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Head Magnets? Which Dolls Have Them?

Jan 24, 2012

    1. Hopefully some BJD folk with more experiance than I can help answer this:

      Which dolls, besides the Fairyland ones, have internal head magnets for accepting magnetic ears/horns?


    2. Hm... I guess the better question would be: which doll doesn't? ^^
      All my dolls (Dollzone, Iplehouse, Soom and AngellStudio) have magnets to keep their headcap on. Some have one magnet and a hook, some have two magnets.
    3. I mean the kind that are positioned to accept magnetic ears and such...

    4. I believe most of the new'er dolls have magnets.

      A friend of mine has an old dollzone doll who had a hook in his headcap you had to get the elastic around, but my own newer dollzone doll has magnets.

      I am not sure if there are companies who still work with resin/elastic connections. at least none of my dolls have this anymore (my oldest doll was made in 2007)
    5. The question is not about headcaps, she's asking about HORNS AND EARS.

      It depends on if the doll comes with horns or not, for one thing. If the company's default design isn't meant to have horns and that's something you're adding for the character, you'll either have to tape the extra magnet to the head cap, or modify them into it.

      If they come with the horns, it also depends on year the doll was made.
      It's a relatively new thing, I think to have them internal. Most older dolls don't have internal magnets for the accessory parts such as horns -you have to attach them outside the headcap, under the wig.

      I have a 2010 DZ dragon girl who has horns, and the magnets are inside the horns and inside the headcap.

    6. as JessiFlakes stated if the original design for the doll is to have accessory horns/ears then you will have small magnets space engraved to the headcap
      my soom lami, soom shoshon, soom trond and chicline EL all have them
    7. So does that mean Fairyland are the only ones who include them default in every head?

    8. Resinsoul has magnets for the dolls that have horns (and the design is clever, the magnets are already installed between the inner and outer parts of the headcap so they move freely and you can move the horns where you like them.

      Soom has magnets for the fantasy Super Gem lines, and also for the Teeny gems that have horns--they ship with the magnets not installed, you have to put them in yourself, though you can see where they go--Soom makes little pockets in the headcaps. A little bit of Soom trivia-- if you get the "human" reissue versions of fantasy heads that originally came with horns, like Cuprit and Beryl, the headcaps are still cast with the magnet pockets. Here's a picture of the pockets (in the middle of the other stuff) ;)


      K an J magnetics in Pennsyvania sells the right size for Super GemSoom heads, I believe it's D93 in their catalog but it's good to measure first before ordering ;) They also have smaller magnets for other brands/lines of dolls.
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    9. My Angell-Studio Kimi has magnets in his head for his bunny ears.
      My Teenie Gems have "pockets" for magnets to go on the inside of thier headcaps. Even my Yrie who did not come with horns. They also have "pockets" on the inside of their torso's for putting magnets in too.
      Pretty much, if the doll initially comes with magnetic ears/horns/wigs. They should have space for head-magnets. :)
    10. I am not sure about that since he is my only FL doll, but I think he had those magnets cause it was an event time where you recieve lion ears and lion faceplates when you buy a fullset chicline doll
    11. Dunno about Chic line, but I do know PukiPuki, Pukifee, and Littlefee have head and wing magnets standard (and Pukifee has a tail magnet too.) They're cast right into the resin in those dolls. It was a major part of my choice to start with a Pukifee. (I <3 magnets!!!)

      So what I'm hearing is that many Sooms also have these pre-installed (if the come with ears/horns), or come with pockets for them (if they don't)?

      Any other lines have this?

    12. I don't believe any of my dolls have them, but I glued my own into my DIM Robel so he could sport horns. :)

      My sister's RS Mu has them, and if I remember correctly, I think WITHdoll Juwel did.....I had the head but didn't do anything with it and sold it several months back.
    13. chicline also has tail magnet (mine do) ^_^"
    14. I've heard of people hot-glueing or super g;lueing little magnets inthere for that kind of thing. They say it is removeable, but I personally don't have experience with this.

      Some places that sell the ears/tails/horns send them with magnets for this, too.