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He or she... Which is it?! O.o;;

Mar 28, 2007

  1. one sex! Its easier that way.

  2. interchangable. Whatever I want it to be.

  3. not only does it change sex, it changes personalities!

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    1. I've come to realize that everyone (so far) likes to have their dolls have their own personalities and such- I can understand why. BUT...

      Do you have a doll that switches inbetween characters, sexes, or both?
      I had figured on buy one doll- BDM Tony- and just using him to be whatever I wanted him to be- does anyone else do this?
    2. All my dolls are this way, whatever I want them to be.

      Good night.
    3. Well my doll is no gendered so it could go either way... and I just got it yesterday, so I'm not positive if it's a boy or a girl... but I'm going to pick one way and keep it that way... I'm almost positive she's a girl though
    4. With the switching characters... I find I really can't do that. These dolls seem to have such strong, individual personalities that don't allow an easy switch for me.
    5. My dolls are whatever gender they are (just boys, so far). They can occasionally dress like girls, but their characters are still male, and they keep their "identity", so to speak.
    6. Since I currently have one asexual one housing two very distinct personalities (one a boy, and one a girl), yet housed in a girls body, I went with the third option.

      I'm actually quite interested in this thread. Most dolls I see have a very definate and set gender, even though they will cross dress and what not. Very rarely do I see a doll that is completely and androgynous and asexual aside from a handful of tinies.
    7. Well, just one is interchangeable right now (Orion, my CP Chiwoo Elf... he's a she's a he's a... it?). The others are set in their genders :D
    8. I've had a couple of non-gendered Hypermaniacs.
      They both ended up being girls though.
      The first one I bought to be a boy. No dice!
      The second one was more cooperative!!

    9. One sex is 'easier'? I hate to say it, but I don't really consider having a doll with an interchangeable gender or personality to be an advantage. Asexuality seems to be something people have romanticized for reasons I personally just don't get. And I don't aspire to that for my dolls.
    10. Mine are one sex, and one character. Aside from a few who change hair or eyes now and again, for the majority they also keep the same in that area as well. I couldn't see switching them between sexes, definitely. ^^;
    11. Mine are each one sex, one gender & one character. They do, however, have quite fluid looks.
    12. Mine don't switch around--they are who they are and their gender is part of their characters.
    13. All my dolls are one gender. I usually know the gender when I buy them. I only have boys so far, but I hope to have at least one girl in the future. Though she'll be very tomboy-ish.
    14. I think that I would want my doll to be one character. (I've actually already got an idea of what I want him to be like too, even though I don't even have the money for one yet XD) But I do think that some of the dolls out there look like they could go either way.
    15. Only one sex. I CAN'T imagine my Shiina being a girl, or Irina as a boy, sincerely xD

    16. I, for one, simply find the concept and execution of gender to be too constraining. So one of my dolls is simply not limited to it. ;)
    17. I have one girl but I really like the idea of a doll you can change whatever. I don't see how I could make a personality out of a doll like that, I'd be confused with what it should be like though.

    18. The term 'asexuality' does not indicate 'interchangeable gender', gender-confusion, androgyny or hermaphroditism. An asexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction, hence, asexuality is the orientation of not feeling sexual attraction. It is not gender confusion, gender switching etc.

      Sorry to be pedantic :)
    19. my dolls are just one sex, i think artemis would kill hunter is he started acting like a girl, lol.
    20. I dont think any of my girls could be a boy, even though lilica has a neutral body, her face looks like a bossy little girl to me.