ever want a 1/3 doll until I got to play with her two girls and ended up buying my first big doll not too long after she introduced me to her dolls.)

      I'm beginning to think that my unicorn actually carries some sort of virus that causes insatiable cravings for tinies. I've had two other doll friends tell me that they want tinies after handling her... and the one girl has never wanted a tiny until she saw mine. :)
    13. Yes! And I was inspired, too. I first saw a Bobobie Weylin at a meetup, and really liked him. I never would have been interested in him from his company pics, that's for sure...


      I hadn't had my Puck for very long before I took him to another local meetup... and I inspired two other people to look at Weylins! And at least one person bought one because of it. :aheartbea

      Linda S.
    14. Yes! :D
      It's happened once that I know of because the person told me after their doll had shipped, and I think that it happened a second time but I was never told outright like the first time.
      I've also inspired a few people to get other VOLKS dolls.
      It makes me really happy to know that someone liked Nadeko enough to go buy their own F-01 and/or VOLKS doll!
      I myself was inspired by someone's Nana (it was a YoSD Nana) and I wish I could remember the username of the person.
    15. I sure hope so! I got my DZ TinTan riiiiiight after DZ started selling dolls again after their recasting problems (ewww) and so when I brought her to a meet I was the only person to have one, and everyone really liked getting to see DollZone's new work in person!
    16. I'm pretty sure I have. :D

      I think it's fantastic!
    17. Yes! Well, kind of. Someone on a dealer's FB page was not sure whether or not she wanted to buy a DZ Pandora-2, so I showed her some pictures of my girl and she said those convinced her to order Pandora :)
    18. Every doll meet is a radical danger for all attendants purses.
      And yes, I have done that before. The most recent one was my Loongsoul Mermaid Lotus >:3
    19. Yes I have been told that several of my guys have inspired others to get that sculpt. It is really nice to know someone out there likes your doll enough to want one similar. I love seeing owner pics as often company pics are not great and seeing the doll with different face up and from different angles helps so much. I have been inspired by others dolls too.
    20. Funny enough I think my little angel fantasy elf koli BB (yosd) inspired another girl to buy a doll of the same mold! Her sculpt - especially her body is nothing very special or fancy, and the company is rather inexpensive... but there is something especially cute and charming about them. (But I guess that's how I ended up buying Theda Fae as my first bjd on a whim anyways!)