Have you heard of brand True Love?

May 2, 2020

    1. I found a brand of doll called True Love and I am looking to purchase one, Aaron 1/4 (picture below). I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience with this brand? They aren't currently listed in the DoA directory, at least that I was able to find. *_* Clover Singing and Legend Doll currently sell this brand. I've done a bunch of digging and pictures of their bodies are scarce. Looks like they have three resin colors, white, pink and yellow.
      Any feedback would be appreciated. :kitty2


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    2. No feedback, but I have been looking for dolls from this company as well. Aaron really is adorable :)
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    3. I have not heard of this company, but I am also not good at browsing taobao.
      I will say, though, I am in love with this little angel.

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    4. I was able to find an unboxing video of another True Love boy that shows packaging and some body manipulation. So cute! :love

      Oh my gosh! Such a cutie! :kitty2
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    5. Yes! I saw this doll on legenddoll the other day and found him absolutely adorable.


      I’m neutral about clowns but his red little nose is so cute!
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    6. True Love's sculpts have not been submitted for topicality. This thread will be closed pending review.
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    7. --Mod note--

      Apologies for the delay~ It was very difficult to review this company due to a lack of overall information about their work and work process.

      But, the mod team has decided they are on topic -- if something were to be brought forward to challenge their authenticity and legitimacy in the future, we would re-assess at that time. But, we can find nothing untoward now, so please feel free to discuss them now! :)
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    8. It's time to resurrect this topic now that the company has been deemed worthy of being spoken of once again.

      I just recently put the first payment towards a Nina through the dealer Inordi hearts. I did my first payment on the 13th of this month and on the 18th I was contacted by inordi that she was already ready! I'm waiting for my most recent paycheck to go through so I can finish off the layaway. I wasn't expecting her to be made so quickly. I have to wonder if the warehouse already had one ready to go.

      Has anyone gotten a true love? Before the thread was closed no one here had one yet and I'm always down to see owner spam
    9. @Blizzuni

      I'm not owning any Truelove atm (and also not planning to). But, as far as I know, dolls from this company are...

      1) affordable
      2) not bad at poseability
      3) the waiting time also seem to be decent (2-3 month I'd say)

      1) not many sculpt to choose (but they are cute enough :lol:)
      2) the official faceup... seem to be not very good (this is owner(my friend) review, you could order them blank though)

      Hope this will help.
    10. I have two of their dolls, Alisa (with boy body instead of the girl one) and Ivan, Ivan is the cutest little crybaby angel I own, I love him so much! Alisa I ordered with the official faceup and I don't know how I feel about it? It's not awful or anything, but the preview pictures in LegendDoll looked nicer and were part of the reason I fell in love with the face so it was kind of a bummer. To share some pictures, here's Alisa without a wig so you can see the faceup better:


      And with wig:
      Alisa's face looks shorter in the promotion pictures than it really is. (or is it just me? I don't know...)

      And then my shy angel boy Ivan (whom I've named Shiro, he has my crappy face-up and I swear he has eyebrows but they refuse to show up in any pictures :atremblin)

      For me I like the faces of these dolls (so cute!) and the posability of them, not like I have many dolls to compare with (old minifee boy I sold and Luts kid delf) but compared to those two True Love dolls are sturdy and can hold almost any pose without help. I literally couldn't believe how well they pose when I took Ivan out of his box and started toying with him for the first time, like, a doll who's not trying to kick or punch my face? What an absolute angel ♥ I also received both super fast, though to be fair Ivan was in-stock doll at the moment of ordering and for Alisa LegendDoll said she'd arrive in 9-14 weeks but I got him bit over 5 weeks later so super fast.

