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Have your dolls hurt you?

Jan 21, 2009

    1. Yes I want to know has anybody else had their dolls hurt them physically, or rather have you hurt youself as result of playing with your dolls?

      Well I have. I've had several run ins with pinchy joints, especially on my super senior delf's chest joint.
      I also have officially now had at least 3 dolls head dive onto my head. Once when i woke up one morning and a doll was sitting on the shelf on my head board, something got bumped and boom, msd head right on top of mine. And just earlier tonight I was playing with my DOT boy on the bed, trying to stand him propped against the wall and while I was fidgeting with his lefts his upper half just bent forward and his chin gave me a good thwacking! It's still tender and I think it's gonna leave a knot...

      I know I've also cut and hurt myself when restringing a few dolls as well...

      So has anyone else shed any blood, tears, or owies for and because of their dolls? I'd love to hear stories so I don't feel like a total clutz.
    2. I think I've had a finger pinched in a waist joint, but that's it. They can be touchy little creatures...
    3. You don't know the meaning of the word "MERCY!!" until you have had an Iplehouse EID suddenly retract his massive arm-elastics while you're changing his hands, and before you can get your finger out of the wrist socket, snap shut on you like a pitbull's jaws riiight on that delicate top layer of skin on the back of your knuckle. And NOT LET GO. If you are working by yourself and have nobody to help pull him off of you, you need to leave even more layers of skin behind in that joint before you can get free. My sweet-faced Bijan gave me a blood-blister that lasted most of a week. I was actually considering tightening his stringing, when I realized that I probably shouldn't make him any stronger. The EID looks like such a nice guy, but beware.
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    4. Haha, nobody will be able to beat JennyNemesis's incident! *_*
      My old Kid Delf's headcap snapped shut on my finger while I was trying to change her eyes, once... it was awful!
    5. :lol:okay, that description of your injury is hilarious! I could just see you gritting your teeth, fighting your natural response to avoid damaging your doll!

      I'm glad now I leave my crew pretty loosely-strung: I'm a spaz and don't need any help injuring myself. Most of my doll-related owies have come from tools, not the dolls themselves...
      so far
    6. *clears throat*
      list by doll,

      tried to pierce my lip with his wrist joint.
      pinched several times on hand and arms.
      head butted.

      pinched fingers.

      stabbed by ears
      pinched once.

      while restringing him by myself once (and only time) i had his legs under mine inbetween mine to hold him so i could pull his elastic. he slid AND PINCHED ME IN A VERY NO NO NO OMFG THE PAIN THE AGONIZING PAIN PLACE, the if i was a guy i'd have lost it place. and gave my bf on the speaker phone a heart attack.
      plus the pinching of arms and hands and fingers.

      do not ever try this part at home kids, cause omlfg, the pain.

      ok i'm done sharring my stupid. laugh you all know you want too. and these are not any trauma's caused by mods, that's another list.

      edit: i do believe i beat
      no one knows the meaning of pain till you have a dz 70cm thigh (with prongs PRONGS!) pinch you in the hoohaw.
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    7. Every now and then I hurt myself when stringing a doll, one time I lost my grip and ended up slicing my finger with an s-hook, I bled unintentionally on the doll itself. Of course I cleaned the doll and went right back to attempting to string it again. I like my dolls to be really tight. 8D
    8. There are lots of doll related injuries here.
    9. Nothing major has happened to me. *knocks on wood*

      I was cutting open the cardboard box that contained Sabe and Dion and accidently slit my finger with the scissors. I got blood on the pillows, both boxes, and a doll before I realized I was bleeding.
    10. My girl has fallen on my head before. She sits on the top shelf of my desk and I was fixing something near the bottom of it and she fell. My head broke her damn fall.
    11. Two nights ago I was redoing the hot glue sueding on Vincent's knee joints. There was a very stubborn section of glue, so I grabbed an X-acto knife to pry it out. The X-acto knife slipped in the joint as the glue came free and I ended up stabbing the X-acto knife straight into my knuckle. The blade went right in between the two bones in my middle finger. Went to urgent care and told them I was trying to fix my doll, and they didn't believe me. Damned Lati old style knees. I had to sacrifice my own joint just to get his working. Brat.
    12. Erm... The first time I tried restringing my doll I was stupid and didn't prepare what I needed to hold the string into place. :sweat And well... I had the S-hook dig into my finger and it eventually broke skin. Not as painful as some listed above but the stupidity of being unprepared... u_u

      Owwwww.... Okay I just read these and some sound downright gruesome. :sweat

      And by the end of the day, the only thing the besotted owner is concerned about is whether the injury will hamper with playing with the dollies, LOL! :whee:
    13. Eh. Restringing my 70cm hurt like hell. =3= I've caught myself on S-hooks, using my finger to keep the elastic from slipping instead of a pen. I'm not the brightest person. Thankfully no blood though. I don't bleed easily.
    14. Getting a head butt to the nose. @_@

      Sephion didn't like being put in this home-made T-shirt, so he bent forwards and hit me on the nose. He didn't brake it (Thank goodness!) But it made my eyes water for a bit, while I pulled the shirt off of him.
    15. No major injuries for me, only a pinched finger when trying to pose my DOT. I was trying to get him to bend a certain way, and he decided he didn't like that and snapped back into place, right over my finger, which was a fair bit of painful.

      My Latidoll has also given me a nip to the finger, but those two are the only ones. I've re-strung my Iplehouse doll twice now and nothing has happened. He's much more well behaved.
    16. I've got a few of them LOL

      When i first modded my Shiwoo Vampire, (first time i had him) his head rolled in my palm, and the exacto knife plunged into the meaty palm of my hand. About 75% of the blade went in....and lemme tell you, i swear to GOD i thought i was going to have to go to the hospital. LOL

      Another time, Mykal head dived from the shelf beside me, right as i turned my head to look at him. His VERY long shiwoo nose hit me in the mouth, and put a tiny chip in my tooth.

      I got stabbed in the eye by the Lishe Pointy hand, which is on my Arachne....

      and the final thing i can think of, is when i was trying to put an outfit on Dresden, my Dollzone BB Jing, i had to take his hands off. Now i don't know if any of you have seen the Dollzone wrist system on the BBs, but it's similar to the volks system. The hand stretches out, you take it off of the hook, then rotate the hook, and it holds itself in the ball of the wrist. Well, he was brand new, and his elastic was pretty tight, and strong. The hook slipped through my fingers, and the metal hook stabbed through the flesh on the end of my finger, sinking very deep, and then coming out of the surface when i tried to pull back. OMG it hurt. LOL
    17. I've had a few stringing incidents...stringing tools slicing my singers, S-hooks cutting me...a few nasty pinches and one really painful elastic snap-back
    18. I was like "what..?" when I read the title haha. Um, no, don't think so. But my fingers were sore from restringing, if that counts haha.
    19. I've gotten bloody fingers from joints and whatnot, but what stands out to me is the time I was holding Moak and he decided to bend at the waust, slamming his pointy nose right into my forehead. Gave me a visible bruise, he did x.x
    20. I've had my mother's doll kick me a few times.