Head on or head off?!

Sep 11, 2018

    1. When buying clothes and dressing your BJD do you take off the head if the garment wont allow to go
      over the head? Like the obitsu 24 it is easy to take bodyparts off the body, but my 1/3 wind doll it is a struggle to take head off.
      So how do you do it? :aeyepop:
    2. It completely depends on the piece of clothes. If I can get it over their head easily, the head stays on. If not, the head comes off.

      Is a wind doll a resin or a vinyl? Vinyl heads can be removed easier by using a hair dryer and warming the vinyl up so that it moves easier. Most resin dolls will have an s-hook that you just lift and twist and let the head come off.
    3. I second all of what Dark Angel said. If it fits over the head, then go for it! But if it doesn't, you'll probably have to remove it.
    4. I prefer to take the head off just to be sure to preserve the make up.
      Sometimes I even take off the hands, tiny dolls have so fragile fingers, I wouldn't take any risk to break it.
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    5. If it really won't fit or would rub the face to much, I remove the head.
      But I try not to get clothes that won't go over their heads. More commonly, I just take off the head back to make a little more space and reduce rubbing against the face up.
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    6. I will remove the heads if i have to, but i prefer to get/make baggy/wide neck clothes that can be pulled up over the legs and hips into place avoiding the head anyway.
    7. I really struggle with getting heads back on so I try and avoid taking heads off as much as possible. Like Zavrinas said I prefer to get wide neck clothes I can pull up over their legs.
      However, with dolls that I can easily remove the head like my minifees I usually remove the head to avoid damage to the face up or lashes.
    8. If you struggle with taking heads off or putting them on, there are tools made specifically for that! Like this Luts one: Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company
      I actually made one of my own out of a screw hook and a dowel. For anything that doesn't fully open in the back, heads come off.
    9. it is a resin mirodoll
    10. I prefer to remove the head. I don’t like clothing with Velcro or snaps up the back as it feels less realistic, popping the head off isn’t a big deal to me. I use a crochet hook or a large s-hook or key ring to pull the head s-hook up and remove the head. Removing the head also means a much lower chance of knocking eyelashes loose or scratching the faceup.
    11. Unless the garment can be put on without touching the doll’s faceup at all, I take the head off. It only takes a moment, and even casual contact over time is going to give you a bald shiny nose and chin or other rub damage.
    12. With my Minifees their heads always come off, but with my other dolls on the traditional S-hook, I try and keep them on if I can though I am very careful to protect their faceup.
    13. Wow! I didn't realize how lucky I was that so far all of my tops have been wraps or button downs and I've never had to worry about head removal. Yikes! Definitely something for me to add to what I think about when looking at clothes.
    14. Um, I have a suggestion that will be unpopular: if the garment can't be pulled up the doll's body (like a dress that snaps in the back that can be stepped into and pulled up without bothering the head), or doesn't already have snaps down the front (shirts/cardigans) or back... I take a pair of scissors and MAKE an opening in the back, then fray check my fabric and add a flap for snaps. ^^;;

      Luckily, the garments I've encountered that don't open enough to accommodate the doll have been cheap mix-n-match pieces (like from Dollmore), so I haven't felt terrible about snipping. If it's a fancy garment, or expensive, or limited, I'll deal with the head as I have to. But if you've got a little bit of sewing ability and a cavalier attitude, you can accomplish this trick!!
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    15. I find it easier to take their heads off when dressing them :) also, it minimizes the risk of scratching or rubbing their faceups because of zippers and tight clothing. lace and sometimes a piece of armature wire are still my go to when removing heads :XD:
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    16. Off with their heads!

      ( needle nose pliers are helpful )
    17. I always take off the heads of my MSD dolls because their clothes usually aren’t clipped in the back my Yosd girls have clothes that open up so no need to remove the heads, though I like to remove the faceplate of my fairyland dolls just to avoid accidentally damaging the faceup
    18. I keep the head on before I bought the tools after I bought it I take the head off to keep the makeup safe.
    19. So far I haven't had to. Clothes have been button up/stretchy/wide necked enough to avoid it. Plus, I do my own faceups, so I never really developed much of a "must protect face!" instinct. I think I'll avoid such garments. Changing clothes is annoying enough as it is.
    20. Taking off the head is usually too much faff so I avoid clothing that requres it.