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Have you ever postponed a box opening ?

Oct 26, 2009

    1. Hey ^_^. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but as it's general stuff... yeah. Sorry if it's in the wrong spot!

      I was just wondering if anybody here has ever waited a long time for a doll, but then had something bad happen the day or surrounding days that it arrived, and so to try to keep a new doll from being associated with this incident you've put the unopened box away and tried to forget about it?

      I don't know if this helps save the doll from being "the one I got when (whatever) happened". For me I'm struggling with whether or not to try.

      It's hard because I know inside that box he's so pretty! I just don't want to have a bad taste in my mouth when I'm opening it up. I suppose incidents like this would be a family member (either close to or far away) being in a hospital, family trouble, breaking up from a relationship, or just really big arguments and such.

      Ah, and I'm referring to after what happened happened and was dealt with (on the day or surrounding days). You know, not experiencing something really bad and deciding to abandon the situation to go open a doll.

      Any thoughts on this matter would really be appreciated :).
    2. I'm planning to postpone two box openings due to the fact that they're supposed to be my birthday and Christmas presents to myself. If I opened them any sooner, it would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it? :lol:

      If you're afraid of associating your doll with whatever the event is, I wouldn't see any problem with postponing the box opening. It might be really hard to because of the temptation, but certainly nothing wrong with that. Maybe tuck the box away under the bed or someplace really out-of-the-way to discourage you from opening it sooner. =D
    3. I haven't ever done it personally, but hypothetically speaking, I'd guess it depends. I'd think it would help brighten up the day and then you'd have the memory of the doll making you feel a bit better. If it was something like a death in the family though, honestly I'd think the doll would be the furthest thing from my mind anyway, so yeah. :lol:
    4. I sure have :) Not because I didn't want to associate the box opening with a negative incident per se, but because I wanted to be READY for it. I wanted the apartment clean, wanted not to be thinking about chores or errands etc.
    5. I've never done it. i think prosponing it a day or two is fine, but you really should open up and make sure everything is ok, not broken etc. as soon as you can if your going to be putting it away for a long eg. you bought it for christmas. and your putting it away untill the day. Open the box, quickly but thourgly check if anything is broken and put it back again to open later, but DO CHECK.
    6. Resu/arrowchild: Totally done both of those :)

      Sillypeach: That's a good point.... The box looks more or less fine. Hm....

      I guess I'm just wondering if anybody's had a bad thing happen to them that made them think about postponing, and if it worked for him, though the doll as a comfort definitely makes sense (he is big enough to hug, after all xD).
    7. Yeah sure, that day was a joke!!!! :lol:

      Argent arrived around noon, and me and my boyfriend had to go for food shopping, after we arrived home and i begin to open her someone waited for me at the door. They were from the gass company, wanted to turn off out gass because a bill missunderstanding.
      Okay, everything was settled, and i tried to continue the opening when my dog got sick and we had to go asap to the vet... *_*

      That day was big time busy... :doh
      But after the dog was all right we arrived home around 11pm, i set down and opened her box. :D
    8. I'll probably postpone my next box opening a few days so my friend can be there for it. She waited for me when she had her last box opening, so I want to return the favor :D
    9. I've done it before. Mostly because I was super busy when it arrived,though.

      Usually if a doll comes on a poopie day (no matter how serious the poopieness), I open it because it makes the day better.
    10. My mother did that once and ended up with a broken item she couldn't return because she waited too long. So if you're planning to wait more than two or three days...DON'T.
    11. Nope, I've never done that and will never even consider doing that. *_* Expensive items like this which are somewhat fragile can easily break when being shipped, it's best to open them and check them as soon as possible to make sure you're not stuck with a broken doll and no way of getting an insurance claim done. I can mentally put aside any 'bad taste in mouth' emotions for the cause of making sure my expensive item is not broken.
    12. I agree with what several people have already said, if it's going to be longer than a day or two, don't postpone it! Definitely look at the company's return policy. I think some like Rosette only give you one day to file a claim for a replacement? :o

      I have thought about this, and if it were something like a birthday or Christmas present that I wanted to be able to open on the special day, I think I would open it, check nothing's broken, and put it back in the box... That might be hard to make yourself do though lol! But personally I don't mind waiting for things, it's nice to have something to look forward to, and it makes it more exciting to finally get it.
    13. Yes, it's for me! I often postpone a box opening. I like to open doll box with somebody of my family and try to time this to holiday or some kind of joyful event. And I can to postpone opening to avoid assotiation with sad events (illness etc.)
    14. If I have a crummy day, opening the box makes it much better! Of course, certain circumstances might be inappropriate for box openings, and I can see if one is insanely busy it might be a good idea to open it later, but I like to open them as soon as possible. Maybe I am just impatient and have no willpower, though. :p I don't usually associate the box opening with whatever negative event, though--the box opening is what helps me recover from the incident.
    15. I agree that the box should be opened and checked out just to make sure nothing is damaged or defective. Even if the box looks okay on the outside, there can still be problems.

      However, I have opened a box to check everything out and then returned the doll to the box for a while to disassociate it with problems. In my case it was a special order I hosted that was one problem after another... and by the time the doll arrived I couldn't associate her with anything except all the trouble her order had caused. Keeping her in a box for a while didn't help in that case, and I ended up selling her. :|

      But if it's just a "bad time in your life" association, I'd say waiting might actually help.
    16. I haven't done a box opening as far as pics as to excited and to many would be naked. But I am thinking for my long awaited Bernard :fangirl: I will do my first ever and depending on when he shows the delay will be in the posting not the opening. :lol:
    17. I haven't postponed a box opening myself, as in when I've been there and haven't opened it...as my utmost concern when receiving a new doll is breakages from travel through the postal system...although as a unique case I recently received my first SD and waited a week or so before I opened it in that I desperately wanted to open it myself and wasn't home when he was delivered to my parent's house and opened him a week from delivery when I finally got home. And then packed him up again...I'm now so excited for Christmas day!!
      When I've been there when a doll has arrived I haven't been able to postpone...even when I haven't been home to open a doll (like my recent brownie) I've had my sister open it and send me pics (although she was so excited to be allowed to do that)
    18. Are the people in question going to be around you, or will it just be you and your doll? If they're around you at the time of opening then it might spoil the mood a bit but... (and I know I haven't got my first doll yet so I might be completely wrong) I think if I postponed it I wouldn't be as excited about the doll when I finally got around to opening it. Then to me it would be 'the doll I put off because of...' because if you allow the situation to have an effect on your doll then you'd have negative associations whenever you open it but... not knowing what the situation is makes it difficult to give a good answer. I suppose it comes down to if you're more likely to think negatively about the doll while the situation is happening or having delayed the opening because of it. Like I said, if there was a negative atmosphere in the room then it would probably be better to wait.
    19. I'll have to wait for Christmas.
      I'm just praying nothing is wrong with him.
      Because if he gets there early, I'm not allowed to open him.
      So then... I'll be stuck with a broken doll. Dx

      But as for not opening because of something bad...
      ...something bad would give me more incentive to open a doll.
      It'd make the day so much better! ^-^
    20. I couldn't hold off a day as long as I waited for the arrival! You people are truely brave! O_O