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Have you ever taken apart another kind of doll to better your BJD?

Jun 6, 2009

    1. I searched and couldn't find anything like this, if its a repeat, i apologize! Also if its in the wrong spot..:sweat I'm a bit new at posting threads here.

      So, before I found BJDs, I had a little collection of Porcelain Dolls. Now, with my Lestat on the way, my plan for four others (at least!), and the need for money/clothes/things, I've found myself looking at my porcelain dolls, and a few other dolls i have, and thinking: "That hair is nice. Ooo, its just a wig, and only attached by some glue...if i pull... wonder what size it would fit." and "Hmm, the dress is so nice. Just a little adjusting and i'm sure it would be so perfect for Antebellum. Oh, that dress looks like it might fit as is. And those stockings, shoes, etc etc."

      Am i the only one who has thought about taking apart old porcelain dolls and useing their things for BJDs? Or accurately taken them apart? (one of my smaller ones is already lost her dress as i try to figure out what BJD size it would most likely fit) I'm sure i could get more for the outfits and wigs then the whole doll itself, since most no longer have boxes, certificates, and are dirty.

      And if you don't have any porcelain/other dolls, would you do it if you had them?

      And what do you think about it? Is it wrong? Is it a step to far? I know everyone has their limit on what they'd do for their dolls.
    2. Yes...I have. I have taken hair, clothes, shoes, eyes and props from other full set porcelain dolls. The hair is easy to remove with a blow dryer (as are eyes). Dresses fit or need a stitch or two and props are either in scale or not.

      I do not think it is wrong at all. I never throw the doll out afterwards, I donate it to Goodwill along with dresses or shoes that did not work. There have been times when I have been in goodwill and some little girl will see a naked little doll and beg mom to buy it so she can make clothes and love it. I have also sold the dolls on ebay as well in lots to ladies who buy and use the parts or OOAK the dolls. I think as long as everything is going to use than there is nothing wrong with it. ^_^
    3. Wow, i didn't even think about donating/selling the body/head/etc. I had been feeling a bit guilty but, yeah, i should have thought about that! :doh
    4. I've done it! I've stolen clothing from porcelain dolls, Barbie and her ilk (such as Bratz), Teen Trends, and even taken things from my old American Girl doll. I've pulled the eyes out of porcelain doll heads, too. XD
    5. I havent taken appart dolls for my BJDs. Mostly because I am terrified of porcilien dolls.. Never did like them, but if I had any, I probably would just out of spite. XD But I have sacraficed a stuffed animal for its ears for my doll Rune. ^^'
    6. Oh man, I just did that today! I got two porcelain dolls and stole the clothes/wigs/eyes and one pair of shoes for my girl Alyss. So far, she's got at least fifteen different outfits from those near-glass beauties. I never thought about donating the naked doll though...I didn't think anyone would want them. *shrugs* And after I'm done with them, they don't look all that hot.. *shudders at their soulless eyeless faces*

      Ooh, I'll have to try the hair dryer trick now! THanks for the tip!

    7. Yeah, thats what i thought, no one would want them. Thought, it does make sense, since their body parts might be useful to a collector XD
    8. I guess..I get porcelain dolls from thrift stores and yardsales, you know, the reaaaaaaaally old ones that are all dirty and stuff. If the dress and wig look alright, I snag it. Alyss has sooo many new wigs and dresses from that, its such a bad habit of mine. But still, she IS the only girl. (I've got a boy and a girl, and another boy to be ordered.)
    9. My mom bought me a porcelain doll and took its clothing off so I could use it for one of my MSD's. While the clothing fit, I felt rather awful with the naked doll in my room. I took the clothing back off of my Bory and returned it to the porcelain boy.

      I've since named the porcelain boy Mekahl (Mee-kile) and he stays in my car to keep me company. ^__^

      Soooo, what I'm saying is "Yes I have, but then I put it back together out of guilt."
    10. :lol: oh yes. My mom had a porcelain doll that she didn't want anymore. It wasn't worth anything, and she was throwing it away, so I decided to salvage it in the name of my (at the time) poor, naked, 1-week-old bjd.

      Just the head and hands/feet were porcelain, so I took the head off. I took the wig off the head, then the eyes out, and removed it's dress/bloomers/socks/shoes.

      The dress was a little too sparkly for my taste, but the bloomers were cute. The shoes/socks went to my sister's msd. I still have the head- it has really pretty makeup (yay faceup ideas). Just a few weeks ago, I put Newt's head on the old porcelain doll's wire/cloth body. It was adorable! :D It will definitely hold her head again whenever she has to be bodiless. I'll use the dress in a photoshoot near christmas-- So, that doll was reused nearly 100% I think.
    11. Generally I don't like the wigs or eyes on the cheap porcelain dolls but I've definitely stolen their clothes. And all my other dolls' closets were thoroughly raided for BJD things. My poor American Models lost most of their clothes to the BJDs & I still buy AM clothes as they fit my more slender SDs perfectly. And the few Tyler & Alex things I kept went to Sharmin & Alice. Plus I buy the better Batbie things for my mature tinies, Kickits & Tiny Betsy for Not Doll Lab Lucy, Dawn for Moona & of course Kelly things for the Pukis. I'm hoping those fit the Brownies as well.
    12. *raises hand* Guilty! That's actually how that Obitsu head of mine got eyes...lol! I even wiped the face of the porcelain doll (no worries, it was cheapo $20 walmart doll, an UGLY scary thing) and practiced face-ups. One time at a doll meet, one of the ladies in my group was showing off her new tiny to me when she said ''Doesn't the outfit and wig look so good on her? I murdered a Madame Alexander doll to clothe her, it was so fun to tear that wig off of her head!'' XD and note, this lady is over sixty, lol. Awesome experience...XD
    13. that has to be the best line i have ever heard!
    14. hmm we have quite a few porcelain dolls around but A) most are my Mum's and B) I don't think any of the things I have would fit my dolls.
      I guess I'm saying no I haven't really thought of it before!
    15. My sister used to collect porcelain dolls, and let me have a few to take apart for my BJDs. It's strangely therapeutic. XD My girl's best outfit and wig were salvaged from one of them.
    16. I stripped a Franklin Mint Titanic Rose porcelain doll because the outfit fit my MNF girls! They also have pet dogs that used to belong to my Gene dolls. If it's the right scale, it goes to the bjds!
    17. I used another doll's dress for my BJD. It was an Alice in Wonderland doll and my BJD was going to an Alice themed party. I don't see any problem in taking stuff from other dolls but I regretted it this time because my Alice doll is a rare Madame Alexander doll that I didn't want to harm. Putting the clothes on my BJD stretched out the clothing elastic. :doh
    18. Oh yeah, I've swiped eye and clothes from other dolls, lol.
    19. When I was desperate for eyes for one of my dolls I got one of the plastic baby dolls with the opening/closing eyes and basically butchered the poor thing with a knife and scissors to get the eyes (x_x)... they look pretty good too.... I also was able to use her underwear, bonnet thing, and dress randomly.

      Of course after this the poor thing got its revenge by visiting me in a dream ((scared the heck out of me....))... So... when/if anyone does this I think it's a good idea to treat the thing with respect. ((doesn't help that I'm superstitious lol))
    20. Nope. But I have gone to Goodwill and bought stuffed animals to use their fur for doll clothing.