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Have your dolls been mistaken for real people?

Jan 17, 2009

    1. One time, me and my mom were at the mall just browsing at everything we find interesting. Then we got to this boutique for men, I was looking around when mom suddenly called,

      "Look dear, this looks good on Brendon."
      "I think so too." *squeels* :3
      "But the design doesn't fit him I think. He likes black right?"
      "Yep" *nods

      Upon hearing our conversation, a saleslady went up to us and said,

      "What size is he ma'am? This shirt comes with different colors and sizes. You may choose whichever you want."

      This made the both of us chuckle. It really makes me a smile when mom address my dolls by their names, which makes them sound real to other people. ^.^ I love how she respects everything I do.


      And this happened to a friend. While she was taking pictures of her SD outside her house, she overheard two kids whispering to each other,

      "Is that a child?"*
      "Yeah, it's a boy."
      "It's a girl.." *sneaks*
      "Get over it. It's just a little boy. Come on!" *runs away*

      Hahahaha!!! Really funny! :lol:
    2. I've had a few people thing that my SDs were babies.

      Also someone thought that my DZ Feilian was a kitten. O.o
    3. I've had people do double takes when I went grocery shopping, does that count?

      Of course, I've only had him for 2 months, and it's been too cold to walk anywhere...:sweat


    4. Those dolls are pretty realistic I could see some old lady thinking it's a baby or something.I live in Florida so ya lots of old people.
    5. While on the Trolly, I kept Yli bundled up so she wouldnt get shoved around or a lot of sunlight but her tinybear wig was kind of poofing over out & I was asked if it was a small dog.

      Othertimes I have gotten asked if its a baby.
    6. Ahaha!! I used my first Christmas picture as Christmas cards. My dolls were all around a chibi Christmas three, and some relatives thought they were friends or people from my school or work! :lol:
    7. Yup, when I carry one of my 70cm boys around.

      On two different occassions ^^

      "That's a very skinny baby!"
      "I had to do a double take, I thought it was a kid."

      And then the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' start :)

    8. Not really my doll, but a cute anecdote: My mom peeked over my shoulder while I was looking at the Gallery and she said "Oh, is that your model friend?" When I told her it was a doll, she was very surprised. ^^
    9. I had someone on dA who commented that they thought a picture I had posted of one of my dolls (Shingo, a Lati Red M) was a real person. They also proceeded to call it freaky/creepy, I can't remember which. :sweat So I was flattered and put off at the same time, if that's even possible.
    10. No, but I have noticed that the people who saw pictures of Riddick in the little "room" area I keep them in (where everything is as close to in-scale as possible) and then saw him in real life are surprised at how small he is, while people who see him in real life first are surprised at how big he is.

      My friend has looked over my shoulder at pics of other dolls on the forum and asked who they were before realizing they're dolls.
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    11. Similar to above, I've had people mistake doll pics I've taken for real people.

      On an aside, did G.W. Bush write that subject line? *_* It's kind of like when he said, "Is our children learning?"
    12. Not mine, they don't look like real human ^^' But thats could be very nice, I found some very beautiful picture of BJD that looked like real human and I think they are gorgeous!
    13. There is a person I corrospond with here on the board, and we like to send each other stuff. She has the packages addressed to my dolls. It confused the poor mailman sooooo much.

      "Is there a....Rachel that lives here? Care of...(my name)"
      "Oh yeah that's for my doll. You'll have to forgive my friend, she's likes to do that. She's a little crazy :)"
      *raise of eyebrow* "Okay... here you go."

      My parents got a kick out of it though.
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    14. I've had a few macro-shots confused with pictures of a real person. Which...freaked me out a little. My boy is WS...and the pictures didn't hide that well.
    15. LOL, not yet although they did manage to spook a maintenance man who was in my apartment the other day. He claimed that they were all looking at him! :o
    16. I've had photos confuse people, but no instances where someone has mistaken a doll they've seen in person.
    17. I had something like that before. I took my boy with me to the korean strip mall to look for cute dollie sized stuff. It was cold out so I had him really bundled in my arms since he didn't have a coat and according to my mom "He gets cold" XD and a lady at the cash register was seriously shocked when she looked to see the thing in my arms was a doll. She got concerned when I put him up on the conveyer belt and thought I was holding a real baby.
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    18. Bad analogy...

      Anyway, Hikaru's spooked quite a few people before. Some lady at the store did the double-look at my shopping cart because he was sitting (sideways) where you place your kid. Another supermarket adventure (Again, with one of my dolls in the cart): There was this other lady who gave him a good look; then she approached and asked me straight in the face, "Is that a real baby?"


      YES. Can't you tell? :doh
    19. mm...the best I've got is just people asking if my dolls are real people on dA.

      I really want to get a stroller or a wagon so I can tow my 70cm around though...and I'm sure that would get some attention and make people wonder if he's a little kid.
    20. I remember reading somewhere on the forums about a DOAer who was driving around with her doll in the front seat, and she actually got pulled over by a cop who thought it was a real baby. xD