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Have you made provisions for your dolls if you die?

May 15, 2005

    1. Just curious, really. Unless, of course, any of you plan to send one of your babies to me. then I can't guarantee that there are no other motives for writing up this topic. :).

      When I die, I'm sure I'll do something like pass them on to someone I know. Maybe someone in the family, or else close friends who also love and appreciate my dolls. I may have one buried with me, and I still might have one thrown into the sea. Just to see where he goes. Who knows? Maybe I'll come back and haunt them, if there's nothing to do up in heaven. :P

      Am I crazy?


      edit: As of May, 2009, I've changed my answer. I'm not as young (and silly) as I used to be. XP.

      (my old answer, for those that are curious!: When I die, my dolls will have varying futures. One or two will be buried with me, one will have a separate grave all to himelf with his lovair, buried between myself and my love of my life, one will be entombed, one will be passed on to somebody else as long as he's worshipped, and one will be tossed into the sea with his respective lovair as well.

      I was pretty young when I wrote this, so, I finally decided to change it for lack of 'accurate representation' on my part.)
    2. Mine will go to my daughters, though Ayame may be willed to my boyfriend as he loves her almost as much as I do.
    3. I've always said that if I died I'd give my bjd's to my friend Tunie because she ADORES bjds but doesn't have the means of money to get well any really, although she managed to get her beautiful MIR <3

      But my Mum has gotten into them 'subliminally hard core' so I would probably leave atleast one to her.

      At this point, I think I'd leave my elf head to onegreyelephant in a will saying that she could never remove the ears ever and that she'd have to do atleast one elf-head-centric photostory a month for the term of her natural life. BWAHAHAAAA!

    4. I've actually thought recently about what I would do with my girls if I died, because I had this big cancer scare which prompted the idea of getting a will together. They will definately be mentioned in it, because I'd like them given to someone I know will love them as much as I do, and I don't want them sold.
    5. Oh wow. Cancer? You're okay now, though, right?
    6. XD. You're curel and unusual. XD.
    7. o_o i was thinking of packing them together with my dead body in my coffin...... but *coughs* that wouldn't be nice with them having to withstand being buried alive and the decaying stench.. ahem..

      So, well, the dolls will continue to live on with my family in display cabinets in our home and only when my family is in dire circumstances, they may sell off the dolls. However, i'd love to hope that they won't. :3 And I hope they will like those dolls as much as I so they won't ill-treat them. :D
    8. One of the reasons I got her, actually...

      Due to the craziness of my family, I never got many heirlooms from my family. I really want to give my children something I loved and played with as a child.

      I couldn't bare the thought of having Juniper burried with me... it would be like burying her alive. :(
    9. If I were without kids, I'd probably will mine to my cousin...She loves dolls, and i think she'd really enjoying having one. I'm hoping her grandfather will buy her one when she gets a bit older...but back to the point. When I have kids my doll (at the moment) and possibily dolls (in the future?) will be given to them...hoping i'll have girls or boys who're interested *laughs*
    10. Thankfully -- I'm immortal. :3
    11. It's been decided that when Lumi and I die, we will die at the exact same time. In our wills, we are leaving all of our money and a big house to Lewis and Jules.

      Our parents, who will still be alive by some weird twist of fate, will bring them gifts twice a month.

      And this is their fate.
    12. I hope that mine will be like that old doll in a relative's house...
      I remember staring at this doll sitting on her trunk of clothes, knowing not to touch... and then, when I was seen taking such interest, I was told I could play with it, and I was amazed!

      Of course, mine will probably just lie somewhere polluting and killing the earth...
    13. I don't think i could have them buried with me, i'd like them to live on and to be passed on through my friends or family. I'm not sure who'd i'd pass them to at this point in time though ^^
    14. EDIT: Sorry, I just happened to remember I posted about this. I don't want to interrupt if it's unwelcome, but this seems to be the accepted trend to point out duplicate threads.


      I hate to do this, but... ^_^;;;;

    15. the post may have been made before.. but back in August last year.. that's quite a long time ago..
    16. True. Now I feel like a bad guy. :( *edits post*
    17. I wasn't trying to be mean ^^;;
      I was just pointing out that the original poster might not have known about that post because it was made a while ago X3
      :: offers cookies::
    18. Don't worry, I don't think anybody here's mean. Setsuna isn't a bad guy, dun' worry. XD. And no, i didn't know somebody posted this last year. XD. I wasn't here or anything like that. Either way, perhaps the subject is appropriate anyhow, because we're bringing back a topic from the dead, and we're al talking about being dead.....XD....get it?

      God, I'm lame. XD.

      I always thought the 'old doll in the attic' was creepy. :/. My little sister and I used to think that a cosuin's doll from hcildhood was actually a real little girl. We'd make up scary stories about her, nad I'm sorry, but I'd be terrified. XD.

      I'm interested. <3. *waggles brows, gets ready to send you 'special' cyanide candy for your birthday or something. <3.

      Heirlooms. Yah, I thought of that too. especially those crazy or hard to grab dolls. But, this could just be me, if my doll were one of those, I'd cling to him or her until death do us part. And even then, probably until the casket's buried. With the doll in tact. XD. I'd be scared of grave robbers, though. XD.
    19. Yeah, forget burial, cremation's the way to go!!! Though I imagine if you burned resin that would kill all the people attending?

      That and it just seems too bad for the doll... I mean you're gone, you can't take it with you... ^^;
    20. Actually, the doll I was talking about had a prominent place in a guest bedroom.