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Have you ordered Monique shoes for Lati (yellow)? *help*

May 25, 2007

    1. Hi all!

      Have you ordered shoes from Monique.com for lati yellow before?

      Would you mind letting me know which shoe size did u order?

      jooli :)
    2. If it fits Riely
      it will fit the Lati yellow
      I have a couple of pairs that are so cute !
      I would say the ankle strap and the slips ons would be great ...love those slips ons ...goes to have a better look :)
    3. thank you tinybear! :)
    4. I couldnt find this through the search function, and I didn't want to start a new thread, since my question is somewhat similar. Does anyone know what monique's shoe size would fit Latiyellow better 24mm/10mm or 25 ? According to dollicieux their feet are 23mm. Any help is appricated. Thanks
    5. 25 with no socks - I don't think there is a size difference between the Riley (definately 25's) and Tulah (supposedly 27's) but Tulah's are a hair larger which would be best with socks though you are probably safe with thin socks in the 25's.
    6. Thanks so much!
    7. Ok, here's what I have from Monique.

      9114 Sporty Clogs 25/12mm - fit perfectly with NO socks
      746 Ribbon Side Mary Jane 25mm - fits with socks, foot swims in it without
      7012 Dressy Ankle Strap shoes 25/12mm - fits well with NO socks
      755 Low Cut Sneakers 25/12mm - fits without socks, might fit with a thin sock
      761 Fancy Slip-On 25/12mm - fits without socks, might fit with a thin sock
      7013 Floral Boots 25/12mm - fits without socks, I'd be afraid to try them with socks since they are a slip on.

      Here's my girl wearing the Sporty Clogs so you can see the fit.

    8. THanks for the pics, those sporty clogs are adorable
    9. i wonder if those will fit henry. i gotta try.
    10. Now that I have a face to the name - Sher, your Henry is the 2nd AI Tiny I've seen so far.

      Customhouse says 2.7cm for foot - you might try a 3.0 if there are any - Juju's dolly mall on ebay (or that other one on ebay whose name I can't remember) might have a better shot at more sizes.

      I remember a tiny that came out a long time ago with a 3.0 foot?
    11. Thank you so much this helps a ton. Plus the lil cutie is just icing on the cake. :aheartbea