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Having That One Doll That Doesn't Really "Match"

Apr 6, 2010

    1. Yeah, I'll bet it happens to you sometimes.
      It's annoying isn't it?
      Let me explain my situation.
      My first doll is blue. A light teal blue.
      So narutal my second thought it s find her a brother, who is also blue.
      But then, like a flash of lighting, I found D.o.D.
      And now Duchess' brother, is a WS.

      Half of is saying, "Oh who cares, it's what you want."
      But then my perfectionist is saying "BUT IT DON'T MATCH D; "
      Honestly, I'm sick of both of them. My sides that is.
      So my question to you is, Whether if its your first, second, or third Doll, Do you ever feel like one of them is out of place?
    2. I've not had this problem myself as all my dolls are Luts or Fairyland and thus match each other well. I think this might become an issue if I ever bought a doll that was very realistic in style as my current ones are more cartoony. I do plan to get a dark tan Coco by tinybear eventually but I don't think it will be a problem even though all my current ones are NS since I adore the mold and she's not too realistic.
    3. So come up with a reason WHY it doesn't match. Maybe one parent has blue-skin, one isn't. I have dark hair, my brother is a blond, because that's how our parents are. Maybe they're adopted.
    4. ;o
      Or maybe they're lovers, each from a rival planet <3
    5. Arkhangel Hamatiel, you can dye resin different colours, so it doesn't necessarily matter at this point if your dolls don't match colour-wise. You can commission someone to dye your doll the same shade of blue as his sister. So, if the only thing that bothers you about a certain doll not matching is his skin-tone, that can easily be changed with a little RIT dye and a skilful modder! Or, as Kymera suggsted, there are storyline ways of explaining the skin colour differences.

      When looking at dolls to join my doll family, I have certain criteria that a doll must match before I bring them home. This is so I avoid having dolls that 'don't match' :) I like my dolls to have similar aesthetics, and for this reason I only really look at a few companies, and really it is mainly Volks I look at now. I also only buy NS dolls because all my current dolls are NS and the WS dolls I've had in the past didn't work out for me.

      Choosing a name for your incoming doll is a personal thing; try Googling for baby name websites which will help you.
    6. I think it to be somehow cool when they’re not “matching” exactly.
      When I look at my sisters, one being a pale blue eyed redhead and the other tan black haired and black eyed >_< And me; the mix of those two XD

      Well, maybe a happy owner of a human/vampire/dragon/diclonius combo isn’t the right person to give any advice ~.^ but like Kymera said, if they don’t match, twist the story and voila we have a semi-match.
      I came to love the “no match” between the members of my doll family ^__^
    7. His name is Lucifer, he's an Orientdoll vampire Il and he's 40cm as opposed to the other 45cm minis. His proportions are different, his scale is different, he doesn't get out much. But he should more often. I took him to a meet and he charmed a few people. Each doll needs to find their thing and they eventually do.

      I've decided that the only "matching" will be with my one "family" where they all need to be beauty white or lighter and the molds of the children need to resemble the parents. Turned out to be a good thing in a way as it took so long to find one of their kids I had quite a bit saved up for him, now the search goes on for a girl.
    8. I'm big on aesthetics, especially since I'm more a "get them perfect and display them" sort of collector than anything else. What makes it tricky is that I love several different companies who have very different styles, and I know that they wouldn't all look nice together, which is why I have different "crews" planned. Each group has a different concept and every doll in that group is from the same company, so they'll always look nice together. Problem solved! :)
    9. Eh well I only have one doll, but I agree with the half of you that's saying it's what you want and it doesn't really matter :sweat

      But if it's bothering you that bad, to the point where you're sick of them.... then I guess you should fix it.....?
      (oh btw the twin I want to get for my boy is in tan skin, so they won't match at ALL either XD)
    10. This. Fiction is so easily adaptable. <33

      There are actually other ways to work around non-matchy dolls, especially if you're someone who has an issue with sculpts looking similar. I have what I call "bridge sculpts" to help the fact that I have realistic looking dolls and stylized sculpts all in the same collection and existing in the same fictional universe. Forgetting the storyline, having dolls that look good with both groups can help combine your collection wonderfully. I was kind of worried about adding a Delf El to my collection as he would be mostly seen with my more realistic boys, but after getting him I realized one of other dolls could go either way XD
      Depending on who was looking at him, he was "too anime-looking" or more realistic. So he looks great with both stylized and realistic dolls. This worked out great in adding the El to the group, and later several more CP dolls.

