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Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. It's easy to get swept away and end up having more dolls than you intended. So have you set a limit for yourself when it comes to owning dolls? For example "five dolls and that's that." And more importantly, have you been able to keep said limit? : 3 Has the limit gotten bigger or smaller over time?
    2. See, at first I only wanted one because I was like: "I just need the main character." But after she was ordered I started feeling like she needed her brother. Now her love interest is arriving on Monday and her best friend whenever dollzone ships. I have also been looking at SDs to shell another story, but I only want the main character haha! So 5 is my new limit and but hopefully I don't get sucked in by SDs and redo the cycle or reshell...
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    3. Yes and no. I have placed a "limit" for myself - the smaller the better.
      I just get too overwhelmed if the grew is too big. Or at least I used to get. Now my collection has started slowly growing bigger again after returning to the hobby.
      I would prefer it to stay quite small, but I'm eyeing so many dolls at the moment, so we'll see what happens. Yet it's useless to say "This is the last doll..." when I'm already thinking about the next one. Before you even notice, you're planning a character, designing the faceup theme, creating outfit etc :'D My wishlist includes 5 dolls, so if I decide to get them all, my grew would have 10 doll in it. Not sure how I feel about that...
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    4. A long long time ago I made 20 the arbitrary stop number. :sweat

      ......now I'm 30+ amd trying to cull the collection down because it is extremely overwhelming. It's hard to stop or have a limit when new dolls and companies emerge every year though.

      So my new "limit" is...if I want something new, the money has to come from doll related sales or commission work. That makes the impulse buying a little harder to do.
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    5. I don't really have a limit set by myself...my funds kind of set my limits for me. So instead of "I won't get more than five BJDs," my limits are more like "I won't have more than one doll on it's way to me at a time," or "I'll only buy two dolls this year." I don't really care how many I amass over the years, but I do have a strict rule to keep an eye on my spending. This is totally fine with me though, 'cause while I may not be buying a lot of new dolls, I have lots of time and more money for less expensive purchases to complete the dolls I already have. Limiting my spending on actual dolls lets me save money for better quality clothing and props for the dolls I already have, so I'm happy! :3nodding:
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      ...Yes, believe me, I've tried to set a limit. Doesn't work. The other day I realised I have more dolls than I knew I had. I was convinced I was at 25, but in fact I'm waiting for a body to complete number 27. It's the little ones, I tend to forget I have them (which does not mean I'm not fond of them! It's just that when I count my dolls in my head I think of the big ones, and the tinies kind of slip my mind...).

      Once upon a time, when I received my second doll (she was my first 65 cm-ish doll; my other doll was an MSD), I said to myself that surely I wouldn't be able to deal with more than two dolls that size, and I'd stop at 3 dolls altogether. I was young and innocent.

      Now and then I still think that there will come a point at which I won't want any more new dolls. But if that is true, then clearly I still haven't reached it. I have my eye on another YoSD, though I am appalled of how closely I am approaching number 30 O_o.
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    7. Oh count me in on having blown past all my so-called "limits" and having no idea how many I really owned. My very first limit was, well, 1. That lasted less than a month. Then it was 5, then it was 13....then 21....then I pretty much gave up. I lost count around 60-65 and thought that was about what I owned for a while, but I pulled out a lot of dolls that I'm going to move on and that left me at 60 O.o so I must have had more than I realized.
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    8. What is this word limit....I'm not sure I understand it's meaning...lol No, I collect what I am excited about and enjoy. I do, occasionally, thin the herd and sell the dolls I haven't interacted with for a while but that's it.
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    9. I thought I'd only have 2 (Mowen & Kijika) due, primarily to the cost of the dolls and all the extras like face-ups, eyes, wigs, etc. Then a mistake happened with the order of my very first doll. I was sent the correct head for my free head (yea! event stuffs) but it was the wrong resin colour. By the time I got that sorted, Kijika (who was to be the free head) utterly refused to be that sculpt. So I needed to find him. As soon as I stopped trying to force him into the sculpt, Mowen and Kijika's son, Jaiseki claimed the corrected coloured head. Now that I had him, he needed his partner, Sarojin. While looking for Sarojin and Kijika, I saw Jolen. Friends bought me Jolen as an Xmas gift. Jolen needed his partner, Kysmirhea. Bet you can see where this is all headed, right?

      I had said 10 dolls would be my limit. Hit 10 and moved the number up to 15. That came and went and 20 was the new limit. Once I passed 20... well I stopped giving myself a limit since that obviously wasn't working AT ALL. I now have 43 full dolls, 1 head awaiting a body and a characterless floating head. Additionally, I have plans to buy 2 more dolls to complete pairings that I have.

