Have you ever pose your doll with your pet?

May 5, 2019

    1. Assuming a lot of you guys probably have pet (or multiple pets)too lol

      I been having this idea for a while about taking a picture that one of my doll reading book to my dog, but my dog never cooperate (Or i just haven't find the best timing yet)

      Anyone had same thought before too?

      this is the best i could get for now

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    2. That’s such a cute picture!!!!!
    3. Cute idea :) I don't think my animals would stay still long enough to do this though haha
    4. I was lucky enough today when he was paying too much attention to the cat cross the street, but i dont think he'll stay any longer normally either lolz
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    5. I have tried, but my baby girl is terrified of my dolls. As soon as I get them near her, she just runs away. She doesn't like my dolls :p I think because all my dolls are bigger than her. She is a Shih tzu and most of my dolls are SD size.
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    6. I've tried, I really have, but my dogs are scared of my dolls and my cat is the type that if you put her in one spot, it's not the spot she chose to be in so will immediately move. I discovered a trick with my cat though; if I look away from a doll lying on my bed, she does this:

      I guess it's something. :sweat
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    7. I would like to get a photo of my cat with my dolls especially the one named after her but soon as I go to take the photo my cat (Cleo) moves love the first picture of them both looking out of the window and the cat sat on the doll made me laugh
    8. I really love how posing dolls with pets plays with scale in a fun way. Who wouldn't want a giant fluffy friend!
    9. I tried bringing my doll closer to my pet birds and the just got really scared and kept flapping away
    10. This is still super cute tho! But yeah i totally understand your situation, our furry friend normally just do what ever they wanna do lol.
    11. I could try to pose my dolls with my cat, but I don't think he'd sit where I put him. I considered trying to pose them with my albino kingsnake Loki. Haven't actually tried it yet.
    12. I wish I still had my ball python, he would have been the perfect model! He was very slow and calm, I think a lot of snakes would be great posing with dolls since they wouldn’t be afraid!

      As for other animals who get spooked by the dolls, a lot of treats and training is the way to go! I’m currently trying to get my pet parrot comfy around dolls (and a lot more too lol he’s a big scardie cat) and he has been making progress but it does take A LOT of patience and lots of bribes. :XD:
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    13. Yes! My cat likes to sit on my SD dolls' laps lol
    14. I have, but it's been awhile and I don't think I still have any of the pictures. My dog (rat terrier) is camera shy and often will look away as soon as the camera is on her, but she's very good about staying still, and she's not the least bit afraid of the dolls.
    15. It's never occurred to me to pose my dolls with my cats on purpose. I do however have a photobomb collection.:sweat
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    16. My cat came around right after my doll's unboxing and bit her hand...I'm going with no. That cat is lucky he's cute :|
    17. [​IMG]Picture1889 by derilan85, on Flickr

      Yep, but Happy was my Mom's dog and she photo bomb my Narae all the time, I miss this doggy so much.
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    18. Oh I wish, but my chihuahua is not a fan of my doll! :XD: My doll is actually ever so slightly larger than my dog is, too, so she's really not a fan of that one bit. That's such a cute photo you took, by the way!! :love
    19. Thanks, for some odd reason she loved my Narae, but did not like my SD sized dolls.
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    20. [​IMG]DSCN0395 by derilan85, on Flickr

      I caught Happy about to sleep with my FCS Volks doll that day
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