      Currently considering ordering baby-Ivan so bigger-Ivan can have a little brother, I'd love the full set for him if only it had some actually nice clothes and not that awful squirrel onesie?.... but on the other hand, I can't seem to bond with a doll unless I paint their faces myself anyway so maybe I should just grab him blank and get the poor thing actually cute clothes and not that... thing he wears otherwise.:huh?:
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    11. Which skin tones are these? I’m debating getting an Aaron and Legenddoll says the promo picture is pink skin but it looks very pale. Is their pink skin just that light?
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    12. They're both pink skin, it is pretty light to my eyes but I also took the pictures under a bright light. Here's it compared to Luts' normal skin in normal room light (first is Luts doll, second true love in both):


      another picture

      Imgur compressed those to hell but if anything Luts normal is to my eyes tiny bit darker / pinker than TL's.
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    13. Thanks! Most of my other dolls are Luts normal so that gives me something to go by. Luts normal is already very light so looks like True Love pink will be on the lighter side too. I got a DFH pink that looked way too pink when I first got her so I’m a little wary of “pink” dolls but the promo pics don’t look very pink at all so I should be good.
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    14. Since there are only a few picture of TrueLove kids here, I would love to share mine too.

      Here is Cassie, with official face up (which doesn't look accurately alike promote image, but I still like it).
      Other picture: TrueLove_Cassie02 , TrueLove_Cassie01

      And here is Xiaomo. I don't like her official faceup, so I removed it and gave her new faceup myself (which is still not 100% done ^^") She's wearing Volks' MDD dress.

      There are some concerns that I didn't see anyone mention here:
      - The (girl) body seems to be a bit more plump comparing to other MSD. I have bought her some trousers and blouse from ACBJD and they're too fit on her. However, that's why I like their body ^^"

      - Official faceup is not that bad, but somehow unstable in quality. There are also a lot of discount event during the year, plus free faceup.

      - The yellow skin is a big no. I wanted to order Xiaomo in yellow skin once, thinking that it would look more natural, but the dealer told me that it's too yellowish, and not recommend that skin.

      Please note that I'm still new to this hobby and they're the only BJDs I have. The concerns I mention above are gathered from the conversation with dealers, friends, and local BJD group. Hope it'd be helpful!

      (P.S. Cassie is not a famous mold but I strongly recommend her > w < b )
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    15. Ooh nice to see their girls too! I mean, Alisa is technically a girl but I didn't like the girl body in the pictures to much so I asked to swap it to the boy one. Interesting thing I just noticed about the bodies is that the boy one has joint at the hips/lower stomach (not sure what to call that area) but the girl one doesn't. (Pictures at inordi) Somehow that feels backwards since I'd imagine people would prefer their girls to have flexible hips for more poses whereas boy likely would pass with less posability.

      Also I caved in and ordered baby-Ivan December 25th, I hope he ships as quickly as his older siblings did, especially since I got him as a blank doll. He'll be my first smaller doll so I'm looking forward to holding him for the first time :whee: Since he'll be Shiro's little brother his name will be Shion.
    16. I didn't even notice the different between girl and boy body joint. Thanks for pointing it out! I agree that people would prefer more flexible body for girl ^^

      I'm also interested in little Ivan too. But I have to save budget for my 1/3 boys lol. Good luck with the little boy > w < // Hope you will get him very soon!
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    17. I’m waiting for an Aaron in normal pink. I got the official faceup so I’m hoping it looks ok. I saw a couple owner pics on Instagram and the faceup looked pretty close to the one in the official pictures so I went for it. Almost got the full set since I really liked the wig in the official pics but when I saw it on Instagram it was more grey than brown.

      Their yellow skin in the official comparison photos doesn’t look like what I’d call yellow. It looks more like a very yellow-based tan (and not in a good way). It looks way darker than the pink.
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    18. I have a True Love Ivan head. He is in normal pink skin which is very pale and mellow, comparable to some companies white skin. (compare to other pink skin on the chest and hands here)
      BUT he is very cute, and he was delivered in about a month.
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    19. I'm so glad there's a thread for True Love! I've fallen hard for Tina; I'm just trying to decide how to order her. I love the company faceup one the site, but I watched an unboxing video and the faceup she received wasn't nearly as happy as I had hoped, so I'm wondering if I should skip it and do my own. I also love her outfit and accessories, but I'm not a huge fan of the female bodies, and I can't just order the accessories by themselves.

      As it seems there are a number of people who have been disappointed by the face up, should I save the money and skip it? I can do faceups myself, but it won't look quite as sharp.
    20. ^ I don't think the faceups are necessarily bad or anything but they're just not quite as nice as in the pictures so I'd probably save the $50 and do it myself if I were you + you bond with the doll more when it has your hands mark on it right? ^^ (or I do at least)
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