      I hope that made sense XD
      It's not exactly your issue, but it might help other people worried about matching their doll collection...

      as for skin colors, I love a variety so it really wouldn't be an issue here XD
    11. Oh I'm not sick of dollies D:
      I meant my mind never being made up, it's so silly sometimes
    12. Each one of my dolls is very different (and each and every one is from a different company.) I use my dolls' storyline to solve the problem. They're not from the same "family"...instead, they're from the same eclectic inner city neighborhood where diversity is the norm. That not only solves the problem of them going together, but it allows me the freedom to collect whatever I like. And each doll is like a new chapter in the storyline, so my story has the ability to go on forever.
    13. I have one girl and one MSD. She has a completely different style compared to the others...who are both SOOM guys (one is a Chrom the other a mecha angel Corvi) They are so much taller than she is and she's a party girl with blue streaks in her black hair large angel wings tattoo on her back and deep blue eye shadow and sparkly navy blue eyes. In all honesty the all don't fit together, she just seems more out of place since she's small and female. Soon she'll be the only MSD since I have two SD girls coming.
    14. I have two dolls that are 'odd balls' from my other dolls. One is from a company that's asthetics just don't match the rest, the other is a DD girl and thus doesn't fit with the Resin. The DD girl I'm looking at rehoming in resin. The other...he's also not of the 'size' my other dolls really are, and I keep thinking of selling him, but I just like him to much. So while he doesn't get played with, with the group as much, he can still be loved just the same.
    15. This is what stops me from buying dolls in the first place ^_^; Maybe when I have a matching set of three to create some interaction in the photo shoots, I will start buying whatever I like and want. Still, there are lots of ways to make them fit together - through stories, through modification, or through merely finding matching wigs, eyes, and proper faceups. It's just a matter of looking for the right solution in the given situation.
    16. LOL, I'm the opposite! I don't have characters for my dolls, so I don't care if they 'go' together or not :P They aren't a family or share a storyline or anything, I got them because I thought they were neat, and it doesn't bother me that they are all different.

      I hope you can decide what to do, it seems like there are some good ideas here.
    17. I actually prefer that the dolls don't all match. If you look at just one ethnicity, even though the people may look similar, they all have noticeable differences. Everyone isn't going to have the same skin tone or texture. And then when ethnicity are combined, even more aesthetic differences will arise. So, I feel that by having dolls from different companies just makes them all the more realistic. Of course, if you want your dolls to be related, they don't have to come from the same company, but still you would probably want them to have similarities enough to get the point of their relation across.

      So if you decide that you want your new doll to match a bit more to your previous one, RIT dye like Jescissa mentioned is a great way to go about it. And if their skin tones are not exactly perfect, just remember that even siblings skin tones can be slightly different. Good luck with what ever you decide to do.
    18. I was worried about this when I first started looking, because while I love more realistic dolls, the one I have planned to be my first is less realistic, but the more I look, the more I realize that there are multiple styles I like enough to collect. It doesn't bother me much since the larger dolls I want are all realistic and the smaller ones tend to be similarly proportioned and styled fantasy dolls, so if I have a little elf or something running around with normal people it makes sense he'd have some different proportions and features.
    19. I don't think this would bother me whatsoever XD Seeing as I've already got an interesting grouping of toys going on in my room, it wouldn't be so strange for me to have a realistic SD sitting next to a hyper-fantastic tiny!
    20. Yes, but I'm a nitpick like that. But I fixed it. It's actually the first doll I got that, as my family grew, shrunk, changed and evolved, was the odd one out. But she evolved along with them. All my dolls have had 1 character since I got them (in some cases untill I sold them again aswell), but she has at least 5 looks and personalities. She'll probably always stay the odd one, but she's dear to me, so I'll make her work ;)