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Head measurements of MSD?

Dec 2, 2007

    1. I've checked other threads for the head sizes of dollfies, but can't really interpret them. Can anyone tell me the

      1. length from scalp to chin
      2. diameter around skull

      of a MSD head?

      The thread here (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=161536) says it's measurement is 19.5 cm, but what length does this define? Is it the height of the head?
    2. If I am correct that may be the circumference around the head.
      Best bet is to take a tape measure, one that is used for clothing since it's fluid/pliable and measure around the head.
      I can give you those measurements in inches if you want.
    3. teacupdreams is right. When referring to the size of a head, it means the circumference. In your case 19.5 cm is about 7.5 in, the most common MSD wig size. :) Without knowing what company you are referring to and which doll in the company, it will be a little hard for people to give the length of the scalp to the chin. You may want to edit your post to indicate which company and doll you are referring to. Of course my information will not be as complete as Carolyn.S's because she has awesome :D helping abilities that make mine pale in comparison.
    4. Thanks for the info. I'm referring to the Volks MSD series.
    5. no idea - those is not (or even possible in one case) standard measurements. Many measurements you run across are from the thread called Detailed Measurements of Popular Dolls and the references photo for where to measure is here:

      The first measurement you list above is not part of the standard DoA measurements so only the person or company who made it would know what they meant. I am guessing height of the head.

      The second measurement you list would be head circumference typed by someone who has their mathematical words mixed up. A diameter is a straight line - it does not go around anything.

      19.5cm would be the circumference around MSD's head above the head - i.e. the measurement used for determining wig size. Like this:

      If you divide the cm measurements by 2.54 that will give you the inch measurement for wigs.

      And BTW - Half-finished is a nice BJD measurement table by a DoA member who has a thread here:

    6. I get nervous because even though I know I have a 6-7mm size head the .5 in cm always makes me nervous it’ll be off. And the plastic wig caps they do help but maybe it’s most likely me but they still slip or have no in between size.