      I insist on not buying dolls on credit and cannot take money out of household expenses to pay for dolls (or anything attached to them like wigs, eyes, face-ups, etc.). This does help to curb my doll purchases but I'm obviously still buying dolls. I have no idea when I'll be "done" adding to my collection but I never dreamed when I clicked that first buy button that I'd have the number that I do 9 years later
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    10. I don't have that many dolls yet, so limiting myself in number is not my concern so much - I'll worry when it will be 20 or something... At the moment it's simply: "Every doll I can afford that has a head and a body I really adore" :love
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    11. When I started this hobby, I tried to limit myself to about 15. Soon after, I realized that I don't buy too many dolls a year (maybe about two or three) so I just dropped that limit.
    12. I started out saying I was only going to have one. :lol:

      Yeah. No. That idea got torpedoed right out of the gate when my Shiwoo Special's "alternate" dreaming head came in with a face-up that looked nothing at all like the open-eyed one. 'No way were they ever going to pass as the same person... So, my one turned into a pair of twins, and it was all like opening a bag of chips from there. I've ended up with quite a tribe over the years.

      That's not to say that I *don't* have a hard limit for my collection. I absolutely do, and I'm honestly pretty much there right now... But it's never been a matter of numbers. It's a question of real estate.

      I'm a "neat freak" and I won't let the gang take over more than a certain amount of space in my house. Specifically, they're confined to my two sets of display cabinets. Once those cabinets are full, that's it. No more room at the inn. At least not unless/until I cull the herd a bit again... Which I don't currently plan on doing, since I'm pretty happy with who I have.
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    13. Hahaha. At first I said I'd only have one. Then, as many dolls as I wanted as long as they were from different companies.Then, only as many dolls as will fit inside my cabinet. Well, that first one needed a friend, I loved too many CP sculpts to have only one, I bought a second cabinet, and even though both are full I just keep buying dolls. It's hopeless. :cool:
    14. @KiyoshiSenshi, you described exactly the way I do it ^_^ I only have one doll at this moment, and I would lie if I said I don't do research for other dolls, but at this moment I know I won't buy any, so it's ok if I spend some of my money on clothes, wigs or props for her, to have more variety.
      But then again, give me time... lol
    15. I don't have a limit but I have a finish each doll first rule, which keeps things down...
    16. I can't remember if I had a definite limit, but I definitely didn't imagine when I started that I'd end up with over 30 and counting. I've given up trying to limit by now because dolls keep being released and they're still making me happy, I still love all the dolls I've got and I've had the oldest of them for 12 years now. Basically as long as I can afford it and there are dolls I like, I'll keep buying!
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    17. I gave myself a limit when I first started the hobby, but after I got a better paying job& found out about layaways-- that limit got smashed to pieces... Currently I feel that I am reaching a point where I need to stop, re-evaluate, sell dolls/dolly items that aren't being loved as much and then think about buying more dolls...

      But that can't stop me from window shopping :'D
    18. I'm one of those people who said I would only have one (and my wife would have one, so they'd hang out together in a pair and that would be enough). That was a lie I told myself and had to come to terms with really quickly. I do tend to cull dolls that I fall out of love with, so right now I have less than I've had in the past, but I know there's really no point to trying to hold myself to a limit.
    19. I am only limited by space and right now I have too many non bjd dolls, so I don't have space for many bjd's. I want more bjd's, however, so I'm working on selling some of the non bjd dolls to get money and space to buy more bjd's. And when I fill up the space with bjd's I'll have to stop buying new ones until I sell some of the old ones to make space. We'll see how that works.
      #19 Silvertabby, Jun 4, 2017
      Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
    20. Hahahahahahahahahahagahaha.....
      No seriously hahahahahahahahahaha...
      Ok, ok... hahahahahahahahahaha...

      No really I have it bad. I have so many things going on, I love fashion dolls from my vintage Kens to my Silkstones to my BJD boys. I feel sorry if they don't have a partner, I don't want my boys to be lonely so I keep buying. Sometimes the guys don't work out so I have to sell them as it's like any relationship with those that come & go within it.

      So to answer the question, I used to have a limit but now I stopped. I want what I can't have & when I get it I get bored easily with it... sigh I've eventually given up. Once Udell, I think is his name from Granado, finally arrives I will be make myself be done with the bjd boys. If I want anyone new then someone has to leave the island....
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